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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County, CT
October 20, 2018
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is a nonprofit service organization that supports its members through unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services. This newsletter is sent to all who request it - but we ask that, if you are not a member, you explore membership benefits and consider joining this community of more than 600 individuals and organizations. You can sign up here.
All members are asked to please load their profiles onto our new integrated Cultural Alliance+FCBuzz website as soon as possible. You will need a nice description of yourself and your work together with 3 images: a square headshot (250x250 pixels), a 1600x430 pixel "hero" image (like the one above in Alissa Siegal's profile) and a smaller 510x260 pixel "reference image" used in the "Meet Our Members Page" below. Go to "" and complete the simple form and upload your images. Contact us with any questions or issues.
If you missed our SPOTLIGHT ON ARTS & CULTURE discussion - on WPKN 89.5FM - on The Migrant's Alphabet - or you want to listen again - you are in luck: you can listen to a podcast of the show here. The Migrant's Alphabet is an exhibition, currently showing at City Lights Gallery, of works of art by 26 leading mixed-media artists highlighting migration, immigration, asylum, and refugee issues. Curator of the exhibit, Jane Dávila was joined in the studio by Johana Rendon Ledesma, Program Manager of Burroughs Community Center's Our Woven Community  program, providing refugee women with tools and skills to successfully integrate into the Bridgeport community, and Evelyne Mukasonga, part of the program, a refugee from Rwanda, where both her parents were killed in the 1994 Tutsi massacre. Running from A for Asylum, to Z for Zero Tolerance, the exhibit illustrates many of the different sides of migration and the difficulties faced by migrants. Hear about the roles that the arts and artistic skills can play in raising the issues and solving some of the difficulties within this community. Listen here. 
The Cultural Alliance, with project partners and two sponsors, has arranged for two free screenings this weekend of the award-winning documentary Purple Dreams, that is also part of the Ridgefield Independent Film Festivalabout an extraordinary arts-in-education success story, shadowing six high-school students on an emotionally powerful three-year journey as they under-take production of The Color Purple. On Saturday at noon, at The Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport, a panel discussion will follow the screening, with the producer, a cast member, and arts educators - click here for details and to make a reservation. On Sunday, at 4pm at the Ridgefield Playhouse, Q&A with the producer Robin Grey, moderated by Tony award winner James Naughton will follow the screening - click for details and reservations. Thanks to SpreadMusicNow and to Peoples United Bank for their sponsorship of the Bridgeport event and to United Capital for sponsoring the event in Ridgefield. 
Registration is open for our Progressive Gallery Tour visit to two galleries on Wed. Oct 24 in Stamfordthe GR Art Gallery at 1086 Long Ridge Road in North Stamford (just north of the Merritt Parkway), where gallery owner George Pali will speak about his gallery and the current group show of works by Adriatik Baliaj, Heidi Lewis ColemanElizabeth Agresta HasegawaYuko Ike, Arnold Kastenbaum, and George Pali himself. Adriatik Baliaj and Heidi Lewis Coleman will speak about their work. We then drive to the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery in downtown Stamford, where Mr. Alvarez will introduce his gallery and artist Shelby Head will discuss her solo show: An Infrastructure of Silence: a collection of works that confronts institutional racism in the U.S. Register here.
Join SavorCity and enjoy the culinary hidden gems of the most diverse city in Connecticut. As part of the Bridgeport Art Trail, SavorCity visits EAT NOODLE on Fri Nov. 9 for extended Happy Hour, 5-8pm. Our visit is next-door to The Bijou and its 8pm performance of Latin Americana, a show featuring and curated by Rick Reyes. EAT NOODLE has brought a bustling clientele to downtown Bridgeport and a 4.5 star YELP rating! Enjoy appetizers, a light meal and amazing cocktails. Also artwork by Cris Dam and music by Rick Reyes. Sponsored by Hatch 130. Save the Date!

Rebecca Fretty, creator of Pink Imperfectionsays she first started making things when she was two- or three-years old: her mother always had needlepoint projects, counted cross stitch patterns or yarn stashed away for a rainy day, and the young Rebecca took full advantage of every single one. Counted cross stitch was her first needle craft, learned at Pawley’s Island in South Carolina. From there, Rebecca had private lessons for needlepoint from Mrs. Estes in her home town of Gainesville, GA. And then her Grandma Lucile taught her how to crochet afghans for her baby dolls and a shawl for myself. She says these women had a profound affect on her belief that she could make anything and the pride she would feel when she completed a piece. All this laid the foundation for her passion to always search for new shops, classes, teachers and festivals when she traveled. She founded Pink Imperfection as a place to bring together the "Farm to Needle" maker community that is growing to provide the worlds largest Maker Community Directory:  “My hope is that everyone that visits will share their favorite yarn and needlepoint shops, teachers, festivals and retreats so that this can become a resource for all of us to discover and learn more about the farmers, shop owners, pattern and canvas artists that feed our maker passion. Ultimately, the goal is to become truly farm to needle connected and of course make new friends!” See Rebecca's website,  Facebook group, and her Maker Community Directory

