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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County, CT
September 15, 2018
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is a nonprofit service organization that supports its members through unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services. This newsletter is sent to all who request it - but we ask that, if you are not a member, you explore membership benefits and consider joining this community of more than 600 individuals and organizations. You can sign up here.
Members are now beginning to load their profiles onto our new integrated Cultural Alliance+FCBuzz website. We encourage all members to begin the process. You will need a nice description of yourself and your work together with 3 images: a square headshot, a 1600x430 pixel hero image (like the one above in Alissa Siegal's profile) and a smaller 510x260 pixel "reference image." Sneak a peek.
It's not too late to sign up for the return of the Progressive Gallery Tour, our monthly visit to member galleries, town-by-town from Greenwich to Shelton. The tour begins Sat. Sept 15, when we visit 5 member commercial galleries in Greenwich between 2 and 5pm. Speakers currently include gallery directors and artists Katie Ré Scheidt, Robert Mars, and Neil Powell. The program is free to all, but reservations are required. Details and Sign Up Here!

Eileen Panepinto is a mixed media artist, painter and collagist, based in Weston. She received her BFA with honors in painting from the School of Visual Arts, New York, and moved to Weston in 1993. She has exhibited in numerous group shows in New York and Connecticut, and has had six one-person exhibitions. Eileen combines different media in her work, finding that it offers a myriad of creative possibilities. Abstract, semi-abstract, and very often narrative in nature, her work is strongly influenced by the work of modern masters, such as Cezanne and Matisse, but remains original and experimental. She is inspired by nature, materials, storytelling, her faith and states-of-being. Eileen recently received two special recognition awards for her mixed media painting installations. and in 2013 she was commissioned to paint "Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes," a large acrylic on wood triptych in the the Dining Hall of St. John's Bread & Life in Brooklyn, NY. Eileen has been a teaching artist for many years, teaching visual art to children in various venues including in visiting artists programs at area schools. She has been a grades 1-8 teacher at a Montessori school, and has taught at special summer art camp programs, after-school programs and in individual instruction. Eileen is also a graphic designer and typographer, and is a member of the Artist Collective of Westport and WestonArts. See Eileen's website.

