[ASI] A Trojan Horse on American Soil

December 24th, 2012 at 8:02 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America's Survival:

I am going to be mixing some politics and religion. First, Merry Christmas to you and your family. This is a very special time. I attend a Catholic Church in my area with my family. We will be going to a Christmas Eve service tonight.

That is why I think it is important to also post this extraordinary interview with author Carol Byrne about Marxism in the Roman Catholic Church. It is posted at www.usasurvival.org This is a very serious matter but I believe it is my obligation to post this interview at this time. Please take some time to read it. 

Carol Byrne, author of a book about Dorothy Day and the "Catholic Worker" movement, says, "By having financed the Alinsky-inspired training of Barack Obama via the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the Bishops have been nurturing a serpent in their bosom. Now, in typical Socialist fashion, he has turned his guns on the Church with his plan to force Catholics to fund state-run policies that conflict with their consciences. That is only the beginning of an all-out assault whose objective is to extinguish any vestige of Christianity in society."

We see how this is turning out in many areas, not only religious liberty but personal liberty. All of our freedoms are under attack. It's sad for me, as a Catholic, to say it, but the Catholic Church has unleashed a Trojan Horse on America.

In regard to our Second Amendment rights, Rupert Murdoch has unleashed his big media guns on the NRA and all gun owners. See the recent Murdoch-owned New York Post cover:

A "gun nut" for promoting safety and security for children in schools? A "loon" for wanting to preserve gun rights. All of this from a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News. I hope you all realize by now that Murdoch is firmly in the liberal camp. We need an alternative - and quickly. Let's hope that Glenn Beck, whose program is now on the Dish network, steps up to the plate.

For the background, read: Rupert Murdoch Backs Obama's Gun Grab

In the meantime, I will provide you legitimate news and information through my various websites. We have new exciting projects planned in the new year. We need your support to continue.  

We are still trying to get to the bottom of what really happened at the Sandy Hook School. My friend and associate, Larry Grathwohl, a Vietnam combat veteran, has given me his thoughts on the long gun that was said to have been removed from the car trunk of lunatic killer Adam Lanza. He thinks it was not a Bushmaster and is very familiar with the weapon.

So it may be the case that a Bushmaster was used inside the school, in addition to some handguns. In any case, this is not an "automatic" weapon, as Rupert Murdoch claims.  And "banning" them will not result in more security for our children in schools. There is still much we need to know about what happened.

But don't let these questions distract you from the main point: Obama and his allies are clearly using the massacre to further disarm the American people. It is tragic that the Murdoch media empire has joined this cause. Gun rights groups like the NRA and Gun Owners of America (GOA) are the front lines of defense. That is why the media are trying to personally destroy Wayne LaPierre. He is a victim of character assassination. Larry Pratt of GOA obliterated Piers Morgan on CNN. And now Morgan is being threatened with deportation back to Britain. Good riddance to him. Sign the petition here. 

I think LaPierre did a good job on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday when grilled by moderator David Gregory.  I regret the NRA waited several days before commenting on this tragedy. This gave the impression that gun owners were on the defense and guilt-ridden over the massacre. All of us feel terrible over the tragedy, but put the blame where it belongs and let's propose solutions that really protect people.

It is time to take the offensive. It's too bad LaPierre wasn't prepared to bring this up:

NEWS FLASH: Breitbart News reports that Gregory "mocked the assertion that armed guards should be placed in schools. He did this by accusing LaPierre of turning a blind eye to Gregory's belief that guns are part of the problem rather than the solution. Gregory's kids, however, go to school at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., a school that is not only looking to hire a new police officer, but which also has 11 security personnel already on staff, some of whom are police officers."

The Weekly Standard has the same story:

Of course we all knew that the liberals were hypocrites. LaPierre brought up that point in another context on "Meet the Press," noting how many high-powered celebrities get special gun permits, while leaving ordinary Americans defenseless. That is their plan.

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For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

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