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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County, CT
March 3, 2018
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The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is a nonprofit service organization that supports its members through unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services. This newsletter is sent to all who request it - but we ask that, if you are not a member, you explore membership benefits and consider joining this community of more than 575 individuals and organizations. You can sign up here.
WPKN 89.5 SPOTLIGHT ON ARTS & CULTURE - Mon. March 12, Noon 
Following up on our Shaping Community Panel Discussion, The Impact of Public Art with Cris Dam, Sandy Goldstein and Liz Squillace (see that discussion on video here), our next WPKN Spotlight on Arts & Culture will be on the subject of Public Art in our Communities: Who Cares About Public Art? Hear from artists Cris Dam and Holly Danger about the public art they have done in our communities and the impact they have seen it have. What about other public art? Is it appreciated or is it an eye sore? And what kind of public art has the biggest positive impact on the community. Mon March 12, noon on WPKN, 89.5.
For our 3rd Annual ACE Awards, remember to nominate the Artist, Citizen, Corporation, Educator and/or Nonprofit you believe has made the most significant artistic and cultural contributions to our community, or has supported the arts and culture sector through volunteerism and/or patronage. Our Annual Arts & Culture Empowerment (ACE) Awards are designed to celebrate the passion for arts and culture in Fairfield County, and to raise awareness of the quality and diversity of our arts and cultural offerings. Click here to make your nominations. Deadline: March 15.
Christina Blais is a fiber artist and art quilter who comes from a background in engineering and data analysis. She has been sewing and loving textiles since the age of nine - inspired by fabrics and enjoying elevating them to their full potential. She says she feels rewarded when she sees ordinary fabrics work together to make something extraordinary. She says: "I make quilts, but mine are probably unlike anything your grandmother ever made (unless you had one very hip grandmother)." Although she does still make quilts using traditional patchwork-quilt methods, she now usually uses collage, free motion cutting and quilting, and raw edge applique. For Christine, no subject matter is off limits, and her quilts reflect the physical, social, spiritual, and historical worlds, as she perceives them: "in all their beauty, complexity, simplicity and emotion." She enjoys the trial-and error and the incremental nature of collage. "Collage means that an entire piece cannot be totally planned. Certain fabric choices are going to mean other fabric choices down the line." Christina is an accomplished teacher, providing support and direction for those just starting out. Christina's arts business is in the Nest Arts Factory, where she provides space and instruction for individuals and small groups to work on sewing projects. Christina has exhibited in Grand Central Terminal and the International Quilt Festival. She has shown in the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) regional traveling show, Local Color, and is the SAQA state representative for Connecticut. She is also a member of the CT Fiber Arts Collective. See Christina's website, and Facebook page.

Rebeca Fuchs is a figurative and imaginative painter whose representations explore the world of emotions and feelings, in humans, animals and any life form. She was born in Madrid, Spain, where she graduated the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Design. She developed a professional career as a furniture designer, creating numerous collections for the retail and contract markets and working for major hotel projects (see Her career in the hospitality industry brought her to work and live in Europe, Asia and finally the US, experiences which enriched her both professionally and as a human being. While living in the US, she started to combine art and design projects; and after motherhood, she decided to channel all her creativity into painting.Her art work uses figurative representations in vibrant and intense colors to express emotions. Interested in the wholeness and complexity of life, and its multiple manifestations in plants, animals, humans and even the microscopic world, Rebeca, in her work, explores the meaning of feelings, and of consciousness in all the life around and inside us. She writes that in painting she finds her silence, where she can listen to the world; "listen to the feelings and emotions of humans, of animals, of any life around me.  I try to find the common thread that runs through all of it: colors that repeat them-selves, shapes that multiply, curves that talk of pain or laughter, gestures that reminds us of our humanity, dreams that come to frighten or to save us." Rebeca has shown her work at the Barrett Art Center (Poughkeepsie, NY), at the Fairfield Public Library's Bruce S. Kershner Art Gallery, at the Westport Arts Center. and the Ely Center of Contemporary Art (New Haven). See her website, and her Facebook and Instagram pages.