Katie Settel is a Fairfield-based inter-national award-winning photographer, specializing in concert, family, and event photography, with a studio at 305 Knowlton in Bridgeport. A photographer for as long as she can remember, she says "I always took pictures, and loved my little box cameras, but I never knew just how much. I loved giving people pictures of themselves that made them feel good. One day I decided to try and start a business with it... I had no idea that I was finally tapping into my calling. Since then, I have been able to photograph some of the most amazing people and important moments." Katie studied at the School of Visual Arts, The Fashion Instiute of Technology, The International School of Photography and the Jay Maisel Workshop. She's house photo-grapher for Fairfield Theatre Company and a freelance photographer for the Hearst Media Group. A recent show was Shot in the Dark, a set of low-light concert photographs, whose title reflected her own strong belief "in taking a shot in the dark...i.e. going for it. It is the knocking on doors when God knows who will answer, the letter that took hours to compose, the dialing of mystery phone numbers that you think might lead somewhere. But when you get that yes, and then when you have that yes in your lens, it all makes sense, even enough to spur on the next." See short video interview on the show and also Katie's recent pechakucha talk on her Sibling Secret.  See Katie's website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
Elizabeth Agresta, Painter
Valerie Ahneman,
Peter Alexander, 
   Landscape Architect
Kristen Ambrosi, Painter
Aishah Anailah, Multi Media
Tracey Anderson-Kollar, 
   Visual Artist
Francesca Andre,
  Filmmaker & Photo-
Leslee Asch, 
   Curator, Writer
Frances Ashforth, Painter/ 
Judith Bacal, Designer
Anna Badini, Painter
Mary Bailey, Sculptor & 
Louise Baranger, Musician
Patrice Barrett, Painter
Nina Bentley, Mixed 
Sue Benton, Photographer
Susanne Benton, Mixed 
Paul Berger, Photographer
Karla Bernstein, 
Thomas Berntsen, 
Elise Black, Painter
Tara Blackwell, Painter
Christina Blais, Quilter
Ziggy Bober, Sculptor 
Amy Bock, Painter
Andrea Bonfils, Mixed
   Media Artist
Dennis Bradbury, 
Carolyn Brady, 
Nancy Breakstone, 
Michael Brennecke, 
Janine Brown
Lucienne Buckner, 
Bevi Bullwinkel, Painter
Miggs Burroughs, Graphic 
Trace Burroughs, New 
Joy Bush, Photographer
Louise Cadoux,    
Bob Callahan, Painter
Donna Callighan, 
Patricia Campbell, Dancer
Linn Cassetta, Printmaker
Polly Castor, Painter
Alan Chapell, Musician
Ann Chernow, 
Eric Chiang, Painter
Frederic Chiu, Pianist
Yvonne Claveloux, Painter
Elaine Clayton, Painter 
   and Writer
Lauren Clayton, Painter
Alicia Cobb, Painter
Heidi Lewis Coleman, 
   Mixed Media
Rosa Colón, Painter, Mixed
Tom Comerford, 
Penrhyn Cook, Photographer
Rod Cook, Photographer
Margaret Stapor Costa,
Adger Cowans, 
   Photographer and
Naomi Cruz, Painter
Dolly Curtis, Curator
Lisa Cuscuna, Painter
Dawn Dahl, Painter
Cris Dam, Painter/Muralist
Holly Danger, Video Artist
Betsy Davidson, Painter
Carlos Davila, Painter, 
Jane Davila, Fiber Artist/ 
   Mixed Media 
Cortney Davis, Writer
John Deakins, Sculptor
Ken Delmar, Painter
Joseph Dermody, Painter/
   Sculptor/ Furniture 
Emily Derr,  
Joyce DiCamillo, Musician
Barbara Kunin Dierolf, 
Eugenie Diserio, Painter
Carol Nipomnich Dixon, 
   Mixed Media
Afsaneh Djabbari-Aslani, 
Erin Dolan, Painter
Amy Dolego, Photography
Jennifer Drolet, Painter 
Ganga Duleep, Painter
David Dunlop, Painter
Philip Eliasoph, Writer
Jeanine Esposito, Mixed   
Katherine Evans, Painter 
Susan Fehlinger, Painter
Louise Flax, Mixed Media
David Laurence Flynn, 
   Lighting Designer
Heide Follin, Painter
Christa Forrest, Painter
Rose-Marie Fox, Painter
Cecilia Moy Fradet, Painter/ 
Herm Freeman, Painter
Rebeca Fuchs, Painter
Megan Garbe, Painter
Rhonda Gentry, Painter
Robin Jopp Gilmore, Mixed 
   Media and Upcycled 
Joe Gitterman, Sculptor
Scott Glaser, Painter
William Glaser, 
Lori Glavin, Visual Artist
Danielle Goldstein, 
Ellen Gordon, Painter
Sue Brown Gordon,    
Ellen Gould, Photographer
Joyce Grasso, Painter/
Kristen Graves, Musician 
Len Grayeck, Painter
Jen Greely, MultiMedia/
Carolina Guimarey, Multi-
   Media Artist
Barry Guthertz, 
Dorothy Hafner, Sculptor
Don Hamerman, 
Mary Harold, 
Adair Heitmann, 
Kate Henderson, Mixed 
   Media - ASSOCIATE
MaryEllen Hendricks,
Gwen Hendrix, Fiber/ 
   Mixed Media
Lenore Eggleston Herbst
Tracy Hoffman, 
   Photographer & 
   Printmaker ASSOCIATE
Veronica Hofstetter, 
Elizabeth Howard, Writer
Sonya Huber, Writer
Yuko Ike, Painter
Jana Ireijo, Painter
Sholeh Janati, Painter 
Renée Kahn, Painter/ 
Vasken Kalayjian, Painter
Karen Kalkstein, Graphic 
Amy Kaplan, Painter 
Natasha Karpinskaia, Painter
Wayne Keeley, Writer, 
Emily Kelting, 
Karen Kent, Painter

