[ASI] America's Enemies

November 29th, 2017 at 2:29 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

We are up against some very determined foes.

Whether we are talking about Islam’s “struggle,” Hitler’s “My Struggle,” the Marxist dialectic of “struggle,” or the New Age movement, the purpose is to overthrow Christian civilization, creating a post-Christian and socialist world.

For those who know nothing about the New Age Movement, please take some time to watch Marianne Williamson, the “spiritual teacher” who endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. She has sold millions of books and her audience during this presentation is packed. She meditates about a ball of golden light and in this light she finds a beautiful temple. Watch the faces of her adoring fans.

One is tempted to dismiss this nonsense as harmless, except she’s active politically and actually endorsed the idea of a Department of Peace. Marianne Williamson spoke to the Parliament of World's Religions in 2015. This group is meeting in Toronto in 2018. Their hero is Obama, a fake Christian.

Do you think a Department of Peace will defeat radical islam?

Now that President Trump has drawn attention to Islamic hatred of Christians, by Tweeting videos from the group Britain First, CAIR has issued a statement, “CAIR Condemns Trump's Incitement to Violence Against U.S. Muslims on Twitter.” They are even holding a news conference on the matter.

Notice how Trump’s point about Islamic hatred of Christians has become twisted into an issue of alleged hatred of Muslims. This is a classic trick. CAIR has learned well from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Of course, our media are claiming Britain First is “far rght” and Islamophobic.  That’s how they marginalize concern for one’s country. They have put that label on me. Members of this group march through the streets of Britain with British flags and Christian crosses. Their leader, Jayda Fransen, was prosecuted for “anti-Islamic” speech. Go to her Twitter page here. Their YouTube page is here.

What’s happened in Britain will be happening in America unless we take action to support groups like America’s Survival.

I have reposted my 2012 speech at the Stop Islamization of Nations' International Freedom Congress.

Meanwhile, al Qaeda leader and KGB agent Ayman al-Zawahiri has called for Jihadist unity and is theatening more terrorism.

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Cliff Kincaid, President




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