[ASI] A Red Diaper Baby in a Red Cover-Up

September 1st, 2016 at 11:39 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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A new investigative report from Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid arrives at the definitive answer to one of the most important media cover-ups in American journalism history—why Barack Obama’s connection to a suspected Soviet intelligence agent by the name of Frank Marshall Davis was ignored by The Washington Post during the 2008 campaign. The reporter with the detailed information, David Maraniss, who decided to leave it out of a critical story less than three months before the election, had personal connections to the Communist Party USA. His parents were members of the Moscow-funded CPUSA. But so was Frank Marshall Davis, who had been on the FBI’s Security Index and was the subject of a 600-page FBI file.


“The shocking truth can finally be told,” Kincaid says in his report. “Elliott and Mary Maraniss, and Frank Marshall Davis, were members of the same international conspiracy which had groomed Obama for the presidency, in order to hasten the decline and destruction of the United States.” Kincaid’s report is titled, “The Red Diaper Baby in Obama’s Red Cover-Up.”

Maraniss’s father Elliott, an identified Communist who would go on to write for the “progressive” Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin, had been writing under pseudonyms for Communist publications and used an alias when he was around other party members. His newspaper union, the Newspaper Guild, withdrew support for him when he refused to testify truthfully about his CPUSA activities. Nevertheless, the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism announced a student scholarship fund in his name in 2014.


Digging through books and congressional reports, Kincaid, the director of AIM’s Center for Investigative Journalism, has uncovered the embarrassing facts about the parents of Post reporter David Maraniss and how he has remained silent about these curious connections. An associate editor at The Washington Post, Maraniss covered Obama’s history in Hawaii in a major August 2008 story that completely ignored the future president’s connection to Davis. This caught Kincaid’s attention at the time. However, only now, eight years later, have the facts about Maraniss being a red-diaper baby been verified. Maraniss, who has written biographies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, failed to respond to Kincaid’s inquiries on the matter.

Kincaid argues in his report that “A family connection to a foreign-funded political party that had a role through Davis in grooming then-Senator and now President Barack Obama makes the subject one of intense interest and extremely newsworthy. After all, alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign has been raised repeatedly by the media in regard to whether the Moscow regime favors one candidate over another. Usually, the media say that Moscow favors Trump. But Mrs. Clinton presided over the failed Russian reset with Moscow and her State Department approved a Russian uranium deal.”

Kincaid adds, “If this is a valid topic now, then why wasn’t the Frank Marshall Davis influence over Obama made into a big issue in 2008? Since Davis was a member of a Russian-funded Communist Party and a suspected Soviet espionage agent, his influence over Obama could have been seen as a major national security issue.”

Kincaid quotes analyst Trevor Loudon, who initially uncovered the Davis connection to Obama, as saying that The Washington Post betrayed the public’s trust and should explain this dereliction of its journalistic duty.

For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President


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