Susan Keown, Painter/  
   Mixed Media/Ceramicist
Niki Ketchman, Sculptor/
Jin Hi Kim, Musician
Lesley Koenig, Painter
Moki Kokoris, Visual Artist
Richard Koleszar, Painter
Xiao Mai Kong, Painter
Michael Kozlowski, Painter
Joanie Landau, Jewelry 
Lydia Larson, Painter
Emily Hamilton Laux,
Katya Lebrija, Painter
Eric Jiaju Lee, Visual 
Phyllis Lee, Visual Artist
Julie Leff, Painter
Susan Leggitt, Painter
Hey Lepetit, Painter
Julia-Rose Liptack, Painter
Barbara Loss, 
Shelley Lowell, Painter/ 
Jane Lubin, Mixed Media
Laurie MacLean, 
   Choreographer, Dancer
Mark Macrides, Painter, 
Jessica Makin, Painter/ 
Connie Manna, Painter
Mary Manning, Painter/
Elizabeth Marks, Painter
Nadia Martinez, MultiMedia
Sooo-z Mastropietro, 
Barbara Mathis, Painter
Megan Bonneau McCool, 
Grace S. McEnaney, Painter
Nancy McTague-Stock, 
Shanna Melton, Poet
Peter Mendelson,
Kristin Merrill,
Toby Michaels, Painter
Annamari Mikkola, 
   Photographer, Designer, 
Jay Misencik, Photographer
Day Moore, Painter
Nancy Moore, Painter
Brechin Morgan, Painter
Meighan Morrison, Painter
Carol Mueller, 
Cynthia Mullins, Painter
Susan Murray, Painter
Aisha Nailah, MixedMedia/
Tava Naiyin, Dancer
Dale Najarian, Painter
Karen Neems, 
Susan Newbold, Painter
Mary Newcomb, Painter
Jill Nichols, Painter
Eddie Niño, Painter
Julie O’Connor, 
Kazumasa Oda, Painter
Amy Oestreicher, 
   Performing/Visual Artist
Melissa Orme, Painter
Rose Palmiero, Painter
Eileen Panepinto, Mixed 
Parkway South, Musicians
Steve Parton, Painter
Judy Peknik, Painter
Justin Perlman, Sculptor
Chris Perry, Book Artist
Jay Petrow, Painter
Laura Pflug, Painter
Igor Pikayzen, Violinist
Diane Pollack, Mixed 
Karen Ponelli, Painter 
Lynn Carlson Popat, 
Jennifer Prat, 
Joseph Provey, Painter
Elizabeth Quesada, 
Ben Quesnel, Sculptor, 
Lauren Rago, Mixed Media
Tim Reimer, Painter
Gwen North Reiss, Poet
Rick Reyes, Singer/ 
Barbara Ringer, 
Mariya Rivera, Painter
Dorothy Robertshaw, 
   Mixed Media
Lizzy Rockwell, Painter, 
   Illustrator, Author
Alyse Rosner, Painter/ 
   Mixed Media
Richard Sadlon, Musicians
Renee Santhouse, 
   Graphic Artist 
Jill Sarver, Painter
Ellen Schiffman, Fiber 
Norma Schlager, Fiber 
Marianne R. Schmidt, 
Guy Sealey, Multimedia
Katie Settel, Photographer
Rick Shaefer, Visual Artist
Barbara Shea, Writer
Alissa Siegal, Painter
Norm Siegel, Painter
Lisa P. Silberman, 
Nomi Silverman, Printmaker
Phyllis Sinrich, 
Megan Smith-Harris, 
Cleo Sonneborn, Painter 
Rene Soto, Painter
Liz Squillace,   
Connie Stancell, Painter
Barbara Stewart, Painter
Pam Stoddart, Painter
Florence Suerig, Visual 
Denise Susalka, Painter
Janice Sweetwater, 
Susan Tabachnick, Sculptor
Juliette Tehrani, Painter
Mich Theebs, Poet, Painter
Alicia Thompson, Actress/ 
Dara Tomeo, Painter
Kris D. Toohey, Painter
Andrea Towey, Musician
Ruth Kalla Ungerer, 
Vincent Verrillo, Painter
Karen Vogel, Painter
Lee Walther, Mixed Media 
Ann Weiner, Multi-Media, 
Peggy Weis, MultiMedia
Al Coyote Weiner, Painter
Ann Weiner, MultiMedia
   Conceptual Artist
Peggy Weis, MultiMedia
Gregg Welz, Paper Artist
Jahmane West, 
Cynthia Whalen, Painter
Joan Wheeler, Painter
Elizabeth White, 
Jarvis Wilcox, Painter
Bruce Williams, Painter
Jen Williams, Painter
Jonah Wilner, Painter
Tammy Winser, Mixed 
Nancy Woodward, 
Dmitri Wright, Painter
Jeffrey Wyant, Visual 
Greg Ziebell, Painter
– Latest List by Town of Organization and Creative Business Members: – Latest List by Town of Artist Members: here
here See a List by Town of Artist Members: here❦ – See a List by Town of all Organization and Creative Business Members: here
Joanie Landau, and Alissa Siegal are among the many artists exhibiting work as part of The Loft Artists Then & Now: 40 years of Art opening at the Stamford Museum, with a reception Thurs. Sept. 20, as part of its Trifecta of Evening of Events. The exhibition will showcase 80 works from past and present members and will provide a visual timeline of artists living in Stamford from 1978 to the present, illustrating how the art has evolved into the current Stamford arts scene as well as showcasing the dynamic, reciprocal relationship the LAA has created and fostered with the local community here. Curated by Jillian Casey, Curator of Collections at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. 
Nina Bentley, Michael Brennecke, Janine Brown, Bevi Bullwinkel, Susan Fehlinger, Heide Follin, Ellen Gould, Yuko Ike, Amy Kaplan, Susan Leggitt, Shelley Lowell, Annamari Mikkola, Nancy Moore, Cindi Mullins, Marjorie Poe, Lisa Silberman, Lee Walther, and Nancy Woodward were all selected for inclusion into the Ridgefield Guild of Artists' 41st Annual Members Juried Show, opening with a reception on Sat. Sept 22, 4-6pm.
Nancy Breakstone, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Joyce Grasso, Julie Leff, Judy Peknik, and Susan Taylor Murray all had work juried into the National Faber Birren Color Award Show at the Stamford Art Association, Sept. 23-Oct. 25, that opens with a reception Sun. Sept. 23, 4-6pm. This award was endowed in 1980 by Faber Birren, world renowned color consultant and author of 27 books on color, with $1000 for original and creative expression of color. This year's show is juried by Lindsay Ganter, administrator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Leonard A. Lauder Research Center for Modern Art.
Paul Berger, Karla Bernstein, Nancy Breakstone, Heidi lewis Coleman, Dawn Dahl, Kat Evans, Susan Fehlinger, Heide Follin, Scott Glaser, Joyce Grasso, Veronica Hofstetter, Yuko Ike, Karen Kent, Joanie Landau, Carol Mueller, Juliete Tehrani, and Nancy Woodward all have work juried into the Rowayton Arts Center's Autumn Juried Show, opening with a reception Sun. Sept. 30.
Afsaneh Djabbari-Aslani had her Slam Dunk accepted into the Carriage Barn Arts Center's 18th Annual Members ShowThe painting is part of Afsaneh's sports series. She says that after years of sitting on the sidelines watching her children play or watch games with them, she decided to paint a few paintings to capture the energy of the athlete. Click on the detail for a larger image of the complete painting.
Paul R. Berger will have several of his photographs on display at art shows throughout Fairfield County. Paul's Doors of Cerrillo (color 30x22; detail at right; click for whole image) was accepted into the Rowayton Arts Center's Autumn Juried Show, opening with a reception Sun. Sept. 30, 4-6pm. The Stamford Art Association’s Fall Fantasy show at the Ferguson Library will feature two of Paul’s color photographs from film: Afterglow (16 x 20) and Made in the Shade (22 x 28), through Jan. 16, 2019. Paul was also accepted into the Carriage Barn Arts Center’s 2018 Annual Member Show with his silver gelatin print Michael’s Time Machine (22x28)
Fine art photographer Karla Bernstein is pleased to have had her composited digital photograph Coastal Fog (detail at right; click for complete image),chosen for the Open Call 2018 Online Gallery exhibit at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vt. Using compositing methods in editing her photographs, allows Karla to imbue the images with textures, mood, and often a sense of mystery.  Her image was one of forty chosen for the online exhibit. Douglas Beasley was the juror.  
Nancy Breakstone will be showinher photograph Swirling In The Sand (digital, 28x28; click image at right for larger version) in the juried 2018 National Faber Birren Color Award Show at the Stamford Art Association, Sept. 23-Oct. 25, that opens with a reception Sun. Sept. 23, 4-6pm.  The photograph is from her series Impressions In The Sand that show natural patterns created by the ocean’s receding tide all shot on a black beach in Costa Rica.
Bevi Bullwinkel had her Dawning 1 (2018, water-based oil, 24x24) accepted into the Ridgefield Guild of Artists'  41st Annual Members Juried Show, opening with a reception on Sat. Sept 22, 4-6pm. Dawning 1 (detail at right; click for complete image) is the first in a series based on the 2017 solar eclipse, evoking the hope of a new age - a light emerging - a dawning. 

