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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County
May 25, 2019
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is a nonprofit service organization that supports its members through unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services. This newsletter is sent to all who request it - but we ask that, if you are not a member, you explore membership benefits and consider joining this community of more than 600 individuals and organizations. See member benefits here. Join here.
If you missed the latest Spotlight on Arts & Culture conversation on WPKN   
with Cybele Maylone, the dynamic new, young leader of The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, you can catch it now on Soundcloud at Get to know Cybele, her fascinating background, some of her core beliefs, and find out where The Aldrich might be heading under her new leadership.
Tickets are available for our fourth annual Arts & Culture Empowerment (ACE) Awards Breakfast, celebrating the individuals, organizations, and businesses who have made significant contributions to the Fairfield County community through arts and culture. The breakfast, will be held Wed, June 5, 2019, 7:30-9am at the Shore & Country Club220 Gregory Boulevard, Norwalk. We know some are coming in their PJs - come as you are but please join with us to celebrate the awardees and our thriving cultural life in Fairfield County. 
The 2019 ACE Awards recipients:
Artist - Jane Davila, printmaker, fiber and mixed media artist, textile designer, editor, author, and teacher, who also manages the NEST Arts Factory in Bridgeport.
Citizen - Nick Viscontia Westport-based philanthropist, serving on the Drew Friedman  Community Arts Center Foundation board of directors. 
Corporate - Cohen & Wolf that serves leadership roles in more than 100 organizations, associations, commissions, and boards throughout the area.
Educator - Gina Scarpa, Director of Education at Center Stage, Shelton, and founder of the Center Stage Education Center, serving more than 115 students. 
Nonprofit - INTEMPO, whose founder and executive director Angelica Durrell, is an Ecuadorian-born violinist, educator and social entrepreneur.
The Cultural Alliance is a partner with Bridgeport Downtown Special Services, along with Bridgeport Generation Now and Bikeport Coop in organizing Jane's Walk Bridgeport, on Sat June 8, 9:30-4pm. This event is part of the international Jane's Walk, an annual festival of citizen-led walking, conversation and bike rides, inspired by urban activist Jane Jacobs. You can opt-in to the day of activities at any point and for whatever portion you wish. The day starts out at Bridgeport Creates, 1001 Main Street, #14, and includes:
w9:30 am: Introduction by Dean Mack, City of Bridgeport Assistant Planner
10:00 am: Program of short films on neighborhoods and urban design
11:00 am: Discussion on Citizen Engagement in urban design, led by Dean Mack
12:15 pm: SavorCity Lunch at El Pueblito (separate reservation required)
w2:00 pm: Jane's Walks and bike rides commence from McLevy Green.
w4:00 pm: After-walk networking and drinks: HarlanHaus 
CAFC partners with The NEST Arts Factory, Capital for Change and Rick Reyes Productions, in organizing SavorCity, a monthly tour of Bridgeport restaurants, food, art and music, showcasing the cultural delights and hidden gems of Connecticut’s most diverse city.  SavorCity announces its seventh visit: lunch at El Pueblito Restaurant at 121 Wall Street, in Downtown Bridgeport, on Sat. June 8, 12:15pm, to coincide with Jane's Walk: Explore Colorful Bridgeport, a production of Bridgeport Downtown Special Services. This SavorCity has been enabled by the generous support of HSW Bridgeport: convenient, luxury living in the heart of Historic Bridgeport. El Pueblito is a family owned and operated Colombian restaurant, serving exquisite homemade Colombian and Latin-American food. El Pueblito is proud of its traditional Colombian dishes, always prepared with fresh ingredients. Our artist for El Pueblito is Julia-Rose; our musicians are Eddie Rivera and Band. For more information, and to sign up, go to IMPORTANT: please select one of the 6 menu items on the order form, with or without one of the 3 salads. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as seating is limited!

Eric Seplowitz is a fine art photographer fascinated by scale - especially in bringing the micro and the macro, the small and large-scale, together. At the point of intersection between the two is his fascination with the world of geology and mineralogy (his undergraduate degree was in Geology from Union College, Schenectady). In his series UnEarthed, for example, he examines the direct connection between what is happening in the larger macro environment, and what is happening on the micro level. He emphasizes that the natural world includes our relationship to the planet - everything we have is derived from it. In UnEarthed, rocks and minerals are his core subjects: each specimen providing new opportunities for exploration that reveals complex, vibrant, and often surprising micro-landscapes. These tiny mineral and rock structures are literally the building blocks for everything around us– they play a major part in how we relate with the world in which we live. In his latest series Micro Landscapes – Small on a Large Scale, he looks more closely at geodes, agates and other minerals – to not only see them from a new perspective, but to provide a micro landscape in a grand scale enticing the mind to see other worlds within the lines, colors and patterns captured. He uses macro lenses, and often a specialized focusing rail, to take multiple photographs each with different focal points. Software helps to compile or stack the images to increase the focal range of the final image. To complete the transformation of these intricate micro landscapes into grand vistas, Eric prints the images up to 60 x 40 inches. What importance do these tiny structures have and what is our connection to these tiny building blocks? He thinks this broadening perspective is a key element of the arts: encouraging innovative ideas about how we live our lives and what we spend our time and energy focused on. See his websiteFacebook and Instagram pages