Jen Williams is an Australian-born landscape and figurative artist now based in Westport, though also spending time on St John, in the US Virgin Islands. Jen grew up on a remote sheep station in rural Australia, where she developed her strong connection to the natural world. She says she has a particular love and respect for the violent unpredictability of nature, which inspires many of her paintings, such as in her St John Tropical series, where she delights in capturing the battle between native island flora and the invasive vines as they fight for light and life. She has also studied movement as a form of rehabilitation for many years, and this knowledge, and her work with people with acute disabilities, is evident in her figurative paintings. She writes: "As with mother nature, the body offers up secrets to those with the understanding, insight, and patience to observe." Jen has a BA in Business Communications and has continued her studies in fine arts at Parsons School of Design in New York and in Connecticut at Rowayton Arts Center and Silvermine Art School, where she has won awards in juried shows. She paints in oil and watercolor on canvas, metal and paper. Jen can be found teaching pilates in her Westport movement studio, or painting in The Art Studio, the collective group of Westport artists - that also includes CAFC members Kat Evans, Veronica Hofstetter, Kris Toohey and Cynthia Whalen, and others. See her upcoming show at The Gallery@Pearl (See "Your News," below. for details. See Jen's website, Facebook and Instagram pages.  
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Elizabeth Agresta, Painter
Valerie Ahneman, Musician
Peter Alexander, Landscape 
Tracey Anderson-Kollar, Visual 
Francesca Andre, Filmmaker and
Leslee Asch, Curator, Writer
Frances Ashforth, Painter/ 
Judith Bacal, Designer
Anna Badini, Painter
Mary Bailey, Sculptor & Writer
Louise Baranger, Musician
Patrice Barrett, Painter
Nina Bentley, Mixed Media/
Sue Benton, Photographer
Paul Berger, Photographer
Karla Bernstein, Photographer
Thomas Berntsen, Photographer/
Binnie Birstein, Painter/
Elise Black, Painter
Tara Blackwell, Painter
Christina Blais, Quilter
Ziggy Bober, Sculptor
Amy Bock, Painter
Andrea Bonfils, Mixed Media Artist
Dennis Bradbury, Photographer
Carolyn Brady, Photographer
Nancy Breakstone, Photographer
Eric Brennan, Singer
Michael Brennecke, Painter
Wendy Brest, Mixed Media
Lucienne Buckner, Sculptor
Bevi Bullwinkel, Painter
Miggs Burroughs, Graphic Artist
Trace Burroughs, New Media
Joy Bush, Photographer
Louise Cadoux, Painter/Sculptor
Bob Callahan, Painter
Donna Callighan, Photographer
Patricia Campbell, Dancer
Linn Cassetta, Printmaker
Polly Castor, Painter
Carolyn Cavolo, Dancer
Ann Chernow, Painter/Printmaker
Eric Chiang, Painter
Frederic Chiu, Pianist
Elaine Clayton, Painter and Writer
Alicia Cobb, Painter
Joyce Colburn, Painter
Heidi Lewis Coleman, Mixed
Catherine Conroy, Photographer
Margaret Stapor Costa,
Adger Cowans, Photographer/
Naomi Cruz, Painter
Dolly Curtis, Curator
Lisa Cuscuna, Painter
Dawn Dahl, Painter
Cris Dam, Painter/Muralist
Holly Danger, Video Artist
Betsy Davidson, Painter
Carlos Davila, Painter, Sculptor
Jane Davila, Fiber Artist/Mixed
Cortney Davis, Writer
John Deakins, Sculptor
Ken Delmar, Painter
Loren DePalma, Painter
Joseph Dermody, Painter/
   Sculptor/ Furniture Maker/
Emily Derr, Illustrator/Designer
Joyce DiCamillo, Musician
Barbara Kunin Dierolf, Painter
Jan Dilenschneider, Painter
Eugenie Diserio, Painter
Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Mixed
Erin Dolan, Painter
Amy Dolego, Photography
Jennifer Drolet, Painter
David Dunlop, Painter
Philip Eliasoph, Writer
Jeanine Esposito, Mixed Media
Katherine Evans, Painter
Susan Fehlinger, Painter
Louise Flax, Mixed Media
Rosaida Flores, Dancer
David Laurence Flynn, Lighting
Heide Follin, Painter
Christa Forrest, Painter
Rose-Marie Fox, Painter
Cecilia Moy Fradet, Painter/ 
Herm Freeman, Painter
Rebeca Fuchs, Painter
Megan Garbe, Painter
Sandy Garnett, Visual Artist/
Rhonda Gentry, Painter
Joe Gitterman, Sculptor
Leslie Giuliani, Mixed Media
Scott Glaser, Painter
William Glaser, Photographer
Lori Glavin, Visual Artist
Danielle Goldstein, Photographer
Ellen Gordon, Painter
Sue Brown Gordon, Painter/
Ellen Gould, Photographer
Nicole Grant-Paul, Painter
Joyce Grasso, Painter/
Kristen Graves, Musician
Len Grayeck, Painter
Jen Greely, MultiMedia/
Mindy Green, Mixed Media
Carolina Guimarey, Mixed Media
Barry Guthertz, Photographer
Dorothy Hafner, Sculptor
Don Hamerman, Photographer
Mary Harold, Photographer
Julie Headland, Painter/
Adair Heitmann, Printmaker
Kate Henderson, Mixed Media
MaryEllen Hendricks,
Gwen Hendrix, Fiber/Mixed
Lenore Eggleston Herbst, Dancer
Tracy Hoffman, Photographer &
Veronica Hofstetter, Painter
Bruce Horan, Painter/Printmaker
Elizabeth Howard, Writer
Sonya Huber, Writer
Yuko Ike, Painter
Jana Ireijo, Painter
Sholeh Janati, Painter
Martin Johnston, Sculptor
Renée Kahn, Painter/Sculptor
Vasken Kalayjian, Painter
Karen Kalkstein, Graphic Artist
Amy Kaplan, Painter
Natasha Karpinskaia, Painter
Ed Katz, Theatre Critic
Emily Kelting, Photographer
Karen Kent, Painter
Elisa Keogh, Photographer
Susan Keown, Painter/Mixed
   Media/ Ceramicist/
   Photographer ASSOCIATE
Niki Ketchman, Sculptor/
Lesley Koenig, Painter
Richard Koleszar, Painter
Xiao Mai Kong, Painter
Moki Kokoris, Visual Artist
Michael Kozlowski, Painter
Joanie Landau, Jewelry 
Lydia Larson, Painter
Paul Larson, Painter
Emily Hamilton Laux,
Eric Jiaju Lee, Visual Artist/
Phyllis Lee, Visual Artist
Julie Leff, Painter
Valerie Ann Leff, Writer
Susan Leggitt, Painter
Barbara Loss, Photographer
Shirley Lowell, Painter/Sculptor
Jane Lubin, Mixed Media
Katya Lebrija, Painter/Mixed
Mark Macrides, Painter, Collagist
Jessica Makin, Painter/ 
Mary Manning, Painter/
Elizabeth Marks, Painter
Ruben Marroquin, Fiber Artist
Nadia Martinez, MultiMedia
Sooo-z Mastropietro, Multimedia
Barbara Mathis, Painter
Megan Bonneau McCool, 
Carole McClintock, Painter
Grace S. McEnaney, Painter
Nancy McTague-Stock, Mixed  
Shanna Melton, Poet
Kristin Merrill, Jeweler/Sculptor
Toby Michaels, Painter
Jay Misencik, Photographer
Allyson Monson, Photographer
Duvian Montoya, Painter
Brechin Morgan, Painter
Day Moore, Painter
Nancy Moore, Painter