Heidi Lewis Coleman will be exhibiting her piece, DREAMSCAPE 2 (acrylic & cut paper on canvas, 36x36)  in the Stamford Art Association's upcoming 38th Annual Faber Birren Color Show, opening Sun. Sept 23, 4-6pm. Dreamscape2 (detail at right; click for larger image), is part of Heidi's Dreamscape Series, an exploration of imaginary landscapes inspired by the ancient lands of mythology and cultural lore, whether historical, fictional or fantastical.
Eugenie Diserio's Feel Flows (acrylic on canvas, 36x48) is on exhibit in Fall Fantasy at the Ferguson Library Gallery in downtown Stamford. Presented by Stamford Art Association's Art at the Ferguson, the show runs through Jan. 17, 2019. Eugenie says, "This painting was inspired by a neon art installation, yet it turned out more organic than industrial. Its gestural brushstrokes and muted palette of green, orange, siena and grey convey the transitional mood and energy of autumn."
Scott Glaser had his August 2, The Pierre Hotel (2017, ultrafine markers on Arches Paper, 39.5” X 31.5”, detail at right, click for larger version) accepted into the Rowayton Arts Center (RAC)'s Autumn Show. The exhibit opens with a reception Sun. Sept. 30, 4-6pm and runs through Oct. 28. Scott was just accepted as an RAC Exhibiting Artist Member. He also just received a merit award from the Richeson International Figure/ Portrait Competition for his Portrait of Zachis accident-prone son, made completely out of band-aid-like bandages, using a grid system, from a reference photo.
Photographer Emily Kelting has images included in two local juried shows.  At the Rowayton Arts Center Photography and Sculpture Show: Mohonk Mountain House (detail at right, click for complete image) captures a misty December afternoon at this renowned resort on a glacial lake outside of New Paltz, New York.  At the Carriage Barn Arts Center Members Show in New Canaan, her Power to the People captures the miles and miles of power lines running through the desert in Jordan..
Joanie Landau is having a solo show, Abstract Nation at Rockwell Art and Framing in Westport, starting September 13 and running through November.  One of the pieces on view is Love+Courage. She is also participating in the The Loft Artists Then & Now: 40 years of Art opening at the Stamford Museum, with a reception Thurs. Sept. 20, with her photographic piece Wonderwall Trio  (20" x 60" Archival Print Face Mounted to 1/4" Plexi; detail at right). The piece is a trio of photographs of sequin fabric, digitally manipulated. The movement of this piece is influenced by music. Click image for complete Trio.
Julie Leff had five paintings juried into the upcoming 38th Annual Faber Birren National Color Award Show at the Stamford Art Association, opening with a reception Sun. Sept. 23, 4-6pm. At right is Julie's Still Life with Peaches and Flowers, (2016, oil on canvas, 32x37).  Julie comments that all her paintings in this show are part of her most recent exploration of the boundaries of foreground and background and, of course, color, setting traditional still life compositions on abstract backgrounds.
Susan Taylor Murray had her Earthspace (mixed media on glass, 22x10; detail at right, click for complete image) accepted into the 38th Annual Faber Birren National Color Award Show at the Stamford Art Association, opening with a reception Sun. Sept. 23, 4-6pm
Jill Nichols will be giving a talk about her painting Treman Falls (watercolor, 5.5x7.5; detail at right; click for complete image) at the Carriage Barn Arts Center in New Canaan, Saturday, September 15th, 11am to noon. This watercolor is part of the Annual Members Showavailable for viewing through October 12.
Amy Oestreicher has a reading of her play, Flicker and a Firestarter which is being workshopped by Playlight Theater Company, at The Royal Theatre at The Producers Club (NYC) on Fri. Sept. 21, 1:30pm. Contact Amy if you want to attend.
Alissa Siegal has one piece in The Loft Artists Then & Now: 50 Years of Art at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center: Octopus Leaning, (mixed media on linen, 34x32; click image at right for larger version). The opening reception is Thurs. Sept 20, 5-7pm. Alissa also has an exhibition of her paintings at Dew Yoga, 123 High Ridge Road, Stamford, through the end of the year. See, for example, her Seagull (mixed media on linen, 24x36).
Lee Walther has had two of her fabricated “CreaTables” that feature a clear acrylic, empty lidded box that becomes a see-through center piece of the table for the Ridgefield Guild of Artists' 41st Annual Members Juried Show, that opens with a reception on Sat. Sept 22, 4-6pm. A self-professed Dadaist, Lee nevertheless loves to collaborate and create using organic materials and found objects. She especially enjoys creating small vignettes that can be found in the table boxes or mixed media boxed assemblages. 