Erin Nazzaro, born and raised in Connecticut, has been an artist for as long as she can remember, and studied art at the University of Hartford and the University of Bridgeport. First it was all pencil - the medium she says in which she learned to develop and define her images: "drawing is the foundation of my work to this day." But eventually, color burst upon the scene - mostly through her travels - to the American Southwest and to Mexico. As she says: these travels "left my head bursting with vibrant images of the people, their beautiful families and the land they live and work on. I appreciate all the swirling bright colors so integrated into the landscape, fabrics, dress and folk art. My work is driven by this energy." This started when she and her husband moved to a cottage in Redding on the property of the painter Allen Hermes. As she helped Hermes in his studio, she began painting herself. When she and her husband traveled to Mexico for a long weekend, there was no looking back. “I loved the folk art, the paintings of Mexico, the celebrations, the amazing altars. It was all magical to me,” Nazzaro says. They bought a house on Lake Chapala, returned for painting vacations over ten years and began exploring the rest of Mexico, South America and the American Southwest. By now, she guesses she’s done almost a thousand paintings, mostly in acrylic, because she likes to work fast. She divides them into four categories: birds, animals, people and landscape. But since Mexico, she’s moved far from her early realism. Her paintings now use bold colors, with figures that may be amplified in size or deprived of context. Over time, she says, her paintings have become more expressive, relying less on photographs or even visual memory. “A lot of it, as I’ve gotten older, is in my head. That’s a huge difference,” she says. See her website, Instagram and   Facebook page. Thanks to Joel Lang's article in CT Post.
Those artists who have posted their profiles onto our new website, launching Oct. 27) have their names in green. Please join them!
Elizabeth Agresta, Painter
Valerie Ahneman,
Peter Alexander, 
   Landscape Architect
Kristen Ambrosi, Painter
Aishah Anailah, Multi Media
Tracey Anderson-Kollar, 
   Visual Artist
Francesca Andre,
  Filmmaker & Photographer
Leslee Asch, 
   Curator, Writer
Frances Ashforth, Painter/ 
Judith Bacal, Designer
Anna Badini, Painter
Mary Bailey, Sculptor & 
Louise Baranger, Musician
Patrice Barrett, Painter
Nina Bentley, Mixed 
Sue Benton, Photographer
Susanne Benton, Mixed 
Paul Berger, Photographer
Karla Bernstein, 
Thomas Berntsen, 
Elise Black, Painter
Tara Blackwell, Painter
Christina Blais, Quilter
Ziggy Bober, Sculptor 
Amy Bock, Painter
Andrea Bonfils, Mixed
   Media Artist
Dennis Bradbury, 
Carolyn Brady, 
Nancy Breakstone, 
Michael Brennecke, 
Janine Brown
Lucienne Buckner, 
Bevi Bullwinkel, Painter
Miggs Burroughs, Graphic 
Trace Burroughs, New 
Joy Bush, Photographer
Louise Cadoux,    
Bob Callahan, Painter
Donna Callighan, 
Patricia Campbell, Dancer
Lynn Carlson, 
Linn Cassetta, Printmaker
Polly Castor, Painter
Alan Chapell, Musician
Ann Chernow, 
Eric Chiang, Painter
Frederic Chiu, Pianist
Yvonne Claveloux, Painter
Elaine Clayton, Painter 
   and Writer
Lauren Clayton, Painter
Alicia Cobb, Painter
Heidi Lewis Coleman, 
   Mixed Media
Rosa Colón, Painter, Mixed
Tom Comerford, 
Penrhyn Cook, Photographer
Rod Cook, Photographer
Margaret Stapor Costa,
Adger Cowans, 
   Photographer and
Naomi Cruz, Painter
Dolly Curtis, Curator
Lisa Cuscuna, Painter
Dawn Dahl, Painter
Cris Dam, Painter/Muralist
Holly Danger, Video Artist
Betsy Davidson, Painter
Carlos Davila, Painter, 
Jane Davila, Fiber Artist/ 
   Mixed Media 
Cortney Davis, Writer
John Deakins, Sculptor
Ken Delmar, Painter
Joseph Dermody, Painter/
   Sculptor/ Furniture 
Emily Derr,  
Joyce DiCamillo, Musician
Barbara Kunin Dierolf, 
Eugenie Diserio, Painter
Carol Nipomnich Dixon, 
   Mixed Media
Afsaneh Djabbari-Aslani, 
Erin Dolan, Painter
Amy Dolego, Photography
Jennifer Drolet, Painter 
Ganga Duleep, Painter
David Dunlop, Painter
Philip Eliasoph, Writer
Jeanine Esposito, Mixed   
Katherine Evans, Painter 
Susan Fehlinger, Painter
Louise Flax, Mixed Media
David Laurence Flynn, 
   Lighting Designer
Heide Follin, Painter
Christa Forrest, Painter
Rose-Marie Fox, Painter
Cecilia Moy Fradet, Painter/ 
Herm Freeman, Painter
Rebeca Fuchs, Painter
Megan Garbe, Painter
Rhonda Gentry, Painter
Robin Jopp Gilmore, Mixed 
   Media and Upcycled 
Joe Gitterman, Sculptor
Scott Glaser, Painter
William Glaser, 
Lori Glavin, Visual Artist
Danielle Goldstein, 
Ellen Gordon, Painter
Sue Brown Gordon,    
Ellen Gould, Photographer
Joyce Grasso, Painter/
Kristen Graves, Musician 
Len Grayeck, Painter
Jen Greely, MultiMedia/
Carolina Guimarey, Multi-
   Media Artist
Barry Guthertz, 
Dorothy Hafner, Sculptor
Don Hamerman, 
Mary Harold, 
Adair Heitmann, 
Kate Henderson, Mixed 
   Media - ASSOCIATE
MaryEllen Hendricks,
Gwen Hendrix, Fiber/ 
   Mixed Media
Lenore Eggleston Herbst
Tracy Hoffman, 
   Photographer & 
   Printmaker ASSOCIATE
Veronica Hofstetter, 
Sonya Huber, Writer
Yuko Ike, Painter
Jana Ireijo, Painter
Sholeh Janati, Painter Vasken Kalayjian, Painter
Karen Kalkstein, Graphic 
Amy Kaplan, Painter 
Natasha Karpinskaia, Painter
Wayne Keeley, Writer, 
Emily Kelting, 
Karen Kent, Painter
Susan Keown, Painter/  
   Mixed Media/Ceramicist
Niki Ketchman, Sculptor/
Jin Hi Kim, Musician
Lesley Koenig, Painter
Moki Kokoris, Visual Artist
Richard Koleszar, Painter
Xiao Mai Kong, Painter
Michael Kozlowski, Painter
Joanie Landau, Jewelry 
Lydia Larson, Painter
Emily Hamilton Laux,
Katya Lebrija, Painter
Eric Jiaju Lee, Visual 
Phyllis Lee, Visual Artist
Julie Leff, Painter
Susan Leggitt, Painter
Henry Lepetit, Painter
Julia-Rose Liptack, Painter
Barbara Loss, 
Shelley Lowell, Painter/ 
Jane Lubin, Mixed Media
Laurie MacLean, 
   Choreographer, Dancer
Mark Macrides, Painter, 
Jessica Makin, Painter/ 
Connie Manna, Painter
Mary Manning, Painter/
Elizabeth Marks, Painter
Nadia Martinez, MultiMedia
Sooo-z Mastropietro, 
Barbara Mathis, Painter
Megan Bonneau McCool, 
Grace S. McEnaney, Painter
Nancy McTague-Stock, 
Shanna Melton, Poet
Peter Mendelson,
Kristin Merrill,
Toby Michaels, Painter
Annamari Mikkola, 
   Photographer, Designer, 
Jay Misencik, Photographer
Day Moore, Painter
Nancy Moore, Painter
Brechin Morgan, Painter
Meighan Morrison, Painter
Carol Mueller, 
Cynthia Mullins, Painter
Susan Murray, Painter
Aisha Nailah, MixedMedia/
Tava Naiyin, Dancer
Dale Najarian, Painter
Erin Nazzaro, Painter
Karen Neems, 
Susan Newbold, Painter
Mary Newcomb, Painter
Jill Nichols, Painter
Eddie Niño, Painter
Julie O’Connor, 
Kazumasa Oda, Painter
Amy Oestreicher, 
   Performing/Visual Artist
Melissa Orme, Painter
Rose Palmiero, Painter
Eileen Panepinto, Mixed 
Steve Parton, Painter
Judy Peknik, Painter
Justin Perlman, Sculptor
Chris Perry, Book Artist
Jay Petrow, Painter
Laura Pflug, Painter
Igor Pikayzen, Violinist
Diane Pollack, Mixed Media
Karen Ponelli, Painter ASSOCIATE
Jennifer Prat, Photographer
Joseph Provey, Painter
Elizabeth Quesada, 
Ben Quesnel, Sculptor, 
Tim Reimer, Painter
Gwen North Reiss, Poet
Rick Reyes, Singer/ 
Barbara Ringer, 
Mariya Rivera, Painter
Dorothy Robertshaw, 
   Mixed Media
Lizzy Rockwell, Painter, 
   Illustrator, Author
Alyse Rosner, Painter/ 
   Mixed Media
Richard Sadlon, Musicians
Renee Santhouse, 
   Graphic Artist 
Jill Sarver, Painter
Ellen Schiffman, Fiber 
Norma Schlager, Fiber 
Marianne R. Schmidt, 
Guy Sealey, Multimedia
Katie Settel, Photographer
Rick Shaefer, Visual Artist
Barbara Shea, Writer
Alissa Siegal, Painter
Norm Siegel, Painter
Lisa P. Silberman, 
Nomi Silverman, Printmaker
Phyllis Sinrich, 
Megan Smith-Harris, 
Cleo Sonneborn, Painter 
Rene Soto, Painter
Liz Squillace,   
Connie Stancell, Painter
Barbara Stewart, Painter
Pam Stoddart, Painter
Florence Suerig, Visual 
Denise Susalka, Painter
Janice Sweetwater, 
Susan Tabachnick, Sculptor
Juliette Tehrani, Painter
Mich Theebs, Poet, Painter