Harvey Paris today is a master carver of both wood and leather. Born in 1951, Harvey grew up in Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. "Paris," he says, "is the family name, but it was obviously changed when my grand-parents came through the immigration desk at Ellis Island long ago," he said. "It might have been Poiris. No-one is certain." Harvey is now a master carver, but he only started "chip carving" in 2006. After exploring several wood-carving techniques, he chose chip-carving for its simplicity: "I didn’t want to set up a workshop with 5,000 tools," he says. Chip-carving requires one hand-held knife. The decorative art can be traced back to the 12th century, with examples throughout Europe ranging from ceremonial tool handles to architectural components. Using a small knife or chisel, the artisan creates designs and patterns by removing chips from a wooden element. Softer woods are favored; in the U.S., bass and butternut are often used. Harvey specializes in contemporary religious design. His carvings range in size from small ceremonial objects to large works of installation art. What began as Jewish Wood Carving, has expanded to include leather, as well as carvings in the Christian and Muslim traditions. His works are now available to the broader Abrahamic community and on a much larger scale than ever before. While researching the craft online, Paris discovered Illinois-based Wayne Barton, recognized among the premier carvers in the U.S. and throughout the world. He registered for a two-day class, and still studies twice a year with Barton.
Barton says “Harvey has honed his skills and used his creative imagination to develop his own style of contemporary and unique Jewish carving. Equally exciting is his ability to transfer wood carving skills to leather, and now, to contemporary Christian design as well. Harvey's latest work, “Abraham’s Gift” will be on display at a pop-up show opening May 30 in Fairfield (see "Your News" below for details). See Harvey's website here. 
Those artists who have posted their profiles onto our new website, that launched Nov. 2, have their names in green (to see their page, go to and type their name into the search box at the top of any page). Please join them.
Elizabeth AgrestaPainter
Valerie AhnemanMusician 
Peter Alexander, Landscape     Architect
Kristen AmbrosiPainter
Leslee AschCurator, Writer
Frances Ashforth, Painter/ 
Judith BacalDesigner
Anna Badini, Painter
Louise Baranger, Musician
Patrice BarrettPainter
Jan Bassin, Writer
Nina BentleyMixed
Sue BentonPhotographer
Susanne BentonMixed
Lisa BergerVisual Artist
Paul R. Berger
Karla Bernstein, 
Thomas Berntsen
Elise Black, Painter
Tara BlackwellPainter
Christina BlaisQuilter
Ziggy BoberSculptor 
Amy BockPainter
Andrea Bonfils, Mixed
   Media Artist
Dennis Bradbury, 
Carolyn Brady, 
Nancy Breakstone, 
Michael Brennecke, 
Janine Brown,
Lucienne Buckner,
Bevi BullwinkelPainter
Miggs BurroughsGraphic
Trace BurroughsNew
Louise CadouxPainter/
Bob Callahan, Painter
Donna Callighan, 
Patricia CampbellDance
Lynn CarlsonPainter 
Linn CassettaPrintmaker
Alan Chapell, Musician
Ann ChernowPainter/
Eric ChiangPainter
Frederic ChiuPianist
Yvonne ClavelouxPainter
Lauren Clayton, Painter
Gabi CoatsworthWriter
Alicia CobbPainter
Heidi Lewis Coleman
   Mixed Media
Linda CollettaPainter
Rosa ColònPainter, Mixed
Tom Comerford, 
Penrhyn Cook,  
Rod CookPhotographer
Margaret Stapor Costa,
Adger Cowans
   Photographer & Painter
Naomi Cruz, Painter
Dolly Curtis, Curator
Lisa Cuscuna, Painter
Dawn DahlPainter
Cris DamPainter/Muralist
Holly DangerVideo Artist
Betsy Davidson, Painter
Carlos Davila, Painter, 

Jane DavilaFiber Artist/ 
   Mixed Media 

Cortney Davis, Writer
John Deakins, Sculptor
Ken Delmar, Painter
Joseph Dermody, Painter/
Emily Derr, Illustrator/ 
Joyce DiCamillo, Musician
Barbara Kunin Dierolf,
Eugenie Diserio, Painter
Carol Nipomnich Dixon
   Mixed Media
Afsaneh Djabbari-Aslani
Erin Dolan, Painter
Amy Dolego, Photography
Jennifer Drolet, Painter 
Ganga Duleep, Painter
David Dunlop, Painter
Philip Eliasoph, Writer
Jeanine Esposito, Mixed  
Katherine Evans, Painter 
Susan Fehlinger, Painter
Louise Flax, Mixed Media
Sally Frank, Painter
David Laurence Flynn, 
   Lighting Designer
Heide FollinPainter
Christa Forrest, Painter
Rose-Marie Fox, Painter
Cecilia Moy Fradet,    
Herm Freeman, Painter
Rebeca Fuchs, Painter
Rebecca Fretty (Pink 
   Imperfection) Fiber 
Liz Gabriel, Musician
Megan Garbe, Painter
Rhonda Gentry, Painter
Robin Jopp Gilmore, Mixed 
   Media and Upcycled 
Joe Gitterman, Sculptor
Scott GlaserPainter
Lori Glavin, Visual Artist
Gayle Gleckler, Painter
Danielle Goldstein, 
Ellen GordonPainter; 
Sue Brown Gordon
Ellen GouldPhotographer
Michele Gramesty, Jeweler
Joyce Grasso, Painter/
Kristen Graves, Musician 
Jen Greely, Painter/ 
Carolina Guimarey, Multi-
   Media Artist
Barry Guthertz, 
Dorothy Hafner, Sculptor
Don Hamerman,      
Mary Harold, Photographer
Mike Harris, Photographer
Adair W. Heitmann, 
Kate Henderson, Mixed    
MaryEllen Hendricks,
Gwen Hendrix, Fiber/ 
Mixed Media
Lenore Eggleston Herbst
Tracy Hoffman,
   Photographer &
Veronica Hofstetter, 
Sonya Huber, Writer
Yuko Ike, Painter
Jana IreijoPainter
Jahmane, MultiMedia
Sholeh Janati,
Vasken Kalayjian, Painter
Karen Kalkstein, Graphic 
Amy Kaplan, Painter 
Wayne Keeley, Writer, 
Emily Kelting
Karen Kent, Painter
Susan Keown, Painter/  
   Mixed Media/Ceramicist
Niki KetchmanSculptor/
Jin Hi Kim, Musician
Lesley KoenigPainter
Moki Kokoris, Visual Artist
Richard Koleszar, Painter
Michael Kozlowski, Painter
Dawn KubiePhotographer
Joanie Landau, Jewelry 