Meighan Morrison, Painter
Carol Mueller,   
CynthiaMullins, Painter
Susan Murray, Painter
Aisha Nailah, Mixed Media/ 
Tava Naiyin, Dancer
Dale Najarian, Painter
Karen Neems, Photographer
Susan Newbold, Painter
Mary Newcomb, Painter
Jill Nichols, Painter
Eddie Niño, Painter
Judy Noel, Painter
Julie O’Connor, Photographer
Kazumasa Oda, Painter
Amy Oestreicher, Performing/
   Visual Artist
Melissa Orme, Painter
Rose Palmiero, Painter
Parkway South, Musicians
Judy Peknik, Painter
Louisa Percudani, Producer,
Justin Perlman, Sculptor
Chris Perry, Book Artist
Jay Petrow, Painter
Laura Pflug, Painter
Marjorie Poe, Painter
Diane Pollack, Mixed Media
Karen Ponelli, Painter ASSOCIATE
Lynn Carlson Popat, Painter
Joseph Provey, Painter
Jennifer Prat, Photographer
Elizabeth Quesada, Painter
Ben Quesnel, Sculptor, 
Cynthia Quintanal, Sound Healer
Lauren Rago, Mixed Media
Tim Reimer, Painter
Gwen North Reiss, Poet
Rick Reyes, Singer/Songwriter
Barbara Ringer, Photographer
Mariya Rivera, Painter
Christian Roesch, Painter
Alyse Rosner, Painter/Mixed
Richard Sadlon, Musicians
Renee Santhouse, Graphic Artist
Jill Sarver, Painter
Roxanne Faber Savage, Visual 
Ellen Schiffman, Fiber Artist
Norma Schlager, Fiber Artist
Marianne R. Schmidt, Painter
Lisa Seidenberg, Filmmaker
Rick Shaefer, Visual Artist
Barbara Shea, Writer
Alissa Siegal, Painter
Norm Siegel, Painter
Lisa P. Silberman, Photographer
Nomi Silverman, Graphic Artist
Phyllis Sinrich, Photographer
Bronislava Slagle, Mixed Media 
Megan Smith-Harris, Writer/ 
Cleo Sonneborn, Painter
Rene Soto, Painter
Liz Squillace, Painter/Printmaker
Connie Stancell, Painter
Sergei Stepanenko, Painter
Kevin Stevens, Mixed Media
Barbara Stewart, Painter
Pam Stoddart, Painter
Florence Suerig, Visual Artist
Susan Tabachnick, Sculptor
Juliette Tehrani, Painter
Mick Theebs, Writer/Painter
Alicia Thompson, Actress/
Dara Tomeo, Painter
Kris D. Toohey, Painter
Andrea Towey, Musician
Ruth Kalla Ungerer, Printmaker
Amy Vensel, Painter
Vincent Verrillo, Painter
Karen Vogel, Painter
Lee Walther, Mixed Media
Peggy Weis, MultiMedia
Cynthia Whalen, Painter
Joan Wheeler, Painter
Al Coyote Weiner, Painter
Ann Weiner, MultiMedia
   Conceptual  Artist
Jahmane West, MultiMedia
Elizabeth White, MultiMedia
Justin Wiest, Painter
Jarvis Wilcox, Painter
Bruce Williams, Painter
Jen Williams, Painter
Tammy Winser, Mixed Media
Nancy Woodward, Photographer/
   Mixed Media
Dmitri Wright, Painter
Jeffrey Wyant, Visual Artist
Greg Ziebell, Painter
 See a List by Town of Artist Members: here
❦ – See a List by Town of all Organization and Creative Business Members: here
Paul Berger, Michael Brennecke, Susan Fehlinger, Heide Follin, Joyce Grasso, Yuko Ike, Amy Kaplan, Emily Kelting, Dana Laird, Susan Leggitt, Julie O'Connor, Chris Perry, Lisa P. Silberman, and Juliette Tehrani were among the 67 artists (with 81 works) selected for inclusions in the Rowayton Arts Center's Annual Juried Spring Show. Opening Reception: Sun. March 4, 4-6pm.
Too many members to mention are among the 108 artists taking part in this annual special Westport Artists Collective Pop Up show, hosted by the Westport Arts Center (WAC). Amanda Innes, WAC Executive Director, commented, "The all-member Pop Up takes place once a year, and is a perfect opportunity to support the arts and artists on a regional level. The artwork is accessible for collectors of all levels.” Opening Weds. March 7, 6-8pm
Patrice Barrett, Yuko Ike, and Jill Sarver are among the 11 artists who have work in the History of Woman show at The Klein Art Gallery. The artworks honor women throughout history. Curated by artist Benjamin Casiano. Opening Reception, Thurs. March 8, 6-8pm, at which there will be a free tasting of Johnnie Walker's special edition Jane Walker scotch.
Paul Berger, and Nancy Breakstone were juried into FOCUS '18, the 20th edition of the Wilton Arts Council’s annual FOCUS photography exhibit, on view daily at the Wilton Library from Sat, March 3 through Thurs, March 29, during library hours, with an opening reception and award ceremony Fri. March 9, 6-7:30pm
Frances Ashforth is showing 10 of her monotypes at the Art on Paper fair, Pier 36, New York, March 8-11. Her work is being shown through and can be found at booth 620. At right, one of the 10: Blue Line 1, (2017, unique water base monotype, 22x22). Click for larger image.