Joan Wheeler will be exhibiting her painting at the Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac, AZ. The painting, Anticipation (oil on wood, 11x14; detail at right), illustrates the "pollination" that occurs in creative thinking. There are times when the air itself feels rife with possibilities and possible inspiration. There are both fully realized ideas and germs of ideas in the artist's mind, waiting to be explored.  The show, Bees and Waxtakes place through October 21. 
Congratulations to Nancy Woodward for winning the Betty Barker, Best in Show Award at the Carriage Barn Arts Center's 18th Annual Members Show, for her Two Stories (2017, digital photography, 30x20; detail at right, click for complete image). The show is available for viewing through October 13.
Sat. Sept. 15: Artists Talk, Annual Members Show. Carriage Barn Arts Center, 3pm. (Jill Nichols).
Thurs. Sept. 20: The Loft Artists Then & Now: 40 Years of Art, Stamford Museum. Opening Reception, 5-10 pm (Joanie Landau, Alissa Siegal and many more)
Sat. Sept 22: Ridgefield Guild of Artists' 41st Annual Members Juried Show. Opening Reception, 4-6pm. (Nina Bentley, Michael Brennecke, Janine Brown, Bevi Bullwinkel, Susan Fehlinger, Heide Follin, Ellen Gould, Yuko Ike, Amy Kaplan, Susan Leggitt, Shelley Lowell, Annamari Mikkola, Nancy Moore, Cindi Mullins, Marjorie Poe, Lisa Silberman, Lee Walther, and Nancy Woodward)
Sun. Sept 23: Faber Birren Color Award Show, Stamford Art Association. Opening Reception, 4-6pm (Nancy Breakstone, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Joyce Grasso, Julie Leff, Judy Peknik, and Susan Taylor Murray)
Sat. April 7: Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Public Library, In The Moment. Opening Reception, 4:30-7pm. (Lisa Cuscuna, Joyce Grasso, Susan Leggitt, and Dale Najarian)Sun. April 8: Rowayton Arts Center, Abstraction. Opening Reception, 4-6pm (Nancy Breakstone, Bevi Bullwinkel)Sat. April 14: Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Near and Far. Byram Shubert Branch Library, Greenwich library. Opening Reception 3-4:30pmMon. April 16: Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II. Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, 7pm.Wed. April 18: Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II, Yale university, Luce Hall, 34 hill house Ave., 7pm. Fri. April 20: carriage Barn Arts Center, Spectrum 2018. opening Reception, 6-8pm. (Bevi Bullwinkel, Miggs Burroughs, Trace Burroughs, Eric Chiang, Dawn Dahl, Eugenie Diserio, Heide Follin, Barry Guthertz, Emily Kelting, Katya Lebrija, Susan Leggitt, Julia Rose Liptak, Barbara Loss, Jessica makin, Kristin Merrill, Cynthia Mullins, Susan Murray, Julie O'Connor, Justin Perlman, Chris Perry, Jay Petrow, Diane Pollock, Barbara Ringer, Juliete Tehrani, Lee Walther, Al Coyote Weiner, Nancy Woodward).Sat. April 21: Colorblends House and Spring Garden, Inside Outside Pop Up Gallery. Open House and Gardens and Opening Reception 10am-6pm (Kristen Ambrosi, Amy Kaplan, Jahmane, Cynthia Mullins, Jahmane, Aisha Nailah, and Joan Wheeler)
Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Public Library,. Opening Reception, 4:30-7pm. (Lisa Cuscuna, Joyce Grasso, Susan Leggitt, and Dale Najarian) Rowayton Arts Center, Opening Reception, 4-6pm (Nancy Breakstone, Bevi Bullwinkel) Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Near and Far. Byram Shubert Branch Library, Greenwich library. Opening Reception 3-4:30pm Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II. Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, 7pm. Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II, Yale university, Luce Hall, 34 hill house Ave., 7pm. carriage Barn Arts Center, Spectrum 2018. opening Reception, 6-8pm. (Bevi Bullwinkel, Miggs Burroughs, Trace Burroughs, Eric Chiang, Dawn Dahl, Eugenie Diserio, Heide Follin, Barry Guthertz, Emily Kelting, Katya Lebrija, Susan Leggitt, Julia Rose Liptak, Barbara Loss, Jessica makin, Kristin Merrill, Cynthia Mullins, Susan Murray, Julie O'Connor, Justin Perlman, Chris Perry, Jay Petrow, Diane Pollock, Barbara Ringer, Juliete Tehrani, Lee Walther, Al Coyote Weiner, Nancy Woodward). Colorblends House and Spring Garden, Inside Outside Pop Up Gallery. Open House and Gardens and Opening Reception 10am-6pm (Kristen Ambrosi, Amy Kaplan, Jahmane, Cynthia Mullins, Jahmane, Aisha Nailah, and Joan Wheeler)Sat. April 7:In The Moment
Sun. April 8:AAbstractionbstraction
Sat. April 14:
Mon. April 16:
Wed. April 18:
Fri. April 20:
Sat. April 21:


Art for ALZ is an annual juried exhibit held at New Canaan's Carriage Barn Arts Center with proceeds from the sale of all work benefit-ting the Alzheimers Association of CT. This year's exhibit invites entries that explore the theme of Love & Light. Every 67 seconds, someone in the US develops Alzheimer’s. It is the 6th leading cause of death, and more than 5 million Americans are living with it today. There is a good chance that a member of your family or a friend is dealing with Alzheimer’s. Len Schwartz founded “Art for ALZ” in 2015 as a tribute to his father, Michel Schwartz, a prolific artist, inventor and designer, who suffered from and eventually succumbed to the ravages of this insidious disease. Last year the Carriage Barn Arts Center joined the effort to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, while sharing the work of local artists, some of whom are currently battling the disease or supporting someone who is. There will be an opening reception for artists and collectors October 26, plus workshops, a lecture and concert throughout the exhibit. Artists are invited to provide artwork that represents their connection or feelings about Alzheimer’s and themes of love and light. Artists will donate 50% or more of sales price to the Connecticut Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Click here for prospectus. Click here for Entry Form. Deadline: October 6.
Click on image for Guidelines

Picture That, LLC and Thompson Hospitality invites Asian artists to submit artwork for the May 2019 Asian-Pacific American Heritage edition of Unity Magazine, an educational bimonthly publication on art+food+culture that is distributed for free to hundreds of corporate and university dining centers throughout the U.S. where Thompson Hospitality provides food services. This is a great opportunity to have your artwork viewed by thousands of consumers and possibly sold. Click here to see earlier centerfolds of Unity magazine.
Also, artists are invited to submit artwork for the June 2019 issue on Sustainability  Please submit, for either issue, images of your unique paintings, drawings, jewelry, pottery, basket, photography or sculpture. Submit: five digital images as jpg files (300dpi or greater); Artist Bio and/or Artist Statement; Artist Photo as jpg file. E-mail the required materials by Fri. Nov. 2, 2018 to culturalallianceopencall@picture-that.comThere is no fee to enter.