Lydia Larson, Painter
Emily Hamilton Laux,
Katya LebrijaPainter
Eric Jiaju Lee, Visual 

Julie Leff, Painter
Liz LeggettPainter
Susan LeggittPainter
Henry Lepetit, Painter
Rachel Linnett, Painter
Julia-Rose Liptack, Painter
Barbara Loss, Photographer
Shelley LowellPainter/ 

Jane Lubin, Mixed Media
Laurie MacLean, 
   Choreographer, Dancer

Mark Macrides, Painter, 
Steve Magee, Painter
Jessica MakinPainter/ 

Jim Malloy, Painter
Connie Manna, Painter
Mary Manning, Painter/

Elizabeth Marks, Painter
Joel Martin, "Jazzical" 
Nadia MartinezMultiMedia
Sooo-z Mastropietro,
Fruma Markowitz,    
Barbara Mathis, Painter
Megan Bonneau McCool,
Grace S. McEnaney,    
Ann McRae, Painter
Nancy McTague-Stock
Peter Mendelson,    
Kristin MerrillJeweler/    
Toby Michaels, Painter
Annamari Mikkola,
   Photographer, Designer, 

Jay MisencikPhotographer
Day MoorePainter
Nancy MoorePainter
Brechin MorganPainter
Lina MorielliMulti-Media
Meighan MorrisonPainter
Carol Mueller, 

Cynthia MullinsPainter
Susan MurrayPainter
Tava Naiyin, Dancer
Dale Najarian, Painter
Erin Nazzaro, Painter
Karen Neems,
Susan NewboldPainter
Mary Newcomb, Painter
Jill NicholsPainter
Tim Nighswander
Eddie Niño, Painter
Julie O'Connor,    
Amy Oestreicher,
   Performing/Visual Artist
Melissa Orme, Painter
Rose Palmiero, Painter
Eileen PanepintoMixed 

Harvey Paris, Carver
Steve PartonPainter
Judy PeknikPainter
Justin PerlmanSculptor
Chris PerryBook Artist
Jay Petrow, Painter
Laura Pflug, Painter
Igor Pikayzen, Violinist
Diane PollackMixed Media
Karen Ponelli, Painter
Jennifer Prat,    
Penny Putnam, Painter
Elizabeth Quesada, 
Ben QuesnelSculptor, 
Tim Reimer, Painter
Gwen North Reiss, Poet
Barbara Ringer
Mariya RiveraPainter
Dorothy Robertshaw
   Mixed Media
Lizzy Rockwell, Painter, 
   Illustrator, Author

Alyse Rosner, Painter/ 
   Mixed Media

Richard Sadlon, Musicians
Renee Santhouse, Graphic 
Anthony Santomauro,  
Jill SarverPainter
Ellen SchiffmanFiber 

Norma Schlager, Fiber 

Marianne R. Schmidt, 
Guy Sealey, Multimedia
Eric Seplowitz, 
Katie SettelPhotographer
Rick ShaeferVisual Artist
Rosalind Shaffer, Ceramist
Barbara Shea, Writer
Alissa SiegalPainter
Norm SiegelPainter
Lisa P. Silberman,   
Nomi Silverman
Phyllis Sinrich,
Vicki French Smith, Painter
Megan Smith-Harris,
Cleo Sonneborn, Painter 
Rene Soto, Painter
Carole SouthallPainter
Liz Squillace, Painter/    
Connie Stancell, Painter
Barbara Stewart, Painter
Pam StoddartPainter
Florence Suerig, Visual 

Denise Susalka, Painter
Janice Sweetwater, Painter
Susan Tabachnick, Sculptor
Julliette TehraniPainter
Alicia ThompsonActress/ 

Dara Tomeo, Painter
Kris D. TooheyPainter
Andrea Towey, Musician
Ruth Kalla Ungerer

Vincent Verrillo, Painter
Karen Vogel, Painter
Lee Walther, Mixed Media 
Liz Ward, Multi-Media
Ann Weiner, Multi-Media, 

Peggy Weis, MultiMedia
Gregg Welz, Paper Artist
Cynthia Whalen, Painter
Joan B. WheelerPainter
Elizabeth White, 
Jarvis Wilcox, Painter
Bruce Williams, Painter
Jen Williams, Painter
Jonah WilnerPainter
Tammy Winser, Mixed 

Sherri Wolfgang, Painter
Nancy Woodward
Dmitri Wright, Painter
Jeffrey Wyant, Visual 