Paul Berger has two photographs that were juried into in the Rowayton Arts Center's Annual Juried Spring Show, opening with a reception, Sun. March 4, 4-6pm: Linked In, and After the Rain, (archival print from film, 16x20, cropped image at right, click for larger image). Paul also had two photographs Treasured Letters, and Thunderbird Flair, juried into Focus '18, opening at Wilton Library March 3, with a reception Fri. March 9, 6-7:30pm.
Patrice Barrett  has work in the History of Woman show at The Klein Art Gallery, opening with a receptionThurs. March 8, 6-8pm. At right, Patrice's Landscape of Change (acrylic, frisket, pencil on board, 16x20). Patrice commented that when she first created the piece it reminded her of an aerial view of a landscape: "Women have always been part of changing and shaping history, although until recently mostly as landscape, providing a background for events to play out upon."
Nancy Breakstone has two works, taken in Cuba, that were juried into FOCUS '18, currently on view daily at the Wilton Librarywith an opening reception and award ceremony Fri. March 9, 6-7:30pm. At right, Hallway in Havana (2017, digital photo, 22x18, detail at right click for larger image). Quite different from her beach series, these are from her Portraits of Life series. Nancy said what most fascinated her was the stark contrast between the colorful facades of the buildings in Old Havana, and their dim interiors.
Trace Burroughs is one of the 108 artists with work in the Westport Artists Collective popup show, opening reception, March 7th, 6-8pm. Trace's piece is Essence of Spirit (2017, digital painting, 16x20).
Ann Chernow reports that she and Leonard Everett Fisher have just been announced as the first two Honorary Members of the Westport Artists Collective. Congratulations! Ann also reports that her colleague Bernard Lang's novella, The Empathiad, recently published by Amazon Direct Publishing, and dedicated to Ann Chernow and Victor Davis, uses as its cover Lady in the Lake, Ann's 2014 lithograph from one stone.
Carol Nipomnich Dixon is exhibiting two works at the Art Society of Old Greenwich’s Spring Show at the Garden Education Center, 130 Bible Street, Greenwich. The show will be up through March 16, 2018, with a reception Fri. March 23, 6-8 p.m. Sunlit Woods (2017, embroidery thread and Caran d'Ache on felt, 13"square framed, at right). The second work is a 36" square oil painting, Petal Paths
Yuko Ike was one of 67 artists whose work was accepted into the Rowayton Arts Center's Spring Juried Show, opening this Sun. March 4, 4-6pm. She won Honorable Mention in the Oils category for Study for Mt. Fuji (2017, oil on canvas, 18x24). Yuko also has work in the History of Woman art show, opening at The Klein Art Gallery Thurs. March 8, 6-8pm. At right is her En Route (2016, oil on canvas, 40x30, detail at right, click for complete image). 
Joanie Landau's digital series In Bloom is on view at Whip Salon, Ridgefield, through May 2018. At right, Venice (2018, digital collagraph printed on archival ink jet paper, face mounted to 1/4" Plexiglass, 30" square). The pieces in this collection symbolize renewal, birth and hope in a world that is in the midst of dark times. Inspired by a quote from the Brave Girls Club, “If you can’t find any roses to stop and smell, then paint some, sew some, dream some up…there is always a way to find what we are seeking.”
Barbara Loss has two sets of photographs in Silence Breakers, an exhibit at New Haven's Ely Center of Contemporary Art organized with Nasty Women Connecticut, opening with a reception Thurs, March 8, 5-8pm. Barbara has one series of three images, entitled WE, showing issues of gender and individuality of a performance artist, whose alter ego Roxana Rojo is part of his identity. At right, Pedry Roxana Rojo (click for complete image). The second set, entitled Woman Abuela Artist is a series reflecting a woman’s many roles: those of propriety, feminine beauty, loving grandmother and artist.
Parkway South will be playing at the infamous Cafe Nine in New Haven this Sat. March 3.  Mike Liebensohn and Heather Prescott Liebensohn, with their new bassist Doug Wray, and drummer Dave Reynolds, go on first at 9pm, followed by two other woman-led bands, Run Jenny and Chaser 8. More details here.

