[ASI] Dismantling Democracy From Within

September 1st, 2016 at 2:22 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

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Years ago the Socialist International took note of the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, calling the regime a “democradura” -- a democratic dictatorship. Members of the SI mission to Venezuela reported that the Chavez regime was regarded domestically as “an authoritarian mechanism of a new type,” a government with a “democratic origin” which has become “in reality authoritarian.” 

I think that describes the United States under Obama. Our country was born as a democratic republic but has become a democratic dictatorship.

Consider the climate change agreement Obama signed with Red China. Obama knows the Senate won’t ratify it, so he calls it an agreement, not a treaty. But he expects it will have the force of law.

From The War of All the People: The Nexus of Latin American Radicalism and Middle Eastern Terrorism

Senator James Inhofe says, “This latest announcement is the president attempting to once again give the international community the appearance that he can go around Congress in order to achieve his unpopular and widely rejected climate agenda for his legacy.”

Another explanation of what is happening can be found in the book, Constitutional Dictatorship, by Clinton Rossiter. This helps explain why presidents failed to get or even seek congressional approval before going to war.

To his credit, Hillary’s running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, has said that one of the most important constitutional duties of Congress is to declare war. But Congress has failed to do that in regard to ISIS.

Here’s what Kaine said last November: “This has been a war since August 8, 2014, when the President started the bombing campaign against ISIL and there really isn't any current statutory or treaty legal authority for the war. Congress has the responsibility under Article One to declare war and, frankly, members of Congress, both parties, both houses, have wanted to criticize the President but not vote to authorize the war or stop the war or refine what the President is doing.”

Hillary Clinton says the U.S. already has "an authorization to use military force against terrorists. We passed it after 9/11." When asked if that 9/11 authorization covered ISIS, she added, "It certainly does cover it."

That’s complete nonsense. The 9/11 authorization covered those groups involved in the 9/11 attacks.

In September 2014, Kaine said, “During a time of war, we ask our troops to give their best even to the point of sacrificing their own lives. When compared against that, how much of a sacrifice is it for a President to engage in a possibly contentious debate with Congress about whether military action is a good idea? How much of a sacrifice is it for a member of Congress to debate and vote about whether military action is a good idea? While Congressional members face the political costs of debate on military action, our service members bear the human costs of those decisions. And if we choose to avoid debate, avoid accountability, avoid a hard decision how can we demand that our military willingly sacrifice their very lives?"

He’s absolutely right. This is how our democratic republic has become a democratic dictatorship or constitutional dictatorship.

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