Gregg ZiebellPainter
 – Latest List by Town of Organization and Creative Business Members: here
 – Latest List by Town of Artist Members: here
Tara Blackwell, Andrea Bonfils, Nancy Breakstone, Heidi Lewis Colman, Erin Dolan, Kat Evans, Joyce Grasso, Yuko Ike, Susan leggitt, Rachel Linnett, Jim Malloy, Peter Mendelson, Kris Toohey, and Nancy Woodward are some of the 80 artists showing work at the Community Cooperative Nursery School (CCNS) 57th Annual Art Show & Sale, Rowayton Bait Shop Warehouse,  302 Wilson Ave South Norwalk that opens with a reception Thurs. May 30, 6-10pm.
Nancy Breakstone (Shoes 'n' More), Janine Brown (Ally Bally Bee), Yvonne Claveloux (Lolo), Heidi Lewis Coleman (Pennyweights), Eugenie Diserio (Studi-O), Emily Kelting (Earth Garden), Jim Malloy (Stewart’s Spirits), Karen Neems (Sara Campbell), Julie O’Connor (Groove), Kris Toohey (Irresistibles), and Jarvis Wilcox (The Linen Shop) are among those artists participating in The Carriage Barn Arts Center's Art in the Windows celebration in some 50 stores in downtown New Canaan. Opening celebrations, including a color walk, are Thurs May 30, 5:30-7pm
Cris Dam, Herm Freeman and Chris Perry are three of the nine artists in Harmony, a City Lights Gallery exhibit, co-curated by Jane Davila and Suzanne Kachmar. This exhibit explores the design principle of Harmony presented by artists who work in diverse materials, dealing in rhythm, repetition, proximity; combining similar and related forms, motifs, objects and visual elements. The show opens with a reception, Thurs. May 30, 5:30-9pm, with a short artists' talk at 7:30pm.
Frances Ashforth has several works in the exhibition: Mirage: Energy, Water and Creativity in the Great Basin, at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum, Idaho, June 12 – Aug. 23, 2019. The show opens with a panel discussion and reception Thurs. June 13, Is Landscape Still Relevant in 21st-Century Art? Frances is one of 7 artists with work in the exhibit. She is showing new work about the Great Basin watershed, drawing on her deep interest in the human relationship to water. Her work includes monotypes made at two distinct sites in the Great Basin — the Ana River/Summer Lake area of Oregon and Bear River/Antelope Island in Utah. Above, Frances' Ana River 4 (2018, unique waterbase monotype, 30×30). Click for larger image. Frances is also giving an Artist's Talk, along with Lori Glavin, at the Flinn Gallery, as part of the Flinn's Time and Place exhibition, on Sun. June 2, 2pm
Nancy Breakstone had 5 of her photographs juried into the CCNS 57th Annual Art Show and Sale, May 30-June 1, with an opening reception on Thurs. May 30, 6-10pm. Shown at right is her photograph Willows - In The Sand (digital photograph, 16x14).  Nancy also had two of her photographs juried into the Carriage Barn Art Center’s Art in the Windows  opening with celebrations in the stores, Thurs May 30, 5:30-7pm. She also is showing two works in Inside Small, an exhibit at the Greenwich Botanical Center Gallery, Cos Cob, that opens with a reception Sun. June 9, 2-4pm.
Patricia Campbell, dance caller, is taking part in two upcoming events. First at a traditional Community Dance in The Great Room of Newtown Congregational Church, 14 West Street, Newtown, Patricia and The Reel Thing Band will lead people in circle, square, and longways dances (think Virginia Reel or Jane Austen) on Fri., May 31, 6:30-8:30pmAll are invited — beginners, singles, couples, groups. Each dance has a ‘walk-through’ before dancing to the music, still with the caller reminding people of each next dance figure. Dances offer lots of fun, laughter, and “if you do get mixed up, it only adds to the helpful interaction,” according to Ms Campbell. She and the Band are also offering period music and participatory dancing from the Revolutionary War years during Bethel's Living History Day, Sat. June 8.
Heidi Lewis Coleman will be exhibiting several of her acrylic & cut paper pieces, including Dunes, (2018, acrylic and cut paper on birch panel, 16x16; image at right, click for larger version) at the CCNS 57th Annual Art Show & Sale, Rowayton Bait Shop Warehouse, 302 Wilson Ave, South Norwalk, that opens with a reception Thurs. May 30, 6-10pm. Go and support a great cause! Dunes is part of Heidi's Dreamscape Series that reflects an exploration of imaginary landscapes inspired by the ancient lands of mythology and cultural lore, whether historical, fictional or fantastical.   
Eugenie Diserio's Paradise (acrylic on canvas, 30x40; cropped at right, click for complete image)  is featured in True Colors, 2019's theme for New Canaan's Art in the Windows  celebration in some 50 stores in downtown New Canaan, organized by The Carriage Barn Arts Center. Opening celebrations, including a color walk, are Thurs May 30, 5:30-7pm. Paradise can be seen at Studi-O.
Erin Dolan will be exhibiting and selling four oil paintings at the CCNS 57th Annual Art Show & Sale, Rowayton Bait Shop Warehouse,  302 Wilson Ave South Norwalk that opens with a reception Thurs. May 30, 6-10pm. Erin's work includes: Liminal Space (oil on canvas, 36x36); Float (oil on canvas, 12x12; at right), Nature Collective (oil on canvas, 36x36); and Nautical Stories (oil on canvas, 12x12).
Julia-Rose, an emerging artist and school psychologist, is the selected artist of the month for the SavorCity visit to El Pueblito, Sat. June 8, 12:15-2pm. Rich in color, her paintings explore the interaction between psychological emotions and inanimate forms, color fields, and deconstruction of shape. At right one of the paintings she will be showing at El Pueblito: Rise & Shine (20x16), an abstract contemporary painting completed in acrylics with palette knife. Julia-Rose comments that this bright artwork "is an exploration between the softness of bold color and the grittiness of urban architecture. The external textured color fields represent the dynamics, and often the overlap, that exist among our bold and muted moments in everyday life."
Kat Evans was selected to create a site specific painting for the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2019 by Christopher Peacock (see Designers), whose company and brand is recognized as the ultimate in luxury cabinetry design. His elegant kitchen in the 2019 Showhouse features Kat's 60 x 30 inch painting The Royal Muse (at right; click for complete image). The rich vibrant hues of violet and magenta, have highlights of green and orange. Located at 36-38 East 74th Street, New York, the mansion hosting the event has been overhauled by 23 of the best interior designers in the industry. The show runs through May 30. Tickets are available online, and all proceeds support after-school and enrichment programs for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.
Gayle Gleckler at right with her Greek Seaside Village, acrylic on canvas, that was juried into Ridgefield Guild of Artists Annual Juried Member Show, through June 23 by juror  Isabella Garrucho, Founder and President of Isabella Garrucho Fine Art in Greenwich.
Herm Freeman has four pieces in Harmony, a City Lights Gallery exhibit, co-curated by Jane Davila and Suzanne Kachmar, opening with a reception, Thurs. May 30, 5:30-9pm, with a short artists' talk at 7:30pm. At right, Herm's View of Gardanne (acrylic on canvas, 24x36; detail at right, click for complete image). Herm comments that as " I stood and looked out in awe on Cezanne’s magnificent landscape motif, its harmonious lines, colors, shapes and arrangements, I thought: this special place, this landscape, so present, so what! It doesn’t change anything...but in that moment I realized: I had changed. And that was enough."
Dawn Kubie currently has work in an Art Show at the Orange Regional Health in Middletown, NY, organized by Rogal Art Gallery; at BayState Health in Springfield, MA, and at the Bird Nest Salon & Gallery in Guilford. At right is her Carry On (photograph on stretched canvas, 5x7) in the Bird Nest Salon show. Dawn also has work currently at Pure Poetry (4244 Madison Ave.) in Trumbull.