Congratulations to Chris Perry for winning the First Place Award for Sculpture at the Rowayton Arts Center's Annual Juried Spring Showopening with a reception, Sun. March 4, 4-6pm, for his 153 Ripples: wave. Chris also has his 139 Ripples Sparkling (2013, paper and fabric, 11x20x30, image at right, click for larger version) in a group show, Paper Rock Scissors, opening at Five Points Gallery, Torrington, Fri. March 9, 6-8:30pm.
Jill Sarver is showing Anonymous XVII (2016oil on canvas, 36x24, detail at right, click for larger image) in the History of Woman show at The Klein's Mezzanine Art Gallery. Jill comments: "My works are intuitive responses to my research, observation, and perception of women of the ancient Egypto-Roman world. Even at a young age, I brought these silent figures to life in my mind and translated them into drawings. As ancient peoples were buried and forgotten, my sketchbooks lay dormant for many years. My desire is to resurrect these characters and express the same love, nostalgia, and haunting that I feel, to the viewer."
Lee Walther has her sculpture Free to Be Me (2017, Weathered Wood, Plexiglas Table w/ Mixed Media Boxed Assemblage 20x20x20, at right) in Silence Breakers, an exhibit at New Haven's Ely Center of Contemporary Art organized with the Nasty Women Connecticut collective, opening with a reception Thurs, March 8, 5-8pm. Lee commented:"A Rubenesque nude is lying on a beach, a safe place in nature, where she is free from negative body image, judgements, inappropriate gestures invading her personal space. A seal is offering her a fish which holds a symbolic meaning of change and transformation. There is an inspirational message in a bottle floating on the sea glass ocean and surprises are hidden in the sand. She is joyful, peaceful and playful."
Jen Williams has a solo show at Gallery@Pearl, with an opening reception Thurs. March 15, 5-7pm. The show is of flora and fauna, a fascination with which started with her childhood in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in Australia. She says: "With the spring flowers came wonderful surprises in the form of change, color, light and astonishing new growth. Many years of travel, study and working abroad have further enriched my appreciation for new flora, wildflowers and their curious possibilities." At right her Fresh Spring Flowers (2018, oil on brushed silver aluminum, 30x30, click for larger image), a work in which she builds up texture by layering warm yellow glazes, then mixing blues directly into the yellow to create areas of foliage and variated color. She used a subtraction technique to excise out the shapes of flowers and light, then added opaque paint to form the petals and foliage.   
Compiled List of Artist Member Openings & Events
Click button to right to download events to your ICAL or Google Calendar
Sun. March 4: Annual Juried Spring ShowRowayton Arts Center. Opening Reception, 4-6pm (Paul Berger, Michael Brennecke, Susan Fehlinger, Heide Follin, Joyce Grasso, Yuko Ike, Amy Kaplan, Emily Kelting, Dana Laird, Susan Leggitt, Julie O'Connor, Chris Perry, Lisa P. Silberman, and Juliette Tehrani)
Weds. March 7:
Westport Artists Collective Annual Pop-Up Show. Westport Arts Center. Opening Reception, 6-8pm. (Too many members to mention!)
Thurs. March 8:
History of Woman, The Klein. Opening Reception, 6-8pm (Patrice Barrett, Yuko Ike, and Jill Sarver).
Fri. March 19: FOCUS'18, Wilton Library. Opening Reception and awards ceremony,  6-7:30pm. 
Thurs. March 15: Jen Williams solo show, Gallery@Pearl. Opening Reception, 5-7pm.
Now that you have read our NEWS...
Check for listings of all EVENTS by our members!
MARCH 19-23

