[ASI] An Emerging Homosexual Tyranny

April 1st, 2015 at 4:54 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

My column on “The Real Power of the One Percent” is getting some attention. No, it’s not about economic equality. It’s about an emerging tyranny of 1 percent of the population who identify as homosexuals dictating to the rest of us how we can operate our businesses and conduct our lives. This is Holy Week. Will Christians stand up for their rights?

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On America’s Survival TV on Roku a while back, we interviewed Robert Reilly, author of the book, Making Gay Okay. Please take some time to watch this show, now posted on YouTube, in order to understand how our society has degenerated. Reilly explains the process of how homosexuality has been normalized and is now being “enforced” as legitimate and acceptable against its critics. That is what we are seeing in the homosexual outrage over the religious freedom bill in Indiana. The gay lobby wants to force acceptance of their “lifestyle” and faux “marriages” on the rest of us. Religious freedom stands in their way.

What we have to understand is that while the homosexuals are only a little over one percent of the population, they are in positions of power in the media and corporate world. We have to name and expose them.

Tonight, on America’s Survival TV, we are interviewing Dr. Tina Trent on how leading conservatives are being duped into participating in a left-wing campaign financed in part by the Koch Brothers to empty the prisons.  Like the “gay is okay” campaign, this has real-life ramifications for our society. If this new fancy “criminal justice reform” campaign has success on Capitol Hill and in the states, more criminals will be released on the streets.

Watch the show tonight on Roku or on the Internet by clicking here at 9:00 pm Eastern.

If you want some idea of what they have in mind, consider that President Obama on Tuesday released a number of criminals from jail through executive clemency. He called it “Upholding the Principle of Fairness in Our Criminal Justice System.” He gave clemency to 22 drug offenders. USA Today reports, “Of the 22 commutations granted Tuesday, 17 were for possession or trafficking in cocaine. The others were for methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. One was also convicted of a gun charge in addition to cocaine possession.”

Releasing more criminals back on the streets will be part of Obama’s legacy. It’s sad to see the Koch Brothers financing this campaign, and getting conservatives like Newt Gingrich to join Marxist Van Jones as part of the effort. We will talk about it tonight.

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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