Alicia Thompson, Actress/ 
Dara Tomeo, Painter
Kris D. Toohey, Painter
Andrea Towey, Musician
Ruth Kalla Ungerer, 
Vincent Verrillo, Painter
Karen Vogel, Painter
Lee Walther, Mixed Media 
Ann Weiner, Multi-Media, 
Peggy Weis, MultiMedia
Gregg Welz, Paper Artist
Jahmane West, 
Cynthia Whalen, Painter
Joan Wheeler, Painter
Elizabeth White, 
Jarvis Wilcox, Painter
Bruce Williams, Painter
Jen Williams, Painter
Jonah Wilner, Painter
Tammy Winser, Mixed 
Nancy Woodward, 
Dmitri Wright, Painter
Jeffrey Wyant, Visual 
Greg Ziebell, Painter
– Latest List by Town of Organization and Creative Business Members: – Latest List by Town of Artist Members: here
here See a List by Town of Artist Members: here❦ – See a List by Town of all Organization and Creative Business Members: here
Green links take you to profiles on the new website; blue links to the old FCBuzz site
Heidi Lewis Coleman, Elizabeth Hasegawa Agrestaand Yuko Ike have work in Summer Time, the show at the GR Art Gallery that is featured in the Cultural Alliance's Progressive Gallery Tour when it visits the GR Gallery and the Alvarez Gallery on Wed. Oct. 24. Heidi Lewis Coleman will speak about her work in the show. Further details and free registration is here.
Paul Berger, Tara Blackwell, Nancy Breakstone, Bevi Bullwinkel, Trace Burroughs, Eric Chiang, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Rosa Colón, Joseph Dermody, Eugenie Diserio, Afsaneh Djabbari-Aslani, Joyce Grasso, Julie O'Connor, Julia Rose, Pamela Stoddart, and Julliette Tehrani have work in the Carriage Barn Art Center's Art for ALZ Exhibit and Sale, opening with reception, Fri. Oct 26, 5-8pm (and a painting performance by Paul Coté at 7pm), running through Nov. 3. Proceeds from the sale of all works will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association of CT. 
Eric Chiang, Eugenie Diserio, Gregory Ziebell, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Nancy Breakstone, Scott Glaser, Tara Blackwell, and Yvonne Claveloux all have works selected for Norwalk's Maritime Garage Gallery's Street Level, opening with a reception Mon. Oct. 29, 5-7pm. The show features works inspired by art in public places, bringing to life the notion that public art can transform walls, buildings, and neighborhoods into outdoor galleries.
Louise CadouxEric Chiang, Eugenie DiserioSteve Parton, Dorothy Robertshaw, Ruth Ungerer, Joan Wheeler, Elizabeth White and Gregg Ziebell all have works in Beechwood Arts' exhibit FATE, first seen in the Oct. 14 arts immersion salon, and to be next seen at Beechwood's Art Open House, Thur. Nov. 1, 5-7pm.
Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta has work in two exhibitions currently. Her Untitled (2018, acrylic on canvas, 11x14, detail at right, click for complete image) was created on-site at the Carriage Barn Art Center’s Plein Air Event, on Oct. 6. The exhibit, Capturing Waveny: Plein Air Exhibit & Sale runs through Oct. 21 at the Carriage Barn (Sat. 10am-3pm; Sun. 1-5pm). Elizabeth has several pieces the GR Art Gallery, as part of the Progressive Gallery Tour,  including a 2018 painting of Stamford’s South End: Past, Present & Future (2018, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 30x40, created in honor of the Loft Artists 40th year in Stamford.
Francesca Andre recently photographed artist member Adger Cowans for an article in the Connecticut Post.
Adger recently turned 82, but with no let-up in his creative vigor. Joel Lang wrote the article, "Adger Cowans’ archive captures over 50 years of the famous and the natural world," that appeared October 1. Francesca had 12 of her photos of Adger and his work intermixed with some of Adger's classic shots (see grid of all the images here).
Nina Bentley and Susan Fehlinger were rained out of their first reception for their show Food for Thought at Gallery@Pearl in Westport's Longshore Park. It has now been re-scheduled for Tues. Oct. 23, 5:30-7:00pm. Susan Fehlinger is presenting a new body of work with large colorful oil paintings of oversized fruits and vegetables and Nina Bentley will display her whimsical gravity-defying silver serving trays. Complimentary wine and hor d’oeuvres will be served. The show will continue through December 2nd
Nancy Breakstone had two of her photographs juried into the Pequot Library’s Wet Paint: Art Fresh From the Studio, Oct. 14-21. Pictured here is Dunes at Sunrise (digital 43” x 33”) which she shot as the sun rose on the dunes in Death Valley.  She said that the sand storm the night before had created the perfect clean shot for her.  Nancy also had photographs juried into the Maritime Garage Gallery's STREET LEVEL  Exhibition, Oct. 25-January 18, 2019 and Carriage Barn Art Center's Art for Alz Exhibit and Sale, Oct. 26-Nov. 3. 
Heidi Lewis Coleman is showing Winterfell, (acrylic & cut paper on watercolor paper, 22x22, framed; at right, click for image) the Carriage Barn Art Center's Art for ALZ Exhibit and Sale, opening with reception, Fri. Oct 26, 5-8pm. Winterfell is part of Heidi's Dreamscape Series, which reflects an exploration of imaginary landscapes inspired by the ancient lands of mythology and cultural lore, whether historical, fictional or fantastical.
Dawn Dahl’s serene small painting, Pansies, (2017, oil on canvas, 13⅜ x 11⅜; detail at right, click for complete image) was awarded second place in oil at the Rowayton Autumn All-Media Juried Show, which runs through October 27.  She currently is exhibiting other realistic still life paintings in the National Association of Women Artists Art Angels Exhibition at 315 West 39th Street, Suite 508, in Manhattan, through October 31.
Congratulations to Cortney Davis who has been selected as the first poet laureate of Bethel. A celebratory reading will take place at Byrd's Books, Bethel, date and time to be announced. Cortney, a Nurse Practitioner, is the author of Taking Care of Time, winner of the Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize from Michigan State University (MSU Press, 2018) and of two other full-length poetry collections and two chapbooks.  She is also the author of three award winning non-fiction memoirs and co-editor of three anthologies of poetry and prose by nurses, most recently Learning to Heal: Reflections on Nursing School in Poetry and Prose (Kent State University Press 2018). 
Eugenie Diserio is exhibiting three works in three shows right now. Her large greyscale painting, Requiem is in the Beechwood Arts' exhibit FATE. Her Sea of Love is included in the Carriage Barn Art Center's Art for ALZ  Exhibit and Sale, opening with reception, Fri. Oct 26, 5-8pm. And Bold As Love (acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48, at right click for complete image) was selected for Norwalk's Maritime Garage Gallery's Street Level exhibit, opening with a reception Mon. Oct. 29, 5-7pm. Eugenie, who admits to graffiti tagging under the name Sublime in NYC back in the day says, "It was inspired by the sudden death of a loved one, but hopefully gives the viewer a feeling of joy, energy and the pulse of life."
Carol Nipomnich Dixon has two embroidered collages the Art Angels Exhibition at the NAWA Gallery in New York, through Oct. 31. One work is her embroidered collage Butterflies Are Free (2018, mixed media, 15” sq. framed; at right, click image). It has collaged lace butterfly shapes along with museum stickers incorporated into embroidery. She also had her embroidered collage Eyeing Art at NAWA’s 129th Annual Members’ Exhibit, that closed Oct. 18, 18, 2018, that is a collaged fragment of Mona Lisa’s eye looking out from among a variety of souvenirs from several museums worldwide that are stitched into an embroidered whole.
Nancy Moore is having a solo show, The Women, at the Soleil Gallery in Westport, located at Bistro du Soleil, 615 Riverside Avenue, opening Sun. Nov. 4, 5-7pm. At right, Nancy's new painting Nesting (2018, watercolor on paper, 36x30 framed; detail at right, click for complete image) is one of 20 original paintings and signed, limited-edition giclee prints that will be on display. The show, Nancy comments, "is a celebration of women, all perfectly imperfect." 
