[ASI] Beck's False Charges of Racism

December 15th, 2011 at 7:06 am EDT

Dear Friend of America's Survival, Inc.:

Glenn Beck's false charges of racism against members of the Tea Party are continuing to generate a controversy. I think Beck is unstable.  

Beck said the Tea Party is racist if it supports Newt Gingrich over Barack Obama. He bases this on the crazy assumption that Gingrich and Obama are both like-minded "progressives."

As I have reported in detail, the "progressive" philosophy of  Theodore Roosevelt, who was praised by Gingrich, is different than the Henry Wallace progressive philosophy embraced by Obama and many liberals. Wallace ran for president on the Progressive Party ticket in 1948 backed by the Communist Party.  Obama is also backed by the Communist Party.

By contrast, Theordore Roosevelt was a patriot who strongly opposed socialism and communism. 

Read my analysis: Glenn Beck and the Soros-funded Progressives

Fortunately, some conservatives are speaking the truth and condemning Beck.

Writing in the Washington Times, Dr. Milton R. Wolf says:

"That Mr. Beck disapproves of Mr. Gingrich's proclivity to embrace big government is certainly his right. In fact, I agree with this assessment and have advocated that the Tea Party should deploy a strategy that rewards Mr. Gingrich (and every candidate) for embracing the Tea Party principles of limited government. That Mr. Beck can see no difference between Mr. Gingrich and President Obama reveals astonishingly flawed analytical skills.

"Mr. Obama has set America on a path to socialized medicine; Mr. Gingrich helped defeat this once before in the form of Hillarycare and vows to repeal Obamacare now. Mr. Obama never met a tax increase on job producers he didn't like; Mr. Gingrich would eliminate the capital gains tax and slash both income and corporate taxes to lower levels than those under President Ronald Reagan. Mr. Obama has become the food stamp president; Mr. Gingrich reformed welfare. Mr. Obama added $4 trillion to the national debt; Mr. Gingrich was the last speaker of the House to balance the budget. Mr. Obama embraced the anarchist thugs of the Occupy Wall Street protests; Mr. Gingrich told them to take a bath and get a job.

"Still, the only difference Mr. Beck can see between Mr. Obama and Mr. Gingrich is the color of their skin."

Wolf goes on:

"If we are to achieve a post-racial society, false charges of racism must be condemned, whether they arise from the left or the right, because they can be every bit as harmful as racism itself. You have discredited yourself, Mr. Beck, and I believe you have done yourself irreparable harm. Of course, that is your choice. But your shameless use of repulsive, two-bit race-hustler tactics threatens to discredit the limited-government movement Tea Partyers embrace - those Tea Partyers who, unlike you, are not strangely fixated on race."

If Beck refuses to apologize to the Tea Party members who support Gingrich, he will become what the Dana Milbank book about him says he is - a clown.

I don't like Milbank or his book, but Beck is acting like a clown - or something worse. He has damaged himself by going public with false information based on erroneous assumptions.  Why is he doing this?

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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