Subject: Virtual innovation Challenge; New Artists Online workshop series; #CAFCArtistoftheDay

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Virtual Innovation Challenge
Artists Online

Partnering with Beechwood Arts & Innovation, the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County offers the Virtual Innovation Challenge as an incentive for artists, musicians and performers, working in all media, to create new forms and formats – innovative, interactive online programs (exhibits, talks, lectures, classes, dance/theater/music experiences) that can generate income and provide possible new forms for sustainability. Submitted work will be judged, and awarded points, on its ability to: be innovative in its presentation, clearly showing the use of art and digital formats in a new way; be interactive – engaging its audience in ways that includes feedback and interactivity with its audience; and incorporate an ability to generate income for the artist(s). Prizes of $2,000, $1250 and $750 will be awarded to the top three submissions as judged by a jury of practitioners in the field. More information here.
Apply here by deadline of June 30
Continuing its series of professional development for artists, the Connecticut Office of the Arts, in partnership with the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County presents a series of three linked workshops designed to enable artists to become more proficient online: with social media; marketing and selling their art; and creating a more effective presence overall. These workshops are designed to be fully interactive and participatory. Maximum number of 20 per online workshopThe workshop leader is artist, artist space manager, and experienced and acclaimed teacher of online strategies for artists, Jane Davila. More information and registration for these free workshops here. 

Workshop 1: Wednesday, July 8
Social Media 101 for Artists and Creatives
A lively, information-packed workshop with tons of tips and hints to create and expand community on social media, reach customers, and develop strategies for creative marketing. Students learn how to efficiently and effectively use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to connect with fellow creatives, partner with brands, and sell artwork.

Workshop 2: Tuesday, July 21
Market and Sell Your Art Online
An online and highly interactive workshop with lots of solid information about marketing and selling your work in the digital space. Students learn how to develop strategies for creative online and email marketing and e-commerce, and to grow a robust and focused mailing list. Time is spent in the workshop on discussing examples of effective email newsletters, what makes a good subject line (and a bad one!), A/B testing, and best practices for growing and nurturing a mailing list. Strategies for selling work or promoting workshops online are presented including using social media platforms to generate sales, equipment and resources for photographing artwork, creating sources of “passive income”, a study of a wide variety of e-commerce sites, accepting payment, and all forms of advertising.

Workshop 3: Thursday, July 30
How to Pivot to the New Online Reality
An informative and interactive workshop all about the technical side of selling art, teaching, marketing, and creating events in an online space. Students learn what types of inexpensive and easy-to-use equipment will give them professional results for all types of projects. Find out about lighting, audio equipment, editing, and a variety of DIY hacks to take your online presence to the next level. If you don’t know where to start and you’re not sure what you need, —and it all just feels overwhelming, this workshop will get you started with simple and low cost suggestions for tools, equipment, and programs for a stunning outcome.

More information and registration for these free workshops here.
Thank you to the 58 member artists who have so far sent in work created over the last 3 months as a result of the pandemic to be featured as our  #CAFCArtistoftheDay on social media. 

This series (designed to bring attention to your work and, through the Buy My Art button on your profile, to help market and sell your work) has been expanded to call also for work that is a response to  the inequity, violence and disregard that Black Americans suffer.

So whether it's work that is a response to the pandemic or to the upsurge of violence, brutality and the lack of respect and dignity accorded to Black and other non-white Americans, please email me your images and short statements.
Works above (l to r, top to bottom) by Debbie Smith, Kathy Fitzgerald, Joanie Landau, Jill Sarver, Steven Parton, and Ann Macrae.
Gate Lodge at Mathews Park, 301 West Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850, United States
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