[ASI] Demand Answers in the Boston Bombings Case

April 17th, 2013 at 8:09 pm EST
Cliff Kincaid
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First somebody is "arrested," then the story is dismissed as not true. Could somebody have been arrested and then released, under political pressure, as part of a cover-up of the real perpetrators? Has the Saudi government intervened with Obama to force the release of a Saudi implicated in the bombings?

One thing we know: Obama is very close to the Saudis. And there is additional evidence of Arab-looking individuals near or at the crime scene.

We know that this administration will want to avoid implicating Islamist terrorists in these bombings.

My friends, I thought this was so important that I wanted to send it out to my ASI list.

Jerry McGlothlin, President of Special Guests, Inc. and MOVING VISIONS LLC, wants to get Walid Shoebat's views on the Boston bombings out to the public at large, and I agree. I fear that the possible Saudi connection may be covered up.

Walid Shoebat is Research Director of the Forum For Middle East Understanding and is a former Muslim Brotherhood activist.

Here is the news release:

 A Saudi man is a "person of interest" in the Boston Marathon bombing and is reportedly being treated in a U.S. hospital. According to reports in Arabic media, one of the suspects is Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, a family name with strong ties to multiple terrorists.

Alharbi, merely being held as "a person of interest," by police, is both a Muslim and a Saudi and he or his colleague is reportedly a registered Student in a Massachusetts University, perhaps MIT.

What's more, according to Shoebat, Alharbi resembles Islamic photos and his linked to families involved in terrorism. Walid says that Asia Week has posted a picture of a terrorist that looks very much like Alharbi.

But Walid says Alharbi's photo has been 'scrubbed,' in the U.S. media show that people can come to a possible false conclusion that Alharbi is innocent. Someone has scrubbed the Facebook entries. Walid has this information and more from Arab sources posted at: http://www.Shoebat.com with actual original photos of the real suspect's face that have been subsequently been quickly and suspiciously erased from most web sites. He also shows photos of two other Islamic Saudis seen at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing who Walid believes should be suspects.

Of noteworthy interest, Alharbi's roommate, Mohammud Hassan Bada (Mohammed Badawood depending on what reports you read), is also Saudi, claimed that nothing was taken from the apartment, but the authorities were seen carrying bags from their apartment. Walid asks, "So authorities were seen hauling off 'several large bags' but Alharbi's roommate says nothing was taken?"

Walid says one of the Islamic Saudi suspects is a coordinator for Muslim student association and warns that this is not likely the last we'll see of Saudi Muslim terrorism on U. S. soil since there currently are 100,000 Saudi students in American universities—a breeding ground for more terror.

Shoebat has posted the photos of the three suspects together in one picture at the finish line.

In what Walid calls a classic Islamic terrorist attack, he said, "There is usually a secondary attack," adding that the yellow medical-looking vehicle was likely involved in a failed attempt to make a secondary attack against health care facilities.

The New York Post wrote that there were likely Saudi nationals involved but that assertion was later denied by Boston police even after it was previously reported in the media. It appears that no major authorities want to admit that this may be another 9-11-type terror attack from our "allies" the Saudis.

Photos and article at: http://www.walidshoebat.com

3 Saudi roommates seen near ground zero of Boston Marathon bombings, appearing to drop off backpack:


"Looking at the pictures over night, I spotted this fellow over what looked like a suitcase, but it's actually a baby stroller." —Asia Times

The Shoebat Foundation on April 16, 2013, said, "It's been widely reported that authorities searched the apartment of a Saudi student, now known to be Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. It's also been widely reported that authorities hauled out several bags from the apartment. Enter Alharbi's roommate, Mohammud Hassan Bada (Mohammed Badawood depending on what reports you read), who is also Saudi.

Via Elizabeth Shield at Breitbart:

The roommate said that nothing was taken from the apartment, but the authorities were seen carrying bags from the apartment.

So authorities were seen hauling off "several large bags" but Alharbi's roommate says nothing was taken?

Who's lying?

Bada or those who reported that several bags were hauled out of the apartment?

Bada also said the following about his roommate, via NY Post:

"He's a good boy. I think he couldn't do that."

If authorities did take things from the apartment of Alharbi and Bada, what would that say about the credibility of Bada / Badawood?

Thanks to Jerry McGlothlin, President of Special Guests, Inc., for getting Walid Shoebat's information out to the American people.

We cannot come to any quick conclusions, and anything is possible. But the material in this release has to be addressed by the authorities. Do not let them cover it up.

Send me your thoughts at Kincaid@comcast.net

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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