Joanie Landau has a solo show, Rumble ’N Sway  at the Loft Artists Gallery for the month of June, with an opening reception Sat. June 1, 6-8pm. This is Joanie's first show featuring her abstract series ‘Unplugged,’ in which she taps into her lifelong fascination with music’s raw emotional power. She says "music can instantly change my state of mind and hammer away at inner commotion. When I work on my art, the music is on loud, and I embrace the rhythm and the sound vibrations. Creating art without music would be like trying to work in total darkness." Her first solo show at the LAA, Rumble ’N Sway is comprised of all new pieces from this collection. Each work begins with original photography, which Joanie digitally manipulates until she is satisfied with the outcome. She says she loves working with saturated color, as well as starkly contrasting black and whites.
Shelley Lowell received Honorable Mention at the opening reception on May 18th of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists' 9th Annual Member Show for the painting, Visit, (2018, oil/wax on gallery-wrapped canvas, 24x48). The show will be up through June 23.
Jim Malloy will be exhibiting at the CCNS 57th Annual Art Show & Sale, Rowayton Bait Shop Warehouse,  302 Wilson Ave., South Norwalk, that opens with a reception Thurs. May 30, 6-10pm, with both original and limited edition signed prints of his work, including popular paintings inspired by music such as "Imagine," "Torn," "Torch Song," and "California Hotel,” as well as Flight #1 from the Flights of Fancy series of acrylic on paper.  At the Rowayton Arts Center, his Silent Vigil was selected for the Spring All-Media Juried Show. Jim has two paintings, “Country (Still) Life” (acrylic on paper, 20x16; cropped version at right) and Lupine Sublime in the New Pond Farm Invitational Art Show.   Jim has just launched ‘Almost Famous’ (tongue in cheek) newsletter, a light and breezy journal of the sometimes surreal and often serendipitous  journey of an emerging artist.  Interested readers can subscribe on his 3 Dreams Art Facebook page. 
Julie O'Connor has two photographs in The Art of Being a Girl (May 16th - 26th), at Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan. She also has a photograph appearing in Art for Animals (June 2nd - 14th) at the Carriage Barn. Her image We Will Always Have the Hotel de Medicis, Paris, (2018, color photograph, 20x16; click cropped version at right for complete image) was selected by Isabella Garrucho for the Ridgefield Guild of Artists' 9th Annual Member Show (May 18th - June 23rd) and Julie will be giving an Artist Walk & Talk there on Sun., June 23rd, 2-4pm. Julie's Philadelphia Blues will be in the window of the "Groove" on Elm St. in New Canaan during The Carriage Barn Arts Center's Art in the Windows celebration (May 30th - June 14th).
New member Harvey Paris has a solo pop-up show, Sacred Encounters-Moses to Jesus in Wood and Leather, opening with a reception at 222 Post Rd, Fairfield, Thurs. May 30, 7-9pm, and then showing Fri, 1-4pm; Sat, 10am-2pm; and Sun, 1-4pm and 7-9pm. On display will be his latest work, Abraham’s Gift, a leather book featuring 14 carvings, from The Creation, through Adam and Eve, Abraham and Moses, and concluding with Jesus and the Resurrection. This will be displayed as a 14 foot mural. Also included in the show is the Paris Carved Leather Scroll, a 7x5-foot work highlighting the encounter at the Burning Bush and the Passover Story. Three large wood carvings will also be displayed, including his 2016 carving I (SAIAH) HAD A DREAM (30" diameter; see above), called a “tour de force” by Laura Kruger, Curator of the Hebrew Union College Museum in New York City.
Chris Perry has four pieces of his book-based art in Harmony, a City Lights Gallery exhibit, co-curated by Jane Davila and Suzanne Kachmar, opening with a reception, Thurs. May 30, 5:30-9pm, with a short artists' talk at 7:30pm. In terms of the theme of the show, Chris' work uses tens of thousands of small, random cuts, a few, or many, volumes, evoking the many forms of water, a shape that itself has many thousands of ripples, waves, and drops. His four pieces in the show are: 159 Ripples: runoff (2016, altered books, 55x18x8½); 166 Ripples: douse (2016, altered book, paper, fabric, 43x22x9); 173 Ripples: drizzle (2017, altered books, 60x27x8; at right, click for larger image); and 138 Ripples: main (2013, altered books, 18x45x24)
Liz Squillace designed (and helped paint) this Underpass Mural  for the City of Bridgeport. It was inspired by the Purple Knights of the University of Bridgeport and was painted during the graduating class Commencement 2019, using a color palette suggested by UB's own colors. This was commissioned by the City and proved to be a very successful collaboration. Kudos to all involved! You can see it at the intersection of South Ave. and Warren St, under the I-95 exit 27A on-ramp to Rte 8. See more images here.

