[ASI] Corruption in the Secret Service

October 26th, 2017 at 12:15 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Can President Trump count on the Secret Service and the Capitol Police to protect him?

I am pleased that the popular web site GOPUSA is running my column on the communist attacks on President Trump.

My column, “President Trump’s Life is in Danger,”  looks at parallels between the circumstances surrounding the murder of President Kennedy and the anti-Trump “resistance” movement.

In looking at the background of the crazed anti-Trump zealot, Ryan Clayton, who shouted “treason” and threw Russian flags at Trump in the U.S. Capitol, we find this:

Ryan is the President of Americans Take Action, a populist network formed to restore free and fair elections in America, create a purpose driven economy, and save the free and open internet. Currently, our top priority is resisting the Trump regime, every day and every step of the way. With previous experience working in political advertising, for progressive non-profit organizations, for political candidates, and for elected officials, his background gives him a broad understanding of how campaigns, non-profits, and government institutions fit together to shape American public policy. Previously featured on MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, BBC, CCTV & RT with projects highlighted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Boston Herald, USA Today, The Guardian (UK), Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Nation Magazine, TPM, CNET, Raw Story, HotAir, Mediaite, Salon, Slate, Yahoo! News & The Huffington Post. You can join him in the fight for the future at www.AmericansTakeAction.com

He is a participant in Netroots Nation where we find this:

Ryan Clayton is a media analyst who works in political advertising and lives outside of DC in Maryland. Previously featured on MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, BBC, CCTV & RT, he regularly serves as a spokesperson for Progressive causes and a commentator for the Democratic perspective on current events. With experience working for 501(c)4 organizations, elected officials, and candidates, his background gives him a broad understanding of how campaigns, government, and non-profits put strategic communications into practical use on the campaign trail and in public policy debates. Recently, he helped coordinate the new immigration messaging project, which was a year-long collaboration with immigration activists, labor union officials, & fellow Progressive wordsmiths to discover the words that win on immigration.

In short, he is a typical Trump-hating “progressive” who got close enough to Trump to assault the president.

USA Today reports:

According to Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki, Ryan Clayton, 36, was charged with unlawful conduct…It is unclear how Clayton gained access to the Capitol. Malecki said the incident was still under investigation.

That’s it?

Contact information for the Capitol Police can be found here.

It is unclear how Clayton gained access to the Capitol? This is completely unacceptable.

Remember this NBC News story from October 2015:

The Secret Service apologized Wednesday to Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a prominent critic of the agency, for violating federal privacy law by improperly accessing sensitive personal information about him dozens of times in little more than a single week…"It's a bit scary. If they would do this to me, I just, I shuddered to think what they might be doing to other people," he said. "I'd like to tell you how tough I am, but it's scary, and it's intimidating, and I will continue to investigate the Secret Service and others, but this should have never ever happened."

I have no doubt that I will be targeted for bringing to public attention their inability to protect Trump.

I intend to make this into an issue at our November 10 conference in Washington, D.C.

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Cliff Kincaid, President




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