Amy Oestreicher gave a keynote and breakout session on Oct. 12 at the Transformative Language Arts Network's 15th annual Power of Words Conference. The Playlight Theatre Company just posted some photographs from their reading of Amy's full length play last month, Flicker & a Firestarter. And, performed her Gutless and Grateful play at Wesleyan University, as a fundraiser for a sexual assault prevention organization: New Horizons Domestic Violence Services - at right.
Ben Quesnel is co-curating an exhibition/performance, Sour Milk with 22 artists and Longo Realty in an abandoned house at 73 Orchard Place, Greenwich, this Sat. Oct. 20The artists will breathe new life into the walls of the house, transforming it with their distinctive visions. Following the exhibition the house will be permanently destroyed, leaving only a memory trace behind. As a guest of Sour Milk you can expect to experience immersive art installations, paintings, sculptures, videos, performances, live music, food, and wine all for FREE!
Liz Squillace will be having a Closing Reception of her Painting Exhibition at ‘A Vucchella on Fairfield Ave. Bridgeport, Wed. Oct. 24, 5-8pm. The oil and acrylic paintings have been on display since a SavorCity@ 'A Vucchella event featured them this summer. The Closing Reception will be a chance to see the paintings, meet the artist, have a glass of wine and try Chef Pasquale’s special wood fired pizza.
Alicia Thompson is performing a Theatrical Interpretation of some of the issues discussed in Community and Racism, a program about issues of equity, access and inclusion. Community discussion is being facilitated by Kathy Dockery. The event is being held on Saturday, October 20th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at Uncle Bucks (Bass Pro Shop) in Bridgeport. See the event's Eventbrite page for registration
Ruth Kalla Ungerer is among the 42 international graphic artists chosen via a three-round jury process for the Mini Print Berlin 2018 Exhibition at Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin opening Nov. 7, through March 30 2019. Her Femme Trio (etching with aquatint, 20x15 cm, detail at right, click for complete image) was created at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. Ruth notes that she, “draws upon centuries-old printmaking techniques in pushing the envelope to create contemporary images, mostly focused on the human form. I employ a range of traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques, including lithography, engraving, drypoint, etching, using a variety of resists (including egg whites and Sharpies), aquatint, sugarlift, spitbite and others.” This print and Hold Tight will be shown at The 20th Mini Print International that will be on exhibition at The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Press in Ithaca, NY, Nov. 2 - Jan. 25. Ruth's monotype Going Back In is currently on view at Beechwood Arts' Fate Exhibit.
Joan Wheeler is exhibiting two paintings in the Beechwood Arts' exhibit FATE , part of the Beechwood Salon on Oct.14. However you can still see her work among many others dealing with this theme at the upcoming Art Open House on Thurs. Nov, 1, 5-7pm Gone Forever (oil on birch, 11x14, at right, click for larger image) is about species extinction. The dodo has been extinct since 1662. but mankind is causing the extinction of more species at an alarming rate. The "natural" rate of extinction is about 1-5 species per year.  We are now estimated to be losing species at 1,000-10,000 times that amount per year! 
Elizabeth White's site-specific outdoor installation of life-cast concrete leaves at The Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, has become one of the favorite stops for visitors. This is one of the nation's top arboretums and is a beautiful place to visit, especially with the current art works featured! Her piece is on display through October for the Time In the Garden exhibition. At right, see her life-cast concrete leaves in an outdoor installation.
Sat. Oct. 20: Ben Quesnel, Sour Milk. 73 Orchard Place, Greenwich
Tues. Oct 23: Nina Bentley and Susan Fehlinger, Food for Thought, Pearl@Longshore. Artists Reception, 5-7pm
Wed. Oct 24: Liz Squillace at Trattoria 'A Vucchella. Closing Reception, 5-8pm
Wed. Oct. 24: Progressive Gallery Tour, GR Art Gallery, Stamford, 6-7pm. (Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta, heidi lewis Coleman, Yuko Ike)
Fri. Oct. 26: Art for ALZ: Love & Light. Carriage Barn Arts Center. Opening Reception, 5-8pm (
Sun Sept 30: Walk and Talk, Ridgefield Guild of Artists Annual Juried Show, 3-5pm (Nina Bentley and Annamari Mikkola).
Mon. Oct. 29: Street Level , Maritime Garage Gallery. Opening Reception 5-7pm.
Tara Blackwell, Nancy Breakstone, Eric Chiang, Yvonne Claveloux, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Eugenie Diserio, Scott Glaser, Gregory Ziebell,)
Thurs. Nov. 1: FATE: Art Open House, Beechwood Arts, 5-7pm
Sun. Nov. 4: Nancy Moore, The Women. Bistro du Soleil, 5-7pm
Sat. April 7: Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Public Library, In The Moment. Opening Reception, 4:30-7pm. (Lisa Cuscuna, Joyce Grasso, Susan Leggitt, and Dale Najarian)Sun. April 8: Rowayton Arts Center, Abstraction. Opening Reception, 4-6pm (Nancy Breakstone, Bevi Bullwinkel)Sat. April 14: Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Near and Far. Byram Shubert Branch Library, Greenwich library. Opening Reception 3-4:30pmMon. April 16: Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II. Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, 7pm.Wed. April 18: Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II, Yale university, Luce Hall, 34 hill house Ave., 7pm. Fri. April 20: carriage Barn Arts Center, Spectrum 2018. opening Reception, 6-8pm. (Bevi Bullwinkel, Miggs Burroughs, Trace Burroughs, Eric Chiang, Dawn Dahl, Eugenie Diserio, Heide Follin, Barry Guthertz, Emily Kelting, Katya Lebrija, Susan Leggitt, Julia Rose Liptak, Barbara Loss, Jessica makin, Kristin Merrill, Cynthia Mullins, Susan Murray, Julie O'Connor, Justin Perlman, Chris Perry, Jay Petrow, Diane Pollock, Barbara Ringer, Juliete Tehrani, Lee Walther, Al Coyote Weiner, Nancy Woodward).Sat. April 21: Colorblends House and Spring Garden, Inside Outside Pop Up Gallery. Open House and Gardens and Opening Reception 10am-6pm (Kristen Ambrosi, Amy Kaplan, Jahmane, Cynthia Mullins, Jahmane, Aisha Nailah, and Joan Wheeler)
Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Public Library,. Opening Reception, 4:30-7pm. (Lisa Cuscuna, Joyce Grasso, Susan Leggitt, and Dale Najarian) Rowayton Arts Center, Opening Reception, 4-6pm (Nancy Breakstone, Bevi Bullwinkel) Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Near and Far. Byram Shubert Branch Library, Greenwich library. Opening Reception 3-4:30pm Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II. Crowell Concert Hall, Wesleyan University, 7pm. Jin Hi Kim, One Sky II, Yale university, Luce Hall, 34 hill house Ave., 7pm. carriage Barn Arts Center, Spectrum 2018. opening Reception, 6-8pm. (Bevi Bullwinkel, Miggs Burroughs, Trace Burroughs, Eric Chiang, Dawn Dahl, Eugenie Diserio, Heide Follin, Barry Guthertz, Emily Kelting, Katya Lebrija, Susan Leggitt, Julia Rose Liptak, Barbara Loss, Jessica makin, Kristin Merrill, Cynthia Mullins, Susan Murray, Julie O'Connor, Justin Perlman, Chris Perry, Jay Petrow, Diane Pollock, Barbara Ringer, Juliete Tehrani, Lee Walther, Al Coyote Weiner, Nancy Woodward). Colorblends House and Spring Garden, Inside Outside Pop Up Gallery. Open House and Gardens and Opening Reception 10am-6pm (Kristen Ambrosi, Amy Kaplan, Jahmane, Cynthia Mullins, Jahmane, Aisha Nailah, and Joan Wheeler)Sat. April 7:In The Moment
Sun. April 8:AAbstractionbstraction
Sat. April 14:
Mon. April 16:
Wed. April 18:
Fri. April 20:
Sat. April 21:


