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November 20th, 2012 at 1:12 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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This Petraeus scandal gets worse by the day. He is lying through his teeth. This retired General and former CIA Director has deep character flaws and continues to deceive.  What a disgrace to the uniform and America. He humiliated his wife of almost 38 years.

Retired Army Maj. Glenn MacDonald, editor-in-chief of MilitaryCorruption.com, says, "We wonder if Petraeus ever busted a soldier for adultery in the 38 years since he graduated from West Point."

My latest columns:

Obama's FBI Uses Media to Smear a Whistleblower

What we were witnessing was the first volley in a media campaign by the Obama Justice Department and FBI officials to play down the serious nature of the national security scandal and the release of classified information likely obtained by America's adversaries and enemies.

Here's an excerpt from the column:

Shaun Waterman of The Washington Times has gone outside the Justice Department for an opinion on the case and talked to a former spy catcher. What she told Waterman, a national and homeland security reporter for the paper, is not reassuring.

Michelle Van Cleave, who served as the National Counterintelligence Executive under President George W. Bush, told the paper that "investigators should assume that foreign intelligence services might have already hacked into Mrs. Broadwell's computer." She said, "As someone who has done damage assessments for the U.S. government, I can tell you that it would be standard practice to assume that classified material on an unclassified computer in a situation like that has already been compromised."

By the same token, it is also clear that foreign intelligence services could have hacked into the shared e-mail account that Petraeus and Broadwell used to write intimate messages to each other.

Will the Post Expose Petraeus and Benghazigate?

The Petraeus-Broadwell e-mails were disguised and hidden in a special account, in the form of draft messages that each person could read. It took the resources of the FBI to obtain them and an FBI whistleblower unwilling to countenance the affair or the cover-up who then went to Republican Representatives Eric Cantor and Dave Reichert more than a week before the election with the revelations. They sent the information back to the FBI and stayed silent.

Petraeus Spins the Media

The big problem for Petraeus is that Broadwell publicly revealed classified information about a CIA detention facility in Libya, saying it was the real target of the terrorist attack that killed four Americans on September 11. Obama and his top officials, including Petraeus, had claimed the attack was related to a video with negative depictions of Islam's prophet. This claim was demonstrably false.

The Congress was denied the truth about the murders of the four Americans in Benghazi and also denied any information about the Petraeus affair until an FBI agent came forward to Republican House members Dave Reichert and Eric Cantor a week or so before the election. He had concluded that the case was "being stalled, possibly for political reasons," by the FBI, The New York Times reports. The FBI agent has been identified as a veteran counter-terrorism professional who apparently feared that emails traced to Broadwell and Petraeus friend Jill Kelley could expose Petraeus to foreign influence, exploitation, or blackmail.

For more on Petraeus's lies in the Benghazigate affair, read this column, Petraeus vs. Petraeus, from the Wall Street Journal. Obama's CIA director is a liar. He changed his testimony. He should be prosecuted.

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