[ASI] America at a Crossroads

May 17th, 2016 at 12:52 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

I was hoping the campaign would be an opportunity to educate the American people about Marxism, and how we can escape a Marxist future. Instead, it looks like a campaign of personal attacks. What’s developing is a sign of America in further decline. We don’t have to go down that road. We have to raise our standards and our national dialogue.

My new column explains why House Speaker Paul Ryan is resisting endorsing Trump. He knows that Trump is not a conservative. Whatever you may think of Ryan, don’t tell me he’s not a conservative. Ryan was active in the conservative movement when Trump was funding Hillary Clinton.

Some in the pro-Trump movement are drawn to the Playboy because they think Republicans like Ryan have not done anything to counter Obama. They think Trump will be a Republican version of Obama and make everything right. Personally, I favored impeachment of Obama by the House. Instead, the House pursued a different kind of legal action. Indeed, Ryan and the House Republicans have just won a major legal victory against Obamacare.

I understand it’s a slow process to undermine Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. I am as frustrated as you are. However, I am fearful that some in the pro-Trump movement want to replace one virtual dictator with another. Don’t fight Marxism with fascism. Trump Actually Tweeted Mussolini:

There’s no reason we have to fall for these phony choices. In order to ground ourselves in a conservative philosophy of individual freedom and responsibility, my last newsletter recommended the book The Road to Serfdom  by Friedrich Hayek. A condensed and abridged version is available for free online here. Fascism is not a viable response to Marxism. In fact, they are both parts of collectivism. Here are some appropriate excerpts from the Hayek book:

NO DOUBT an American or English "fascist" system would greatly differ from the Italian or German models; no doubt, if the transition were effected without violence, we might expect to get a better type of leader. Yet this does not mean that our fascist system would in the end prove very different or much less intolerable than its prototypes.

Few recognize that the rise of fascism and Nazism was not a reaction against the socialist trends of the preceding period but a necessary outcome of those tendencies. Yet it is significant that many of the leaders of these movements, from Mussolini down (and including Laval and Quisling) began as socialists and ended as fascists or Nazis.

No less significant is the intellectual outlook of the rank and file in the communist and fascist movements in Germany before 1933. The relative ease with which a young communist could be converted into a Nazi or vice versa was well known, best of all to the propagandists of the two parties. The communists and Nazis clashed more frequently with each other than with other parties simply because they competed for the same type of mind and reserved for each other the hatred of the heretic.

Rep. Ryan told Jake Tapper of CNN that he was concerned about Trump: “…as a conservative, I want to see a verification that our conservative principles will be championed, will be run on, will be represented, and will be brought to the public in the country in a way that’s appealing for us to be successful.”

Ryan wanted the GOP candidate to run on a conservative platform so that the American people could be given a true alternative to the “progressive” Marxism of Obama and Hillary. Ryan may get a conservative Republican platform but he’s not going to change Trump himself. He has an authoritarian tendency that is very worrisome.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp R-(KS) appeared on Fox News Sunday and declared that Trump was not a conservative. He indicated he could not support Trump because of his Playboy lifestyle and vulgar mannerisms and statements. A leader of the pro-family forces in Congress, Huelskamp was recently presented with the Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union (ACU). The award is presented to Members of Congress who scored greater than 90% on key measures of importance to conservatives. Huelskamp earned a score of 96% in 2015.

Don’t tell me Huelskamp is not a conservative. For his part, Ryan has an 89 percent lifetime rating from the ACU. These are authentic conservatives, not phonies.

The Hayek book, originally published in 1944, helps illustrate America’s dilemma today.  Read it in order to understand the grave dangers we face.

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President


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