[ASI] Barack Obama Conquers Alabama

December 13th, 2017 at 11:52 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

The Alabama win for Barack Obama’s candidate Doug Jones  confirms our thesis that Obama is running the Democratic Party and the anti-Trump resistance. Obama recorded a robocall in support of the Alabama Democrat, calling him a "fighter for equality, for progress."

In order to understand the future, study Obama. Read our blockbusters, Comrade Obama Unmasked and Red Star Rising.

The same black voters behind his two successful campaigns turned out for Doug Jones in Alabama. Reports indicate that Jones’ win is the result of a surge of Democrat voters statewide, “and specifically in African-American strongholds.”

The grassroots of the Tea Party, evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics in Alabama couldn’t match the “Brown is the New White” strategy of Steve Phillips and Obama.

The Doug Jones victory was another example of the strategy Trevor Loudon discussed at our conference. Watch his talk on Obama's Plan for a One-Party Socialist State.

Going forward, it has to be said that, in addition to Democratic Senator Kamala Harris as a 2020 presidential nominee, Senator Cory Booker has to be considered a possibility. Booker campaigned for Doug Jones. It was smart on Booker’s part. He has said about Steve Phillips, author of the “Brown is the New White” strategy:

Steve Phillips has a deep understanding of how the Civil Rights Movement changed America. His book sparks an important conversation about what increasing racial and cultural diversity will mean for American politics and policy.

This means that the Democrats in 2020 will nominate another black, either Harris or Booker. Booker has the added feature of appealing to the pothead vote, since he favors drug legalization on a nationwide basis. There are literally millions of potheads n the U.S. today as  a result of Obama’s pro-marijuana policies. Assuming they can be mobilized and directed to the polls, they are a potential major voting bloc.

Seriously. According to government statistics, marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug. The estimate is that 22.2 million people have used it in the past month.

The “demographic revolution” is the first part of their strategy. The plan is to suppress the white vote and increase the minority vote.


But another part is the drug revolution and the “fundamental transformaton” of America into a narco-state full of drug abusers eager to guarantee access to more and more drugs. The next step, as Tina Trent outlined at our November 10 conference, is access to LSD and other mind-bending drugs. Many of these voters are “progressive whites,” products of the Marxist Madrassas called colleges and universities.

Breitbart News and their chairman Stephen K. Bannon played into Obama’s hands, contributing to a civil war in the Republican Party. Bannon, former White House chief political strategist, doesn’t seem to understand Obama’s Marxist strategy. On the other hand, the Republican establishment doesn’t like Bannon and wanted him to fail in Alabama (Bannon campaigned for Moore).

Bannon needs to read my books. Better yet, Breitbart News should review my books on Obama.

Isn’t it clear by now that Obama has outsmarted Trump, Bannon & Company every step of the way?  They are very clever at stirring up people on the basis of racial and cultural differences. They are also good at creating new constituencies, such as the pothead vote.

Having conquered Alabama, they are now targeting Georgia and Texas.

Stay tuned to this space if you want the truth.

Better yet, help us as we go forward, planning another conference in D.C. to follow-up on our blockbusters, Comrade Obama Unmasked and Red Star Rising.

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