Thurs. May 30: CCNS 57th Annual Art Show & Sale, Rowayton Bait Shop Warehouse, 302 Wilson Ave, South Norwalk. Opening Reception, 6-10pm (Tara Blackwell, Andrea Bonfils, Nancy Breakstone, Heidi Lewis Colman, Erin Dolan, Kat Evans, Joyce Grasso, Yuko Ike, Susan leggitt, Rachel Linnett, Jim Malloy, Peter Mendelson, Kris Toohey, and Nancy Woodward)
Thurs. May 30: Carriage Barn Arts Center, Art in the Windows. Downtown New Canaan. Opening celebrations, 5:30-7pm (Nancy Breakstone, Janine Brown, Yvonne Claveloux, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Eugenie Diserio, Emily Kelting, Jim Malloy, Karen Neems, Julie O’Connor, Kris Toohey, and Jarvis Wilcox).
Thurs. May 30: Harmony, City Lights Gallery. Opening Reception, 5:30-9pm, with short artists' talks at 7:30pm. (Cris Dam, Herm Freeman and Chris Perry)
Thurs. May 30: Harvey Paris, Sacred Encounters - Moses to Jesus in Wood and Leather. Pop-Up at 222 Post Rd, Fairfield. Opening Reception, 7-9pm
Fri. May 31: Patricia Campbell, Community Dance, Newtown Congregational Church, 6:30-8:30pm.
Sat. June 1: Joanie Landau, Rumble ’N Sway, Loft Artists Association. Opening Reception, 6-8pm.
Sun. June 2:  Frances Ashforth and Lori Glavin, Artists Talks as part of Flinn Gallery's Time and Place exhibition
Sat June 8: Julia-Rose, SavorCity at El Pueblito, 121 Wall St, Bridgeport.
Sat. June 8: Bethel Living History Day: Revolutionary War Period Participatory Dancing (Patricia Campbell).
Sun. June 9: Inside Small, Greenwich Botanical Center Gallery, Cos Cob. Opening Reception, 2-4pm (Nancy Breakstone) 

Make Music Day is June 21. On that day professional and amateur musicians perform for free in hundreds of towns and cities around the globe. In our region there are eight towns participating in Make Music Day. If you are a musician, or a group of musicians, interested in performing in one of the towns below, click on the name of the town and you will be taken to the registration page for that town's Make Music Day. Make Music Day then matches the venues and performers who have volunteered and the local organizers will produce a schedule and will market the events of the day. FCBuzz-Events will also be listing each town's events. Click here to find each town's individual registration details (it's easy): Bridgeport, Fairfield, Greenwich, Milford, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Stamford, or Stratford. 
MAY 30

The Rowayton Arts Center (RAC) will review artwork by local artists who wish to become exhibiting members in January, May and September of this year. Artists should bring items for consideration to the gallery on Thurs. May 30, 11am-5pm. The artist selection will take place on Friday, May 31 with notices sent to accepted artists. Artists should plan on picking up their artwork on Saturday, June 1 from 10 am to 1 pm. See the full Exhibiting Member Prospectus hereRAC celebrates the study, creation and appreciation of the arts through classes, exhibitions and events open to all in the community. For almost 60 years, the RAC has been a cultural gem in the Norwalk community. It is an exceptional gallery where regional artists may exhibit and sell their art, as well as a wonderful venue for art workshops and classes. Visit and follow @rowaytonarts.
 Eliska Greenspoon, Modern Love

City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport, announces its 9th Annual SameSex Exhibit, which will depict expressions of LGBTQQIP2sAA life and issues, opening with a PRIDE Walk July 18. A call for entries ends with the deadline of June 1. Artists do not need to identify as nonbinary to participate. The intention is to achieve the greatest possible inclusion and to create a platform for people of diverse backgrounds to meet and exchange ideas. City Lights also wants to encourage all those who want to express their support and respect. All artists are invited to submit jpegs of their work for consideration by June 1, 2019. Artists will be notified by June 19, 2019. For more info, click here, or email:
SameSex explores LGBT themes, same-sex attraction, related feelings and issues of 2018. Artists need not be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender to participate.
SEND SUBMISSIONS IN JPEG FORMAT, (no more than 8 images), 72 DPI, DUE BY June 1, 2019 to:
NECESSARY INFO TO INCLUDE WITH SUBMISSION: Brief artist's statement, itemized list of art submitted should include: title, size, medium, price of work, Works not for sale should include a value rather than a price. Also include artist’s contact info: name, email, phone (evening + daytime), mailing address and website if available.

Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Auxiliary (St. Raphael Campus, 1450 Chapel Street) seeks Connecticut artists to exhibit their work in 2020 at The Art Corridor, located on the Saint Raphael campus. Twenty- four artists will be selected, two are paired for a one month long show. Accepted media includes: painting, photography, drawing, collage, print, mixed media, pastel, framed textile, wall hung sculpture, and stained glass. Artists please submit via email 2-5 jpg images of your work for committee selection. Artwork Requirements: all art must be prepared with wire to hang securely on the hospital’s picture hanging system. Pricing should not exceed $1,000 but higher priced works will be considered. Sales will be managed by the Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Auxiliary Gift Shop. 30% of all sales will be retained by the YNHH Auxiliary to help fund hospital programs to support patients, families and the community and 70% goes to the artist. Examples of hospital programs and projects the Auxiliary supports are: Toy Closet (every child discharged from the hospital receives a toy of their choice); $500,000 to Smilow Cancer Hospital; $1,000,000 for the Musculoskeletal Center and OB/ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. To learn more about the mission of the Auxiliary, visit To be considered, please email samples of your work to by June 25th,
2019. When submitting your images, say how you heard about the Art Corridor.

