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December 8th, 2017 at 11:26 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Here’s what Newt Gingrich said in May:

Then by the middle of June he was saying this:

TOO LATE NEWT. Gingrich was delusional. Why is Gingrich still on TV spouting his nonsense? Well, watch him on Tucker or Hannity and you wll notice that he’s usually pushing a book to sell. Typically, it’s propped up behind him. Look over his shoulder  --  it’s a book he wrote on Trump titled “Understanding Trump.”

Understanding Trump? Holding Washington accountable? Are you kidding me?

Gingrich didn’t understand who Mueller was. My friends, Gingrich has no credibility, and neither do those at Fox who put him on the air over and over again. Every night we see the same old tired talking heads, over and over again. They are reacting on defense. They are behind the 8 ball. They are selling books, not truth.

Sad, isn’t it? So don’t fool yourselves by watching Hannity and Tucker and thinking the truth will finally catch up to the lies.

My column about the “conservative dupes” in the media who thought Robert S. Mueller was an honest man and  “straight shooter” is striking a nerve. No, I won’t be invited on Tucker or Hannity to talk about it. It’s too late now for Trump to fire him. He’s being trapped into a network of intrigue. Here is what Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has put together about Trump:

Forget about the fact that Obama is the real Russian agent. The above is what the Democrats and Mueller are promoting about Trump. They will carry this forward into 2018. It didn’t have to be. If Trump had listened to those of us who knew the truth about Mueller, he would have canned Mueller immediately. Now it’s too late. The risk for the Republicans is they will lose the House in 2018 and then the House will impeach Trump.

Fox News tends to run interviews with the same talking heads over and over again, many of whom didn’t anticipate what Obama and his operatives would do to Trump.That includes Andrew C. McCarthy. It’s really getting tiresome. They are not doing Trump any favors.

Remember McCarthy’s column:

At this point, Trump should quit watching Fox, fire his lawyers, and hire Larry Klayman to wage legal warfare against the Special Counsel. Read Larry’s column here.  He writes, “The best defense for the president is a good offense. In this way he can keep the ball away from the Mueller team.”

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