[ASI] Another Bone Headed Conservative Who Got the Election Wrong

November 10th, 2012 at 5:46 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival, Inc.:

In my continuing look at bone headed conservative media figures who got the election wrong, I focus on someone named Hugh Hewitt. He is a radio talk show host with the Salem Radio Network and often appears on Fox News.

Salem is important. Salem Communications Corporation describes itself as "the largest commercial U.S. radio broadcasting company that provides programming targeted at audiences interested in Christian and conservative opinion radio content." So Hewitt is reaching millions of conservatives. He is on talk stations in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Denver, Sacramento, and Louisville.

On the day of the election, Hugh Hewitt wrote: "There isn't any doubt that the GOP will be turning out in huge numbers to vote for Romney/Ryan, but there are many reasons why the Democratic base won't.  As has been said many times before, this is a replay of the 1980 elections, and the stakes are just as high. The good news --the great news-- is that people are paying attention and know the president's record and why four more years would be a disaster for the United States."

All of this was pure bunk.

On October 20, Hewitt had written about "The ongoing collapse of President Obama's campaign." He added, "The nation is simply finished with a president whose rhetoric has never been matched by his actions, and whose performance has removed Jimmy Carter from the bottom of the rankings of the modern president."

All of this was pure hokum.

Before that, on October 13, Hewitt had written:

"Whatever the reason --terrible debate performances, a searing national tragedy brought about by terrorists and its cover-up, or economic misery on a state-by-state basis, Mitt Romney is winning, and the country will be ready to celebrate when he does."

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but this kind of information misled many conservatives about the state of the race. I believe that people like Hewitt should be held accountable.

Hewitt is one of many conservatives in the media who thought the polls showing a Democratic edge in turnout for Obama were wrong.

On September 25, he wrote, "The sense of the growing panic among Obamians is palpable, and the narcotic effect of loaded polls has worn off.  Such stuff can only have an impact for a bit, then everyone starts looking for the screen, and when the paper hides it deep --as the Post did this morning-- the credibility gap between story and public grows larger.  No wonder paper circulation is plummeting.  The serial attempts to trick readers telegraphs contempt, and contempt doesn't sell many papers or ads."

The polls were not "loaded." They were correct. I think it was Hewitt who showed contempt for his conservative audience.

Hewitt wrote this book, supposedly about Republican revival and renewal: 

This "blueprint" for renewal went haywire, don't you think?

He also wrote about "a permanent Republican majority" -


Or how about this Hugh Hewitt book —

I guess he left some things out of that book.

Like the others who predicted a Romney victory (Karl Rove, Michal Barone, Fred Barnes, Dick Morris and Rush Limbaugh), Hewitt has egg all over his face.

We have to demand better from the conservative media.  Why don't these "conservatives" have the decency to retire from public life and make way for those of us who understand the Marxist menace and the Soros/Obama machine that we are facing? 

After Obama's win, Hewitt wrote, "Congratulations to Mitt Romney for having conducted a disciplined and idealistic campaign of great consequence for the country, even if he did not prevail."

In fact, Romney ran a terrible campaign. My new column explains part of the reason: Republican Campaign Failed to Confront Media Bias

As I said all along, Romney was very much like Obama in terms of ideology.  What did you expect from a liberal former governor who was the father of gay marriage and socialized medicine in Massachusetts?

In the end, as I point out in one of my columns, Romney lost his home state of Massachusetts by 61-37 percent and Wisconsin, which is Paul Ryan's home state, by 53-46. This was a disgrace from a Republican point of view.

The result of all or this: The Liberal Media Are More Powerful Than Ever And the conservative media, including Fox News, have no credibility.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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