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is proud to announce its first non-juried photography exhibition, Photography Goes Wild, an opportunity for the Zoo’s many dedicated amateur and professional photo-graphers to submit their best work for public viewing. Opening night for the Exhibit is Thursday, July 25, a festive evening celebration for the public, to view the photos and for photographers to meet and mingle with each other. Exhibit Rules: Each photographer can submit three photos, sized 8x10, and matted, with a $10 fee per photo. Photos must include animals from Connect-icut’s Beardsley Zoo. They may be older photos from a previous year as well as current photos. Milford Photo will provide First, Second, and Third prizes in the form of gift certificates to the store. First prize: $200; second prize: $100; third prize: $50. In addition to the judged photos, a People’s Choice will be selected. The general public can vote on their favorite by making a one-dollar donation for each vote. Photos will be offered for sale following the opening, with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Zoo. Photos are due to be submitted by June 30, 2019, and may be dropped off at the Front Gate or the Zoo’s Welcome Center. “Art is a natural way for people to express their love of animals and appreciation of nature,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “The Photography Goes Wild Exhibit will help to showcase the stunning diversity of species at the zoo, and we hope, encourage people to focus on preserving wild habitats and animal conservation in new ways.” Submit here.

The Loft Artists Association, Stamford, announce a call for entires to its 6th Annual Tri-State Exhibition, The Shape of Memories. The exhibition will open August 24 and run through September 22, 2019.  The juror/curator is Arianne Faber Kolb, PhD, art historian and independent curator, who was Executive Co-Director of the Carriage Barn Arts Center in New Canaan, a curator in the J.Paul Getty Museum’s Paintings and Drawings Departments, and a researcher in the Paintings Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This exhibition explores the theme of memory and the key role it plays in art. Most artists’ works, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, reflect certain personal experiences and histories. References to the past can be monumental, quotidian or intimate. Everyday objects or places take on new meaning depending on how they are interpreted or experienced. In Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past,” the smell and taste of a madeleine cake triggers a flood of memories and transports the author to another time and experience in his life. The show will explore the various mnemonic devices artists use to create thought provoking connections and commentaries on the passage of time.
Memory can be a very personal journey through one’s own timeline as well as a collective experience of togetherness. The Loft Artists Association is excited to offer this broad and very thought provoking theme for this exhibit. Work in all media will be considered, including collages or sculptures incorporating everyday found objects. Download instructions here. Apply here.

The Mira Fellowship was created by the parents of Mira Yli Fox to honor their daughter. Throughout history, monumental change has come from simple shifts in perspective. Our global society currently faces many seemingly intractable problems. The Mira Fellowship is designed to provide an opportunity for motivated people to address our most pressing issues by stepping back, finding a new perspective, and creating an action plan. Fellows are given one year to research, design, and produce a simple actionable plan for change. How do we reframe garbage? How do we rethink privacy? How do we rethink education? What is your question that could change the world? The fellowship is cohort-based and remotely collaborates monthly as well as meeting in person several times a year. Each fellow receives a small research grant along with on-going coaching, support, and access to expertise. Fellows Receive: A structured work environment and motivated colleagues; expert coaches in their field of interest; travel and housing for in-person breakout sessions; $5000 research stipend to be spent at their discretion. For program overview, click here. Apply here by June 1.

Headlands Center for the Arts is a multidisciplinary, international arts center dedicated to supporting artists, the creative process, and the development of new, innovative ideas and artwork. "Where we are is as important as what we do: our campus comprises artist-rehabilitated military buildings, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge at historic Fort Barry in the Marin Headlands, a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area." The Artist in Residence (AIR) program awards fully sponsored residencies to approximately 50 local, national, and international artists each year. Residencies of four to ten weeks include studio space, chef-prepared meals, comfortable housing, and travel and living stipends. AIRs become part of a dynamic community of artists participating in Headlands’ other programs, allowing for exchange and collaborative relationships to develop within the artist community on campus. Artists selected for this program are at all stages in their careers and work in all media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, new media, installation, fiction and nonfiction writing, poetry, dance, music, inter-disciplinary, social practice, and architecture. Apply by June 7 for Residency window of March–November 2020. Apply with a resume, a letter of interest, names of 3 references, documentation of recent work, and $45 processing fee. Full details here.

The Vermont Studio Center was founded by artists in 1984. Thelocation--situated along the banks of the Gihon River in the historic village of Johnson, Vermont--was chosen with the intention of fostering creativity through community, collaboration, and quiet reflection supported by the unspoiled beauty of the northern Green Mountains. Over the last 30 years, VSC has grown to become the largest international artists' and writers' residency program in the United States. Our mission is to provide studio residencies in an inclusive, inter-national community, honoring creative work as the communication of spirit through form.  Each month, VSC welcomes over 50 artists and writers from across the country around the world to our historic campus in northern Vermont. All residencies include: private room in modest, shared housing; 24-hour access to a private studio space in one of our 6 medium-specific studio buildings; 3 communal meals per day. General applications accepted year-round, with three fellowship deadlines per year: Feb 15, June 15, Oct. 1. Fellowship offerings change at each deadline. Admission is competitive and based on review of portfolio or manuscript. Most residents stay for 1 month, so our sessions adhere to a 4-week calendar; however, residencies can be scheduled in 2-week increments ranging from 2 to 12 weeks if a shorter or longer stay better suits your needs. 25 VSC fellowships open to ALL artists and writers - all applicants will be automatically considered for one of these unrestricted awards. These awards are for residencies scheduled between September 2019 and May 2020. Apply now.

Through exploratory process and emotionally compelling output, Eyebeam believes that artists can help us visualize and realize a more just future. Eyebeam provides both space and support for a community of diverse, justice-driven artists. The annual residency program, highly engaged community of alumni, advanced tools and resources, and shows and events help our artists bring their work to life and out into the world. Eyebeam enables people to think creatively and critically about technology’s effect on society, with the mission of revealing new paths toward a more just future for all. When ideals of capitalist progress become the driver of societal value, a position of refusal can be a political and necessary act. Eyebeam’s 2020 Residency Open Call asks applicants to consider refusal as it relates to technology and its impact on society. How do acts of refusal manifest in one’s life and work poetically or directly? Guided by the central prompt “what are the terms of refusal?” Eyebeam’s 2020 Residency will be punctuated by four key intensives which will be focused on research, experimentation, and exchange. They will be 3-4 days in duration, and organized by international and local visiting professionals who are working creatively as technologists, activists, and stewards of ideas in their fields. The intensives will dive into ideas of refusal in direct response to the residency cohort’s projects and research (see examples and further details here).