Ridgefield Art on Main is a new group in town committed to hosting group shows at a central location in Ridgefield and to discover and create new ways of showing art to everybody. Art on Main aims to create immersive and engaging experiences that would be enticing to the regular public, not just art enthusiasts. To kick off, Art on Main is hosting a Fall Exhibition and is issuing a call to all artists for work that relates to this seasonal theme. The exhibition will be held at  the Farmer's Insurance office at 448 Main Street, opening in mid-November and running through Dec. 15. Any questions should be directed to Luiza Budea at

Norwalk 2.0 has brought back its successful Iconic Norwalk Instagram contest. Last year's contest resulted in 900 submissions of "iconic Norwalk" images on Instagram with the #IconicNorwalk hashtag - and 19 prize-winning entries in categories ranging from architecture to food, which are currently on view at Norwalk 2.0's pink containersThis year's contest opened June 1 and is closing midnight Oct. 31. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $300 cash. First Place Winners in the categories of Food, History, Street Photography, Landscape, and Urban Architecturewill each receive $100 in cash. The instructions are as follows:
1) Take or upload a photo of your artwork or video to your personal Instagram account
2) Caption your image with a location or description and include #IconicNorwalk2018
3) Follow @norwalk2 on Instagram
Contestants must be the creator/owner of the entered images and must have permission from anyone shown in the images to publish their image. See detailed information at