Spectrum Art Gallery and Store (61 Main St., Centerbrook, CT) is featuring for its Spring 2018 exhibition, Nature in Black and White. It seeks works by artists who, through a palette of grays, whites and blacks, show the detail and beauty found in nature.The exhibition opens, Fri. March 30, 6:30-9pm, with an opening reception and closes May 13. Submit an application now, by sending in an email message to Barbara Nair a) Title of show in subject line of your submissions; b) 3 high resolution jpg files with title, medium, dimensions and price; c) biography in Word or as a PDF; and d) your contact information. Submit Now!
Receiving Period is March 19-23, 2018


The Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival is held in Wells, Maine, every September on the weekend after Labor Day. This prestigious event brings many of New England's finest craftspeople and artisans, selected by jury, to exhibit their wares for thousands of browsers. Music and food round out the 2-day festival. Applications are now available for the 31st annual Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival, which will be held September 8 and 9, 2018, on the historic campus of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm, Maine. The world of nature is a unifying theme for this juried festival in a spectacular seaside setting. Quality and originality are key criteria used by the selection committee. Proceeds benefit education, conservation, and research programs at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve. Apply online here.


Gordon Fine Arts announces the 6th Norwalk Art Festival, June 23-24, 2018. Partnering with the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum and Center for Contemporary Printmaking, and with the support of Stepping Stones Museum, Norwalk Arts Commission and The Norwalk Parks Department, this art festival is a premier cultural event in the area, featuring 100 juried fine art and craft artists exhibiting in a beautiful museum park setting in Norwalk. The artists will be the focus of this two-day festival, located in a beautiful park setting, nestled between 2 museums and a nationally recognized art center, as well as the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County. This juried fine art and fine craft festival will also have some performing artists, as well as  food offerings. In the tradition of The Bruce Museum Art Festivals, this event promises a high quality arts experience for both the visitors as well as the artists. Booth fees are affordable and each space allows for storage and drive up access. Categories are limited for a balanced show. Known for original fine arts and crafts, this show is a destination for Art Patrons with distinctive taste. The show is artist-friendly and easy to direct your CT, NY, MA and NJ patrons to, located right off I-95. Friday set-up, Over night parking and security. Apply Here.

