[ASAI] White Men CAN Jump

April 5th, 2018 at 11:55 am EDT
Cliff Kincaid
America's Survival, Inc.

Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

Remember the old sports comedy film, “White Men Can’t Jump?” Well, white men CAN jump. Look at what happened on Monday night.


The high scorer was a white man, Donte DiVincenzo (left), who had 31 points. And he wasn’t even a starter. He was a member of the Villanova Wildcats, who beat Michigan. Soon, the media started looking into his Twitter account, trying to find anything offensive or controversial. They had to try to knock him down to size. How could a white man jump so high?

Speaking of offensive, did you know the Nation of Islam claims whites were an inferior race created by a black scientist named “Yakub.”

I’ll never forget the words of conservative black businessman Zubi Diamond at one of our conferences back in 2011: “Barack Obama is Louis Farrakhan and Karl Marx rolled into one.”  I remembered the quote when we learned of the 13-year cover-up surrounding the 2005 photo of then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a black separatist and anti-Semite who blames the white man for black problems.

If that Obama-Farrakhan photo had surfaced in 2008, it could have derailed Obama’s presidential campaign. Instead, it came out this year, 2018, after Obama left office. Don’t miss the significance of this. Farrakhan is a friend of anti-American regimes in Iran and Cuba. He was fan of Paul Robeson, the secret Communist Party member. And he was a supporter of crazed killer Winnie Mandela. In addition to her support of “neck lacing,”  she was charged in the kidnapping and torture of four young blacks, one of whom, 14-year-old Mokhetsi "Stompie" Seipei, was killed. She was convicted of kidnapping and assault. Later, she was implicated in the murder of Dr. Abu-Baker Asvat, in order to cover up the beating of the murdered activist Stompie Seipei.

Yakub (right)

Louis Farrakhan’s Final Call newspaper has just paid tribute to Winnie Mandela:           

NBC News anchor Lester Holt on Monday noted she was “linked to  murder,” but glorified her anyway. Here’s what the Nation of Islam says about Yakub:

Under the auspices of a brilliant Black scientist named Yakub, and by divine authority of Allah Himself, the Blacks who came with Yakub to the island [Patmos] were placed under a system of laws by which mating was based on skin color and in which only lighter-complexioned babies were allowed to survive. Over the course of many generations, the population of Patmos began to grow lighter and lighter until, after 600 years of this dedicated grafting process, the people became very pale with blue eyes and blonde hair. From this island-based tribe of white-skinned albinos came an aggressive race of rulers who then spread into every corner of the world—namely, the Caucasians, who now represent 9 percent of the world population (that's 1 in every 11 human beings).

Can you believe this? This is nothing but crazy anti-white venom.

Nevertheless, Farrakhan was interviewed by Alex Jones, as if Farrakhan is a legitimate voice and someone we should listen to.

Now, Jones is griping about lawsuits from those saying he gets his facts wrong. The latest is that he is being sued for defamation for misidentifying the Florida shooter. Jones says he will hold a news conference in the National Press Club next week to set the record straight. Wow.

I have asked for permission to attend the conference and ask Jones about his collaboration with Farrakhan. I haven’t yet received a definitive answer.

You wouldn’t believe how many people send me Alex Jones videos, thinking he’s a rational voice on domestic and foreign affairs. Read my report, “How Alex Jones Serves Vladimir Putin’s War Propaganda Apparatus and Plays a Key Role in Russian ‘Active Measures’ Operations.”

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