Spectrum Art Gallery & Store in Centerbrook, CT, is seeking fine artists in all mediums, including photography, for its 2018 Annual Holiday Exhibit, Nov. 16-Jan. 13, 2019. This Holiday Show will feature fine art that explores the timeless myths and age-old stories that illustrate the annual life cycle as well as a culture’s inherent values as they are passed down from generation to generation. The gallery artisans store is also interested in new relationships with fine artisans. Artisans do not need to follow the gallery theme but should submit what they consider their best work in a variety of price points. Unique and hand made ornaments are also welcome for our 6 foot annual holiday tree. This is an extremely popular show at Spectrum both in the gallery as well as in the gallery store. The gallery director always knows ahead of receiving what is coming in so, please, submit early. To Submit: please send the following to
● Title of show in subject line of your submissions
● 3 high resolution jpg files with title, medium, dimensions and price
● Biography in Word format 
● Contact information
Receiving Period: 12:30-6pm, Sun. Nov 4. through Fri. Nov. 9, except for no receiving on Wednesday.


The Rowayton Arts Center's Holiday Gift Show is a Rowayton tradition. The Art Gallery will be transformed into a magical winter wonderland, filled with the work of the region’s best artisans. It is known for one-of-a-kind, creative items, selected by the Holiday Gift Show Committee.  The Holiday Gift Show (HGS) Committee is currently seeking original, hand-crafted works for this annual Holiday Gift Show. The committee will accept small ornaments and holiday-related items, jewelry, pottery and ceramics, candles, wooden toys and items, small furniture, knitted/crocheted items, fiber art, original cards and small prints/paintings.  Items are currently being considered.The Show is a juried event. Items will be included at the discretion of our HGS Committee. Please contact to be considered for the show or if you have any questions about the submission process. Submission dates areFri. Nov. 16 (12-5 pm); Sat. + Sun. Nov. 17- 18 (11-2 pm). Artisans receive 70% of each sale. Proceeds from the Holiday Gift Show are used to support the Arts Center and its educational outreach. Click here for the Prospectus. If you have any further questions, call RAC for clarification in advance: 203-866-2744.
  • Run by WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation) this is a registry of opportunities, as well as an application management system. Registration required.
  • ArtSake: Archive of Calls for Artists, run by the Massachusetts Arts Council
  • "the art world's first and most accessed resource of its kind"
  • The Calls for Artists (can be indexed by state and deadline)
  • Scoop.It: Public Art RFPs and RFQs
  • NYFA Opportunities: Calls, Residencies and other opportunities. Can be indexed by date, location and type
  • No Film School recently released a list of opportunities available for documentary, narrative, screenwriting, and new media projects with Summer 2018 deadlines
  • Poets & Writers - the most trusted resource for legitimate writing contests grants and awards available anywhere. See the P&W Grants Database