The Norwalk Public Library is again organizing what is now the fifth annual Norwalk Lit Crawl, to liven up April, "the cruelest month" on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. The call is out for readers to read a poem in honor of poetry month. The choice is yours -- choose a reading of about 3 minutes or less, including your introduction, why you chose that poem. Let Norwalk Librarian, Chris Bradley know what you will be reading by March 23 by emailing her here or calling 203-899-2780 ext. 15126. The organizers will then include the name of your poem in the program, together with a one-or-two-line bio so the captain can introduce you. If you have friends who have not read before, but who want to join in the fun, please encourage them to sign up. There is no judging at the LitCrawl! This year we will convene at the Wall Street Theater at 5:30 and then move out to read at the restaurants from 6:30 to 8:00. The event will benefit Norwalk Reads. Please encourage your friends to buy a ticket online by donating $10 to Norwalk Reads. The restaurants will provide FREE appetizers and a CASH BAR for all attendees.

Boston Cyberarts loves hearing about the amazing work of the extensive Cyberarts community and have issued a call for a juried exhibition of art/technology art to open Saturday May 25 through Sunday July 1 at Boston Cyberarts Gallery. They are looking for work that pairs art and technology in a thought provoking and visually engaging manner. They’re particularly interested in pieces that use technology to facilitate art, or art to observe technology from a novel perspective, preferably some combination of the two. Boundary-pushing is desired and respected. Works that address, rather than use, technology on a conceptual level may also be considered. Judging will be finalized by April 10. Opening Reception will be 6-8 PM, Friday, May 25, 2018. The quality of THE submission is the single most important factor when judging the work. Please include images, video and complete textual descriptions. Please explain your thinking in a clear and succinct manner. Pieces should be reliable, durable, and safe. The Cyberarts Gallery will comfortably house moderately-sized artworks and installations, but space is somewhat limited. Please limit your proposed work a maximum size of 8*8*8 feet (2.4*2.4*2.4 meters). Gallery is adjacent to a train station so is not suitable for some audio works. To submit work complete the submission form here below and email additional materials according to the instructions. Deadline: April 1, 2018.

The AT&T Film Awards is an open competition seeking imaginative, undiscovered short films from aspiring creators who want their voices heard. AT&T is supporting and rewarding excellence in filmmaking with $60,000 in cash prizes, exposure, and a chance to take home the coveted AT&T Film Awards trophy during the finals at Warner Bros. Studios on June 2, 2018. For the 4th Edition of the competition, the spotlight is on aspiring and underrepresented storytellers, and creators utilizing innovative filmmaking techniques such as 360 Cinematic Video, films shot on mobile, and CGI/Animated shorts.  Submissions will be accepted through April 15, 2018 or once 1,500 submissions are received, whichever comes first. A film’s final running time must not exceed 10 minutes, including credits. Films will be accepted in action/adventure, comedy, documentary, drama, experimental, horror, sci-fi, and thriller. Films must be in English and must be completed after January 1, 2016. Finalists selected must be available to attend the finals at Warner Bros. Studios in L.A., June 2-3, 2018. Travel/hotel accommodations will be provided for one member from each team. Supported video file type: .mp4. One submission per entrant and films must be shot at a minimum 1080p HD resolution
The judging panel will review films based on 1) Creativity & Originality, 2) Entertainment Value, 3) Characterization and 4) Production Value. Click here for categories and guidelines. Apply here.
And Remember:
Mar. 3-4: Greenwich Art Society: 101st Members Annual Exhibition. Receiving
Mar. c9: Carriage Barn Arts Center: Spectrum, Submission Deadline
Mar. 10: Center for Contemporary Printmaking: Footprint International Submission Deadline
Mar. 15: Maker Faire Westport: Application Deadline
Mar. 16: Westport Fine Arts Festival Applicaton Deadline Extended Date 

See more in Opportunity Calendar below, after JOBS.

  • Run by WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation) this is a registry of opportunities, as well as an application management system. Registration required.
  • ArtSake: Archive of Calls for Artists, run by the Massachusetts Arts Council
  • "the art world's first and most accessed resource of its kind"
  • The Calls for Artists (can be indexed by state and deadline)
  • Scoop.It: Public Art RFPs and RFQs
  • NYFA Opportunities: Calls, Residencies and other opportunities. Can be indexed by date, location and type
  • No Film School recently released a list of opportunities available from January to March, 2018, for documentary, narrative, screenwriting, and new media projects
  • Poets & Writers - the most trusted resource for legitimate writing contests grants and awards available anywhere.

