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May 1st, 2018 at 4:46 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

On Wednesday Alex Jones has asked me to appear on his radio show at 2:00 pm EST to debate his work for the Russians and his “libertarianism.” I have accepted the challenge.

As background, please note that the reliably pro-Soviet/Russian mouthpiece “former Marxist” Lyndon Larouche wrote in 2004 about the  "The Coming Eurasian World," or how China and Russia and their allies would dominate the world. He wrote about how Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had launched a Eurasian approach to geopolitics, in order to counter the Atlantic alliance of the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Israel. LaRouche claimed the "Coming Eurasian World" is “the next great phase of human evolution…”

It’s also called world revolution and global government. 

In our book, Back from the Dead: Return of the Evil Empire, we write about Putin’s adviser, Alexander Dugin, who was recently given a friendly interview by Alex Jones. Before LaRouche wrote about it, Dugin had proposed a theory of “geopolitical Eurasianism,” a revival of the Russian empire that includes Islamic Iran. Dugin regards Israel as “a modern capitalist and Atlantist entity and an ally of American imperialism.” This is a rather straightforward view of how the Moscow regime views Israel today, and why it backs the government of Iran with weapons, nuclear technology, and diplomatic support.

There are reports that Dugin’s vision of a resurgent Russia is built in part on the ideas of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), a Satanist who described himself as the “Beast 666,” or Antichrist, of the Book of Revelation. “It [is] worth mentioning that in early 90s the National Bolsheviks and their main ideologist Alexander Dugin tried to bring Aleister Crowley’s ideas to wide popular masses in Russia with enviable persistence,” one observer of the Russian political scene noted.

The claims that Russia has found Christ and that Russia is restoring Christian values are disinformation. Analyst and author Robert Zubrin told me in an interview the Russian government “runs the biggest organized human trafficking operation in the world,” kidnapping Russian girls and selling them around the world as prostitutes. “Nobody should be fooled by Putin’s claim of being a defender of conservative morality,” Zubrin says. “There’s far more depravity in Russia, including homosexual depravity, than there is here,” he says. “In the Russian army, boyish recruits are subject to homosexual rape by officers as a form of hazing, and the regime protects this.”

Indeed, Russia’s communist revolution led to the first law authorizing abortion on demand.

Businessman Bill Browder, who ran an investment fund in Russia called Hermitage Capital Management, told me in an interview that American conservatives embracing Vladimir Putin as a spokesman for family values should have second thoughts. “If you want to talk about family values, go talk to the Magnitsky family about what happened to their family, as a result of Vladimir Putin’s evil,” he said. Sergei Magnitsky, the attorney for Browder’s firm in Russia, was imprisoned and then killed by Russian authorities in 2009. He had uncovered official corruption involving the theft of $230 million.

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For America’s Survival,

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