The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, offers a unique residency for writers and visual artists in the crucial early stages of their careers. The Work Center provides seven-month Fellowships to twenty Fellows each year in the form of living/work space and a modest monthly stipend. Residencies run from October 1 through April 30. Fellows have the opportunity to pursue their work independently in a diverse and supportive community of peers. The upcoming deadline is for the Writing residencies (the Visual Arts residencies will have a Feb 1 deadline). Fellows are required to reside full-time in Provincetown during the seven months of the Fellowship. Fellows are provided with an apartment and a monthly stipend of $750. Writers who have published a full-length book of creative work* (or have a contract to publish a full-length creative work) in any genre are not eligible. For further information and to apply, click hereDeadline: December 1, 2018

Applications are being accepted for the Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation Grants. Individual Support grants are available to painters, printmakers and sculptors with a minimum of 20 years in a mature phase; grant amounts are determined each year. Last year this program awarded 12 grants of $25,000 each. The Foundation wishes to encourage artists who have dedicated their lives to developing their art, regardless of their level of commercial success. This program was conceived in order to recognize and support the serious, fully-committed artist, and we hope these individuals will consider applying. Applications are reviewed by a panel of five professionals in the arts who have no affiliation with the Foundation. A separate grant program, for emergencies, assists mature painters, printmakers and sculptors suffering from a recent, unforeseen catastrophic event (fire, flood, medical emergency), who have a minimum of ten years in a mature phase; grant amounts range up to $15,000. For instructions, click here.

Visual, performing, and participatory artist Jess Thom (above) co-founded Touretteshero in 2010 as a creative response to her experience of living with Tourettes Syndrome. Recently, Thom took part in a NYFA Twitter Q&A sharing arts career advice for disabled artists. These best practices shared below are also relevant to cultural institutions 
1. Recognize that Access is an Asset
Disability isn’t a niche issue. Almost one in five people identify as disabled. It’s time to think of access as an asset: if you make your work accessible, you open it up to new audiences. Thom has used hospital schools, playgrounds, and other DIY spaces that can be more accessible than traditional spaces.
2. Broaden Your Notion of “Disability”
There are many “invisible disabilities,” beyond physical impairment, including physical, mental, or neurological conditions that limit a person’s movements, senses, or activities that is invisible to the onlooker. "Wheelchair accessible" still excludes many.
3. Think Beyond Your Lived Experience
Take time to assess how the format, staging, and physical layout of your event may be limiting: exclusion often happens accidentally as people don’t see the barriers that others might experience. Thinking about difference at the start of a process can make less disabling spaces, systems, and attitudes. 
4. Embrace the “Relaxed” Mindset
Many cannot attend events if they have to sit quietly in chairs for hours. Providing other spaces to sit or lie, and informing audiences that they are free to move around and make noise is part of the “Relaxed Performance Mindset” movement that many feel offer a more dynamic theatrical experience.
5. Educate Yourself, Always
Resources are becoming more common. Thom recommends the UK's Shape Arts for resources on accessible events and accessible marketing, and Unlimited, an arts commissioning program that enables new work by disabled artists and shares resources such as a resource pack for the performing arts called Demystifying Access.In the US the Kennedy Center’s Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD®) offers tipsheets, videos, webinars, and more on a range of accessibility topics, and the American Alliance of Museums recently shared “Seven Tips for Greater Accessibility at Events.” Overall they argue it’s better to begin and make progress, rather than allowing fear or anxiety to prevent you from acting at all. See complete NYFA article here.

