[ASI] Al Jazeera Under Fire in Egypt

July 8th, 2013 at 8:31 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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Our program topics for our TV show on Wednesday night include the activities of foreign propaganda channels Russia Today (RT) and Al-Jazeera.

We have posted a somewhat humorous video about Vladimir Putin's recent tour of the RT media complex in Moscow.

Watch it here:

Vladimir Putin Reviews his Troops at Russia Today TV

Both TV channels should register as foreign agents in the U.S.

My new column looks at the "progressive” American media star of RT – Thom Hartmann:

 "Politico" Touts Russian Agent as Progressive Hero

The good news is that Al-Jazeera has been taken off the air in Egypt because it has been inciting violence and chaos. And other journalists have taken offense to the channel's provocative programming.

Here's how AP reported it:

Journalists for the pan-Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera have been kicked out of a news conference being held by Egypt's military on the killing of at least 54 people, most of them supporters of Egypt's ousted president, outside an army facility.

Qatar-based Al-Jazeera was founded by the Gulf nation's ruling family. The tiny but wealthy country was a strong supporter of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who was toppled by the military on Wednesday.

The station broadcast graphic images of those killed and wounded in the violence Monday outside a military facility.

During the news conference, one journalist stood up and demanded Al-Jazeera reporters be excluded from the proceedings.

The Al-Jazeera reporters eventually walked out accompanied by chants of "Out! Out!" from others in the crowd.

The Egyptians understand this channel is nothing but trouble. It is a vehicle for the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist affiliates.

So why, then, is Al-Jazeera being welcomed into the U.S.?

You may recall that I reported that the Electronic Frontier Foundation received almost $1 million from George Soros over the last five years. It is time calling for Congress to investigate and curb the powers of the NSA.

One of our readers emailed the EFF about this and got back this response:

Thanks for your email.  We have indeed received nearly $1
million from OSI over the last five years (the number I gave to
Cliff was actually $977,000).  It's important to note that our budget
for the upcoming year is approximately $6 million, so the OSI
contributions are less than 4% of our budget.  We certainly value the
funding we get from OSI, and greatly appreciate the support.  However,
as always, we don't let any funding influence our opinions and our
positions, and we think that our work bears that out.  Of course, if you
decide that you can't support us any more, we'd be disappointed but
understand your decision.  We do believe in being as transparent as
possible about our organizational decisions in order to give our donors
the information they need about EFF.

The Soros role serves to confirm the subversive aspect of the anti-NSA campaign underway. The latest word on Edward Snowden is that he may be headed to Cuba. No surprise there.

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