The Easton Arts Council will again host its Annual Photography Contest and Exhibition, "celebrating Easton's rural and scenic beauty," Monday, November 19 through Friday, January 4, with two categories: Youth (18 and under) and Adult.  Photographers at all levels are encouraged to submit entries Saturday, November 17, between 10AM and 1PM in the Conference Room of the Easton Public Library on Morehouse Road, Easton. First-prize winners in each category will receive a cash prize of $100. Because winning photographs will go on permanent display in Easton Town Hall, photo entries must represent Easton specifically in some way.  The juror Juror, Robert Brennan, award-winning multi-media artist who has served as Professor of Art at the University of Bridgeport, a K-12 coordinator of the art department of the Darien Public Schools, and a painting and drawing instructor at Silvermine Arts. For an entry form and more information, click here.


The Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA, announces a call for entries for an juried exhibition of fiber/textile art exploring materials and concepts that are so attractive to the senses, they are Fiberlicious! The Gallery encourages: the unique and unusual, 2-D or 3-D, video or digitally-generated, wearable, installation, mobile or static. Artists may submit up to three (3) entries. Innovative two- and three-dimensional fiber art is encouraged. Video or digitally-generated fiber artwork is also encouraged. Any and all materials are acceptable in the construction of the entry. The use of technology, slow cloth, traditional or non-traditional materials, and eco-friendly materials are encouraged in the creation of entries. Entry Fee:$35. for 3 entries (Loading Dock Gallery Member $25). Apply via CAFE here.

  • Run by WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation) this is a registry of opportunities, as well as an application management system. Registration required.
  • ArtSake: Archive of Calls for Artists, run by the Massachusetts Arts Council
  • "the art world's first and most accessed resource of its kind"
  • The Calls for Artists (can be indexed by state and deadline)
  • Scoop.It: Public Art RFPs and RFQs
  • NYFA Opportunities: Calls, Residencies and other opportunities. Can be indexed by date, location and type
  • No Film School recently released a list of opportunities available for documentary, narrative, screenwriting, and new media projects with Summer 2018 deadlines
  • Poets & Writers - the most trusted resource for legitimate writing contests grants and awards available anywhere. See the P&W Grants Database

Entries are currently being accepted for the Morton Marr Poetry Prize, an endowment by Marilyn Klepak of Dallas in honor of her father, whose love of poetry has encouraged her to pass this love on to others. First place is $1,000 and second place is $500. Both winning poems will be published in Southwest Review. Open to any writer who has not published a book of poetry. Contest is open to any writer who has not published a book of poetry. Entrants are to submit no more than six poems apiece. If entering multiple poems, you must enter one poem at a time on Submittable. Only unpublished, formal poems are eligible: sonnets, sestinas, villanelles, rhymed stanzas, blank verse, et al. Name and address should appear only on the cover letter. Reading fee is $5.00 per poem. Entries must be postmarked or submitted online by September 30, 2018.  Entries sent by mail with a check or money order should be addressed to: The Morton Marr Poetry Prize, Southwest Review, P.O. Box 750374, Dallas, TX 75275-0374. To enter online, click here. Please note, if entering more than one poem into the contest, you must submit one at a time on the Submittable site. Preferred format is a Word document, but can accept most basic file types.

The Vermont Studio Center (VSC), in Johnson, Vermont, is the largest inter-national residency program in the U.S., hosting more than 50 visual artists and writers each month from across the country and around the world.has announced more than 50 new residency fellowships to be awarded. All applicants at the October 1st, 2018 deadline are automatically considered for one of twenty-five (25) VSC Fellowships, which are unrestricted merit-based awards open to ALL artists and writers living and working anywhere in the world. There are also a number of special awards (many with stipends), including residency fellowships for artists working in clay, fiber, glass, metal, and wood; women artists age 50+; 2D visual artists working in painting, drawing, or printmaking; artists and writers with demonstrable financial need and more! In addition to these special awards, numerous generous, merit-based partial funding grants are available. Every VSC residency includes: private room, private studio space, all meals. Learn more about the residency program here. Apply for residencies here.

The Museum of Arts & Design, New York, New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation Artist in Residency Program supports emerging and mid-career artists and curators working across all disciplines through three and six-month residencies. The program is open to both International and US-Based artists, creating a shared space for artistic dialogue and international cultural exchange for an extended period of time. NARS offers 24/7 access to furnished, private or shared studio spaces (250 – 300 sq ft) in their diverse artist community in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Artists and designers are selected for a six-month session (Feb.–July, Aug.-Jan.). Each artist is assigned one day each week to work, along with a selection of Thursday evenings. Artists receive a daily honoraria of $125. Artists have access to a variety of tools and materials, as well as the museum galleries, and are given professional development opportunities throughout the year. Selection is conducted by a committee of eight to twelve museum staff members and outside professionals in the fields of art, craft, and design. Applications open twice a year. Fellowship selection follows the selection process outlined in The Artist Studios overview, but instead of artists being assigned one day each week to work, fellows work forty hours per week and receive a stipend of $15,000. A total of fifteen of the forty hours the Fellow is at work in the Museum must be open hours, during which the public has access to the Fellow’s studio.  Full information here. Apply here.

