[ASI] California is Now a Narco-State

March 14th, 2012 at 10:46 am EDT

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We have posted a new report at our www.sorosfiles.com website on the effort by George Soros and his paid operatives to make California into a narco-state. That's right — we are talking about California, not Mexico. However, the Mexican drug cartels are operating in California and supplying the so-called "medical marijuana" market.

First, I am pleased to report that some conservatives are finding the inner strength and integrity to condemn Rush Limbaugh's vicious and false personal attacks on the Georgetown law student. I have been virtually alone until now.

"Mr. Limbaugh made remarks of a kind that are destructive to reasonable political discourse and that we would not tolerate on our campus," said conservative Hillsdale College, which advertises on the Limbaugh radio show.

My friend Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center has taken down his "I Stand With Rush" website. If you click on the IStandWithRush.org website you now go to the MRC's "Tell the Truth!" website.

It looks like conservatives were not buying into the campaign. It was backfiring in some way. Either conservatives were refusing to sign the petition or were reacting negatively to the idea of supporting Limbaugh.

It has been confirmed to me that the "I stand with Rush" website has been taken down — permanently. What an embarrassment for supporters of Limbaugh.  

The reason for this change of heart is simple: true conservatives understand what Limbaugh said is indefensible, and that he is doing terrible damage to the conservative cause.

My new column,  Standing with Rush is political and moral suicide, tells the complete story.

After examining the controversy, I go on to point out:

"Sean Hannity is taking a somewhat different approach by changing the subject. He points to Bill Maher, who makes fun of conservative women and mocks religion and religious people. He contributed $1 million to a pro-Obama SuperPAC and Hannity wants Obama to give the money back. This is a fair point. But Maher is a comedian who appears on a premium cable channel and not on the public airwaves. What's more, he is a ‘celebrity pothead' and board member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).In other words, he is not a clear thinker and doesn't pretend to be a serious policy analyst.

"Hannity's point about a media double-standard is well-taken. We understand conservatives are being held to a higher standard. But what is wrong with that? And what are conservatives really saying when they compare Limbaugh to the dim-witted stoner Bill Maher?"

My column also discusses how Limbaugh went to the defense of a murdering terrorist group in Africa, thinking it was a Christian organization. 

A new poll finds that almost one-third of Republicans - 30 percent - agree with the notion that Limbaugh should be fired for his remarks. This number has been rising as more and more conservatives understand how reckless and malicious Limbaugh has been. Overall, a majority of Americans — 53 percent — say Limbaugh should go.

Another firm, Public Policy Polling, reported that less than half of Republicans in the key primary states of Ohio, Tennessee, and Georgia had a favorable opinion of him. It also reported:

"Our numbers suggest that Rush Limbaugh has seen significant erosion in his popularity with Republican voters over the last week€¦Republican women in particular have become very skeptical about Limbaugh€¦"

We need more conservative women to speak out against Limbaugh. We need conservative men to do the same.

I have three sons and no daughters. But I teach my sons to have respect for women. My wife is appalled by Limbaugh. And we are all conservatives! I was involved in the conservative movement — Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) in High School and college — when Limbaugh was a DJ. 

So don't lecture me about what it means to be a conservative. As a young student, I listened to William F. Buckley at his home in Sharon, Connecticut, during a YAF gathering. Rush Limbaugh is no William F. Buckley. 

Do not assume that if Limbaugh goes, that conservative talk radio will suffer. On the contrary, real and authentic conservative talk radio will continue to grow in importance. The term "real conservative talk" is a reference to discussion that is based on issues — such as Obama's Marxist background and his far-left policies, and conservative alternatives. These are the issues I am returning to.

On this front, please examine our new report by Tina Trent at www.sorosfiles.com  It is titled Narco-State California: A Model for George Soros' America.

It begins:

"Liberal commentators have taken to dismissing all reports of George Soros' influence as mere ‘right-wing paranoia.'  Fearful of the label, the mainstream media now actively ignore evidence of the billionaire's reach into the corridors of power. Yet, his own people boast of the convicted inside trader spending $8 billion on various "human rights" and other causes. 

"As the networks and daily papers dither, Soros' canny investments in think tanks and university professors, keep paying off, especially in California, which has become a petri dish for growing Soros' future America.  The main Soros agent-of-influence in the state is Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, who has refused requests from the Coalition for a Drug Free California for documents on her meetings with pro-marijuana groups."

Read the rest of the report here.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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