[ASI] Exposing the Russian Mole in the FBI

February 2nd, 2018 at 12:35 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

People sometimes ask why I am not invited on Fox News as a commentator. The reason is that I sometimes criticize Fox News. Another reason is that I have no special connection to current Fox News commentators or top brass. Look at this case:

Gossip columnist Judy Kurtz is the daughter of Fox News media correspondent Howard Kurtz, who used to work for the Washington Post. She’s being groomed as an expert media commentator. Her daddy got her on Fox News.

Judy Kurtz is the "​In the Know"​ columnist at The Hill. Now YOU know.  

One gripe with Fox is that many are retreads from the liberal networks. Fox White House correspondent John Roberts came from CBS, for example. Howard Kurtz came from the Post.

This is the way journalism works. It’s not whether you are qualified to comment, but whether you have an inside connection, or have credentials from the liberal media. Plus, in the case of Fox News, it helps if you wear high heels and short dresses.

Some Fox programs are unwatchable. “Shep” Smith, the gay Fox anchor, makes fun of Christians. Dana Perino leans left.

You can bet no one at Fox, not even Hannity, will touch on the main issue at the FBI --  the likelihood of a Russian mole deep inside the Bureau.

Read “The Search for a Russian Mole.” I make the case that the Bureau has not recovered from the damage done by Russian mole Robert Hanssen.

According to the FBI itself:

…Hanssen compromised numerous human sources of the U.S. Intelligence Community, dozens of classified U.S. Government documents, including “Top Secret” and “codeword” documents, and technical operations of extraordinary importance and value. It also alleges that Hanssen compromised FBI counterintelligence investigative techniques, sources, methods and operations, and disclosed to the KGB the FBI’s secret investigation of Felix Bloch, a foreign service officer, for espionage.

The release of the Nunes memo  on FBI corruption should not be used to ignore the likelihood of obstruction of justice charges against President Trump. Russia-gate prosecutor Mueller doesn’t care about corruption in the Bureau. His job is to destroy Trump.

Last May I wrote a column, “Special Counsel Mueller Will Get His Man.” Trump should use the Nunes memo to fire Mueller. I wrote:

At least under J. Edgar Hoover we had an FBI that investigated America’s enemies. Mueller’s job is to damage and destroy a President elected by the people. His job is to protect his friend, former FBI director Comey, who used a spurious document, the “Trump Dossier,” to conduct an inquiry that has turned up nothing. A former British agent compiled the dossier but the fingerprints of the Russians are all over it.

Meanwhile, in other news, Fidel Castro's eldest son has killed himself. This is the result of growing up under communism.


The Daily Mail says, “The now-deceased leader's son had a troubled upbringing amid his father's adultery and reign of power in Cuba.” No kidding. His daddy Castro “was known to be a womanizer who fathered as many as 10 children, telling an interviewer once that they formed a 'tribe.'”

Here’s what Wikipedia says about him:

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart graduated from the Higher Institute of Science and Technology in the former USSR. In the 1980's, he was closely linked to the study and development of nuclear energy in Cuba. More commonly known as "Fidelito," he was the most educated of Fidel Castro's children.

The “most educated?” This is yet another example of how communism rots the soul.

Join with me in a campaign to purge security risks and communists from the FBI.

  • Clean house at the FBI.
  • Fire Robert Mueller.

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