The United States Mint announced a call for artists to participate in its Artistic Infusion Program (AIP). Established in 2003, the AIP serves to enrich and invigorate the design of United States coins and medals by developing a pool of outside artists in graphic design, sculpture, engraving, drawing, painting, and other visual arts. These artists work closely with the U.S. Mint’s staff, including Sculptor-Engravers, to create and submit new designs for selected coin and medal programs throughout the year. Artists who can bring innovative perspectives and who can effectively utilize symbolism to create original artwork that successfully conveys a particular subject matter should consider applying. The subject matter of the assignments varies across the programs. Some programs require portraits, some require landscapes, and many—as is the case with the Congressional Gold Medal Program—require images emblematic of the honoree’s life and work. Many times, com-plex ideas and concepts must be conveyed through the coin and medal designs. Artists are expected to distill a program’s design theme to its essence, representing these complicated subjects on a very small palette. Whether a particular AIP artist’s work is realistic or stylized, artists typically use a variety of resource or reference materials to translate and interpret the wide-range of subjects and concepts into designs. Interested artists are invited to submit applications for consideration. Artists who join the AIP work under a task order contract from their own studios across America, providing candidate designs in the form of finished drawings. Artists are paid $2,000 to $3,000 per assignment and are awarded a $5,000 bonus if the Secretary of the Treasury selects their design. Apply here.

The Director of the Brant Foundation seeks an Executive Assistant who will work to provide personalized and administrative support in a well-organized and timely manner. The selected individual must be trustworthy, flexible, and adaptable. The ideal candidate for this position is a self-starter who is innovative and can work well in a fast-paced environment while maintaining discretion and confidentiality. Candidates must be able to multitask, learn quickly, and have an interest in the arts. The selected candidate must have excellent communication skills and must be willing to self-teach (i.e. researching the Director’s contacts, etc.). The Personal Assistant should be able to anticipate and address the needs of the Director and be able to formulate and execute solutions in a productive and timely manner. Qualifications: a B.A. (art and/or hospitality background preferred); the ability to maintain strict discretion and trust-worthiness; good oral and communication skills; personable; excellent task manage-ment; exceptional organizational abilities and independent initiative; the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and work accurately under deadlines and time pressure; be adaptable and flexible; be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel; have an eagerness to learn  and have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the arts; a driver’s license and transportation for running errands and traveling to different office locations. Please send all resumes to

The Bijou Theatre is a beautiful 190 seat venue located in thriving downtown Bridgeport. The venue offers live music, comedy and classic & independent films. It is also available for private and corporate function rentals. The Theatre is seeking a part-time Sales Specialist (100% commission only). The requirements of the position include: acquiring sponsors for live music events and series; pursuing corporate and private event rental business; helping shape sales strategy, including development of creative event packaging; and driving annual recurring revenue. Ideal applicant would possess: excellent corporate and small business connections/ access in the Fairfield and New Haven County areas; strong interpersonal skills and reliable customer follow up; experience negotiating and closing deals with clients; experience with, and understanding of, the live entertainment venue business; flexible and open to changing priorities; and an active interest in maintaining customer satisfaction and deepening customer relationships. We value integrity, a friendly "down to earth" personality, and a passion for great entertainment; they are at the heart of our organization. Interested candidates should apply with a resume and cover letter to Gary Peterson, at
Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available
Fairfield Museum: P/T Seasonal Burr Mansion Manager 
Kennedy Center/Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative: Expressive Arts Facilitator/Thereapist
Silvermine School of Art: Administrative Assistant

MEMBERS: Please post your Job Opportunities in FCBuzz Classifieds:
Sept 15: Pequot Library, 21st Annual Art Show. Submission Deadline
Sept. 15 Woven Tale Press Hamptons Photography Contest 
Sept 22: Maritime Garage Gallery Street Level  Submission Deadline
Sept. 28: The Bennett Prize for Women Figurative Painters: Application Deadline
Sept. 30: Spectrum Gallery: Autumn Arts Festival, Madison: Submission Deadline
Sept. 30: Southwest Review, Morton Marr Poetry Prize Application Deadline

Oct. c1: Vermont Studio Center: Artist & Writers Residencies Application Deadline
Oct. c6: Carriage Barn Arts Center: Art for ALZ Submission Deadline
Oct. 14: Outside In Gallery, Piermont, NY: Inside Small Submission Deadline
Oct. 15: Museum of Arts & Design, NY: Residency & Studios Program Application Deadline
Oct. 29: U.S. Mint: Artist Infusion Program Application Deadline

Nov. c2: Picture That/Thompson Hospitality: May 2019 Unity Magazine Asian-Pacific Heritage 
             Submission Deadline
Nov. c2: Picture That/Thompson Hospitality: May 2019 Unity Magazine Sustainability 
             Submission Deadline
Nov. 17: Easton Arts Council: Annual Photography Contest Submission Deadline

Dec 14: Mattatuck Museum: MixMaster. Submissions Deadline

Jan. 21: Loading Dock Gallery: Fiberlicious Submission Deadline
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