Community Engagement Essentials

Thur. Oct 25
7-8:30pm $25

This course is a must for any artists working on community engagement projects! Stephanie Bleyer  leads an agency dedicated to helping all kinds of creative projects engage diverse communities, and she’ll share her expertise on the topic. Learn everything from setting goals to building new audiences, and measuring impact. Details and Registration.
Artists Raising Kids

Thurs. Nov. 1
7-8:30pm $25

Too often, artists feel like they have to pick between their art practice, and their responsibilities as a parent. But many artists have found ways to balance both. Through a national survey and a series of in-depth interivews, Andrew Simonet, father of two, has put together a workshop to share ideas, strategies, and tools to help artist parents not just manage their duties, but thrive!  Details and   Registration.
Designed Interdep-endence: DIY Residencies

Thurs. Nov. 8
7-8:30pm $25

The creative attributes of working artists are often mimicked by leading organizations and businesses, and this webinar, led by creative entrepreneur Neil Ramsay will explore the idea of conceiving and proposing your own, personalized artist residency that stresses the key values that artists specifically bring to the table as creative individuals (as opposed to simply the value of their art work). The resulting residency will promote a laboratory-type inquiry that is mutually beneficial to both you and the collaborating entity. Details and   Registration.

Rehabilitation Through The Arts (RTA) is a world leader in arts-in-corrections. This small but well-established non-profit based in Westchester County directly serves 200 incarcerated people in 5 NYS prisons in the Hudson Valley. RTA’s mission is to teach prisoners critical life skills through workshops and productions in theatre, dance, music, visual art and creative writing, and to raise awareness of the humanity of people in prison. RTA seeks an experienced, innovative Program Director to head the program team of our growing organization, responsible for the implementation, management, supervision and evaluation of RTA’s programs, consistent with RTA and NYS Department of Corrections guidelines. Responsibilities include: Develop, implement and evaluate recruitment strategies to expand the number of teaching artists; provide professional support to program staff and teaching artists. Responsible for the implementation, management, supervision and evaluation of all activities of the program; plan yearly calendar of RTA workshops and activities in all facilities; help develop new workshops; work with prisoner participants and prison administration to plan and implement activities; work with prisoner steering committees on program management, leadership training and team dynamics; directly manage all program issues in 2 correctional facilities; and more. Qualifications include: a strong sense of purpose, enthusiasm and genuine commitment to the transformative power of arts in corrections; a Master’s degree or equivalent experience in Applied Arts, Arts in Education, Educational Theater or Arts. Preferred minimum 5 years experience as artist /educator in alternative educational settings preferred. Access to a car required and flexible schedule. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to (Dawn McDonald)

The New-York Historical Society, a preeminent educational and research institution, is home to both New York City’s oldest museum and to one of the nation’s most distinguished independent research libraries. N-YHS is dedicated to presenting exhibitions and public programs, and fostering research that reveal the dynamism of history and its influence on the world of today. Founded in 1804, its holdings cover four centuries of American history, and include one of the world’s greatest collections of books, manuscripts, graphic materials, historical artifacts, and American art documenting the history of the United States as seen through the prism of New York. The New-York Historical Society is looking for an Associate Exhibition Designer to design exhibitions and design projects in collaboration with curators, graphic designers, and conservators. Education: A Bachelor’s degree in exhibition design, industrial design, or display design preferred. Experience includes: a minimum of 5 years’ history and art exhibition design experience in a museum setting; a minimum of 5 years’ experience in CAD knowledge, rough sketching ability and model making; must be proficient in Vectorworks, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and Mac environments. 3D rendering skills and knowledge conservation standards and practices are a plus. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Strong time management and multitasking skills; can handle multiple responsibilities and projects with competing priorities and deadlines. Responsibilities include: Organizing data, sketching, technical drawings, and making scale models for upcoming temporary exhibitions; drafting using Vectorworks, clipping object photos using Photoshop and in Adobe Illustrator
Draft and detail drawings for in-house fabrication; create elevations for art handlers to install artwork; detail drawings for bid documents to send to outside fabricators. For consideration please send a cover letter and resume to: 
Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available
Fairfield Museum: P/T Seasonal Burr Mansion Manager 
Kennedy Center/Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative: Expressive Arts Facilitator/Thereapist

MEMBERS: Please post your Job Opportunities in FCBuzz Classifieds:
Oct. 20: Art League of Hilton Head, SC: CraftHiltonHead2018: Submissions Deadline
Oct. 29: U.S. Mint: Artist Infusion Program Application Deadline
Oct. 31: Ridgefield on Main: Fall Exhibit. Contact Luiza Budea
Oct. 31: Norwalk 2.0: Iconic Norwalk 2018 Photography Contest Submission Deadline

Nov. c1: Truro Center, Cape Cod: 3-month Ceramic Artist Residency Application Deadline
Nov. c2: Picture That/Thompson Hospitality: May 2019 Unity Magazine Asian-Pacific Heritage 
             Submission Deadline
Nov. c2: Picture That/Thompson Hospitality: May 2019 Unity Magazine Sustainability 
             Submission Deadline
Nov. 4-9: Spectrum Art Gallery, Centerville: Myths, Fairy Tales, Fantasies. Receiving
Nov. 16: Blade of Grass Foundation: Socially Engaged Artist Fellowship Application Deadline
Nov. 16: Dance/USA Artist Fellowship Application Deadline
Nov. 16-19: Rowayton Arts Center Holiday Gift Show Receiving
Nov. 17: Easton Arts Council: Annual Photography Contest Submission Deadline

Dec. c1: Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown: Writing Fellowships Application Deadline
Dec, 14: Mattatuck Museum: MixMaster. Submissions Deadline
Dec. 15: Gottlieb Foundation: Fellowships for Mature Visual Artists (+Emergency Grants) Application Deadline

Jan. 21: Loading Dock Gallery: Fiberlicious Submission Deadline
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