[ASI] Conservative Media PROTECT Obama

August 1st, 2012 at 7:59 pm EDT

Will you help us keep the conservative media honest?

I was listening to Sean Hannity today talk to Stanley Kurtz about Obama's secret scheme to force people from the suburbs into the cities. What a joke! This is supposed to be Obama's secret Marxist plan? Where was Hannity and Fox News in covering my July 19 conference? They were AWOL.

Remember that Fox News is part of News Corporation, partly owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed.

The only major conservative website which covered my conference was www.RightSideNews.com   Jim Simpson called our event The Most Important Press Conference Ever Held at Any Time in U.S. History.

  • Sean Hannity did NOT cover it.
  • Newsmax did NOT cover it.
  • Fox News did NOT cover it.
  • The "conservative" Washington Examiner did NOTcover it.

You can read Jim Simpson's story here. Thank you to Jim Simpson and Right Side News.

Right Side News should be where you go for information.

Here is what Jim reported:

"It is not an exaggeration to describe this as the most important press conference in U.S. history, because it explicitly details, with new facts and more evidence than ever presented in one place at one time, from extensive, highly credible sources, the dangerously extremist nature of President Obama and the true goals of his virulently anti-American, radical leftist administration.

"It further reveals how a huge network of U.S. and foreign communist and hard left organizations connected to this President has colluded with radical Islam for decades to oversee the destruction of their mutual enemy: America. Overshadowing all is the malevolent Soros network, and the billions he and others like him are devoting to facilitate this goal.

"This information simply must reach the electorate before November."

Read the rest of the story here.

By the way, do you want the full truth about how the "conservative" Washington Examiner has suppressed stories and columns about the Muslim Brotherhood? Read the story here:

"Conservative" Washington D.C. paper spikes columns on the Muslim Brotherhood

Diana West writes:

"The Washingon Examiner spiked my syndicated column on the Muslim Brotherhood and why five House Republicans -- Reps. Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Tom Rooney and Lynn Westermoreland -- were correct to call on Inspectors General to investigate MB influence on US government policy-making. And therein lies a tale."

Read the rest here.

As if we didn't have enough on our hands fighting the liberal media, now we have to demand that the conservative media tell the truth about Obama.

No wonder Obama is leading in the polls.

Our liberal and conservative media won't cover the big issues.

This is a disgrace.

Will you help?

Start by reading the piece at RightSideNews.com  

Tell David Freddoso at the Washington Examiner to stop suppressing Diana West's columns about the Muslim Brotherhood:

Email him at:

david.freddoso@gmail.com Tell him to publish Diana West's column about the Muslim Brotherhood. Send me a copy of your email to Freddoso to Kincaid@comcast.net

I need hundreds of you to participate. Will you take a minute to strike a blow for freedom?

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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