[ASI] A Nobel Peace Prize for Trump?

April 29th, 2018 at 5:08 pm EDT
Cliff Kincaid
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Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

The crowd at President Trump’s rally chanted for him to get the Nobel Peace Prize for the “peace deal” unfolding in Korea.

The “peace deal” is the oldest trick in the book, and it’s sad to see the Trump Administration falling for it. Pyongyang’s nuclear threat is built upon Russian and Chinese technology. So the real problem is the Communist bloc, in addition to Iran. Read this report about North Korea and Iran cooperating.


Jones says “Peace is breaking out” because “There is a new sheriff in town” – President Trump.  Nonsense. Read “Back from the Dead” to understand communist strategy.

My friends, Kim Jong-un is a communist dictator and cold-blooded killer. Read the lawsuit filed by the parents of American Otto Warmbier. Kim is a puppet of China and Russia.

North Korea has promised “denuclearization” before.

What good will it do to end the Iran nuclear agreement if we institute an Iran-style agreement with North Korea? This is madness.

My friends, let’s understand who the globalists really are. They are based in Moscow. The Deep State is based in Moscow. Who was behind the Trump dossier? The Russians.

Former Russian political prisoner Vladimir Bukovsky explains what’s going on in a senational interview. The author of the new book, Judgment in Moscow, he talks about the failure to hold the Russian communists accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Vladimir Bukovsky

He says: “…you can see the story of how we tried to force a Nuremberg-style process in Moscow, and how the idea got blocked by everyone, including the West. I assume the reasons were purely personal. Not to mention the fact  that for the left none if it would have been beneficial. They did not want to see the crisis of communism in Moscow turn into a crisis of socialism in the West. Which they talk about bluntly. I have documents where they say directly that the crisis of socialism in Moscow can lead to the crisis of this idea in the West, which they saw as highly undesirable.”  

So the globalists are, in reality, socialists in the West who cooperate and collaborate with the Russian and Chinese communists for the purpose of establishing a world socialist government. We have to add Pope Francis to the mix.

Bukovsky understands how the communists think. He got access to internal Russian communist documents. The Russians put him in a psychiatric hospital precisely because he understands their global ambitions and how they use dupes and collaborators in the West.

I want President Trump to succeed, but in this area of relations with South Korea and our Asian allies, he is falling for communist disinformation and propaganda. The White House says: We stand together with our allies and partners and insist that we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. But serious mistakes have already been made.

This is something we would expect from Obama.

Nicholas Eberstadt’s article, North Korea’s phony peace ploy, is a good analysis. In 1992, he notes, there were the Agreement on Reconciliation, Nonaggression and Exchanges and Cooperation between the South and the North and the Joint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

In other words, we’ve seen all of this before. They’ve used this ploy to buy time. This time, they may decide to “transfer” their nuclear weapons to China or Russia. That’s another ploy.

Let’s hope Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton brings some sanity to this process before President Trump ends up with a lot of egg on his face.

The opposition Liberty Korea Party had a proposal for redeployment of U.S. nuclear weapons. Read it here. Force must be met with force. Nuclear weapons must be met with nuclear weapons that are bigger and better than theirs.

Not surprisingly, the communist ANSWER Coalition is backing the new Korea peace deal, saying:

The summit is a major breakthrough for peace and reunification in Korea, and a serious blow to the U.S. war machine and its allies who were pushing for confrontation on the peninsula. It is also a historic display of sovereignty by a South Korean government, which have historically been subservient to the United States but in this instance agreed to the inter-Korean summit on its own initiative. 

It’s no wonder. The leader of the conservative opposition Liberty Korea Party (LKP), Hong Joon-pyo, says there are pro-North Korea elements in the South Korean government. He calls the summit a “peace show” that failed to offer any definitive plan to eliminate North Korean nuclear weapons.

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