The Wilton Historical Society seeks a Museum Educator who will lead and implement the Society’s ongoing 1st, 2nd, and 5th grade curriculum-based education programs. In addition, the Museum Educator is responsible for managing a full calendar of education programs for all ages at the Society, of which a key component is Saturday programs for kids. This position provides support for the marketing efforts to promote all programs. Description: Reports to Co-Director, Education. Supports programming and communication between schools, teachers, students, families, and other non-profit organizations to provide a minimum of: continuing existing curriculum-based Colonial education programs; continuing Scout programs and Colonial Summer Camp; Saturday programs for kids, one adult program monthly; Star, Inc. seasonal programs for disabled adults; work with Chair of Volunteers on staffing as needed; plan program activities, provide full program descriptions, procure supplies, and organize materials, set up and clean up the activities; keep accurate and up to date records of program expenses, attendance data; provide Museum Tours as needed; assist with marketing efforts: tasks include posting flyers, posters and signs; sending press releases to media and calendar listings; connecting with local affinity groups to promote programs; Assist with Betts Store Museum Shop: check out purchases, help customers. Assist with fundraisers. Other duties as assigned. Job Requirements:
Must have genuine desire to educate and bring history to life. High energy team player with strong organizational and communication skills. Good writer with computer skills. Ability to take the initiative, multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment. Ability to maintain clear records and provide goals and other information as requested for grant applications and reports. Saturday work required as well as occasional Sundays and evenings. At least 2 years of experience working in a school or non-profit environment, preferably in programs and/or education. Graduation from an accredited four-year college. Hours: 24 per week, Tuesday-Saturday, with flexibility during the week. Apply for this job: send resume and cover letter; list of three professional references with contact information; contact: Kim Mellin, Co-Director:


The Greenwich Historical Society's History & Art Camp offers children in second through eighth grade a highly interactive camp experience. The first two weeks concentrate on colonial history, while the second two focus on art. Sessions are fun, engaging, and hands-on. A field trip and a Friday Parent’s Day are included each week. The camp is staffed by educators and experienced counselors who have a special interest in history, art, or education. Additional instruction will be provided by professional artists, educators, and re-enactors. The camp serves approximately 30 children daily from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The GHS requires an Assistant Camp Director, whose responsibilities will include: assist the Camp Director in directing and overseeing all camp programs and functions in accordance with the standards set by the CT government; help the Camp Director conduct a pre-camp training for seasonal camp counselors; provide support and guidance to camp counselors and CITs; guide camp counselors in implementing the activities and experiences offered by the camp; help lead art lessons, crafts, and outdoor activities with groups of 15 or 30 children; help to supervise and successfully run four field trips; support counselors by assisting with behavior management; help maintain camp records; be aware of health issues affecting campers; be aware of the signs of child abuse and be willing to report any suspicions to the Camp Director immediately; create a safe, educational, fun, and nurturing environment while making sure discipline is maintained; act for the Camp Director in their absence; be available before and after camp season for additional pre- and post-camp tasks. Qualifications: The Assistant Camp Director must have a BA (education degree preferred); significant and successful experience working with children aged 6 to 12; strong classroom management; an excellent rapport with both parents and children; an ability to work cooperatively with the camp counselors and invited instructors; be highly organized and detail-oriented; and have a background in visual art and/or colonial history. The Assistant Camp Director must be able to work well under pressure and be able to multi-task and prioritize. The successful candidate will be outgoing, enthusiastic, maintain a positive attitude, put the children’s safety and well-being first, and maintain an open dialogue with parents. Previous experience in camps or schools is preferred. CPR training preferred. July 1-August 9. Please submit your resume and cover letter to Heather Lodge, Camp Director.

Aldrich Museum: Digital Media Coordinator
Arts for Learning: Executive Director
Greenwich Historical Society: Archival Processing Intern
May 30: Rowayton Arts Center: In-Person Submission for Becoming an Exhibiting Member
May 31: Moonlight International Film Festival (screenplays, stage plays, short stories, libretti, treatments, films, and more): Submission Deadline

June c1: Regional Initiative Grants (REGI): Application Deadline
June c1: City Lights Gallery: 9th Annual Same Sex Exhibit, Submission Deadline
June c1: Mira Fellowship Application Deadline
June c1: The Painting Center, Patterns of Influence: Artists Who Teach Submission Deadline
June c1: Woman Made Gallery, 22nd International Open Submission Deadline
June c7: Headlands Center for the Arts: Artist in Residence Application Deadline
June c8: Vermont Studio Center: Artist & Writer Residencies Application Deadline
June 10: Touchstone Gallery, DC: America Is... Submission Deadline
June 15: Maritime Garage Gallery, Norwalk: Small Treasures Submission Deadline
June 21: Eyebeam, NYC: 2020 Residency Open Call  Application Deadline
June 30: Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo: Photography Goes Wild Submission Deadline

July c5: Picture That: African-American History Month - Unity magazine Submission Deadline
July 13: Field Projects, New York: Summer 2019 Open Call Submission Deadline
July 15: Loft Artists Association: The Shape of Memories Submission Deadline
July 21: Stamford Art Association: The Faber Birren Color Award Submission Deadline

Aug.c1:  Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Berlin: MiniMaxi Prints Berlin Submission Deadline   

Dec. 31:  Iconic Norwalk: Submission Deadline   

Savor City: Bridgeport Artists and Musicians Needed.

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