[ASI] AFL-CIO Official is a Marxist Revolutionary

October 20th, 2011 at 3:06 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

We have broken a major story about AFL-CIO involvement in the Occupy Wall Street movement:

The AFL-CIO's Revolutionary Activist

We have absolute documented proof of how a major AFL-CIO official traveled to Cuba to meet with Castro.

Don’t forget about our conference next week. Only a few seats left.

Former FBI Informant to Speak About
“Occupy Wall Street” Movement and its Organizers

The Soros Files: How George Soros Undermines
America's Security and Funds the Criminals Lobby

A national conference sponsored by America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI)


October 27, 2011 National Press Club - First Amendment Lounge 10am - 4 pm
The National Press Club 529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor - Washington, DC 20045

Open to the press and the public. Light lunch and refreshments provided.

To register please contact Phil Kent(404) 226-3549 or philkent@philkent.com

This conference will honor two former FBI informants, Larry Grathwohl and Brandon Darby, and feature speeches by national crime victim advocate Tina Trent , world-famous blogger Trevor Loudon, and financial expert Zubi Diamond, author of Wizards of Wall Street, an exposé of Soros and the hedge fund industry. ASI President Cliff Kincaid is announcing at this conference the creation of a new data base of information about billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros’s funding of the “progressive” left in the U.S., including such organizations as the ACLU and the Center for American Progress.   Trevor Loudon will release his new book, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. The former FBI informants being honored by ASI are:

  • Larry Grathwohl was recruited by the Cincinnati Police to infiltrate the Weathermen. He would later be working for the FBI and become the only person to go underground with what became known as the Weather Underground. After his cover was blown, he testified before several Federal Grand Juries, the U.S. Senate and at the Mark Felt/Ed Miller FBI trail. He wrote the 1976 book, Bringing Down America (with Frank Reagan), detailing his experiences. He will discuss Soros funding of a film glorifying the Weather Underground.
  • Brandon Darby was once a prominent radical who worked with former Black Panther Party members, Palestinian and various other radical groups. However, he rejected the increasing radicalism of his associates and would go on to become an FBI informant in a group that was planning violence at the Republican convention in 2008. He worked with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, helped stop violence against U.S. and Israeli citizens, and provided evidence used to convict two radical left-wingers of domestic terrorism. For this, he has become a major target of the radical left.

My web site manager and Internet services expert Joe Sager is working on a dramatic new website that will includes the “Soros Files” on billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros. We will be announcing this new project at our October 27 conference. Don’t miss it.  

Make plans to attend. This is my last call.

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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