How might cultural institutions use technology to connect people to the arts?Technology can radically advance the way people access and participate in the arts, helping cultural institutions reach people where they are, keep pace with audience preferences and create fresh avenues for creative expression. The Knight Foundation is launching this open call for ideas to explore digitally-driven approaches that galleries, museums, performing arts centers, theaters, and arts organizations of all genres might use to inspire audiences. Applicants don’t have to work for an organization. Knight is looking for ideas from arts organizations, artists, technologists, designers, educators, researchers and others inside or outside of institutions who are eager to experiment. The Foundation is open to diverse approaches and perspectives on the use of technology to connect people to the arts, and seek to identify projects that have the potential to be replicated by others in the field. The Foundation expects to award a share of up to $1 million with an average grant size of $50,000. In addition to funding, grantees will also benefit from training in innovation methods and opportunities to learn from others in the group. The deadline to submit your idea is 11:59 p.m. EST on March 6, 2018. Winners will be announced in May 2018. The application consists of six short questions. Apply here by 11:59 p.m. March 6.

The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency, Paris is accepting applications for its Summer Term (July 1 - August 31, 2018). The residency provides the recipient with: A classic Parisian courtyard apartment/studio in the 15th arrondissement; Travel to and from Paris; $1000/month stipend. The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency was established in memory of ArtSlant’s Founder who passed away December 8, 2012. Georgia was dedicated to supporting and investing in artists and writers, and had a deep connection with the city of Paris. The Residency selects artists and writers who critically engage with the city of Paris, its history and its potential. It provides an opportunity for awardees to explore the cultural landscape of the city; to deepen their practice through experimentation and research; and to increase exposure of their work to an international audience. Visual artists of all mediums, art writers, and critics, 24 years or older, are welcome to apply. Selection is made based on the merit of past work, the potential for future success, the ability to independently develop new work, and the proposed project’s relevance to the city of Paris. Recipients will be required to produce a serial, web-based component (blog, visual essay, hypertextual experiment, etc.) which will be hosted on The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency in Paris provides the recipient with lodging for 2 months in an apartment/studio in the 15th arrondissement, travel to and from Paris, and a $1000/month stipend. There is a $25 application fee to cover administrative costs and support the residency. Residents are expected to secure their own travel documents and visas. Requirements depend on country of origin. For more information and to apply, click here.

The International Sculpture Center is seeking a diverse and comprehensive program at the 28th International Sculpture Conference on October 25-28, 2018. All panel proposals must be submitted electronically via the form on the ISC website. No faxed, mailed, or emailed abstracts will be accepted. The deadline for submissions is March 12, 2018. This year’s conference will focus on topics in contemporary sculpture and proposals submitted should fall into these categories:
Body and Context - work that uses the body (human or social body – to explore and understand facets of identity and action.
● Reimagining Monuments – Discussions on the legacy, preservation, and rethinking of monuments.
● Engaging the Civic Commons - How can artists can encourage engagement with existing community members? 
● Art and Science - Intersections between the two.
● Affect and Effect: Sculpture in Politics and Freedom - How can sculpture be a form of activism?
● Artist-Run and Collaborative Spaces - What are the advantages and challenges?
 Sculpture, Archives, and Collections
How can a potential collector be informed or inspired by archives and collections?
 The Current and Future State of Sculpture and Sculptural Education
What makes sculpture today? How is this communicated to the “next generation”? 
● Artist Projects and Workshops
 Wildcard - Any other topics in contemporary sculpture.
Click here for Application and Guidelines.


Need to network or pitch a project? The New York Foundation for the Arts  (NYFA) is holding a workshop on Wed., March 21, 6pm., to show you how to break the ice. If you work in an arts discipline that requires networking and pitching, this event is for you! Starting the Conversation is an informative and at times interactive workshop that will explore ways to break the ice before making a pitch to people you have never met, or when connecting with new people in social situations. Learn practical techniques for opening that important conversation with the people who can move you and your work to the next level, courtesy of 25-year entertainment industry veteran Jim Fyfe. Fyfe is a writer/producer, actor, standup, and teacher. He was Segment Producer on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” where he produced over 100 interviews with directors, actors, writers, rock stars, comedians, and Presidential candidates. He has taught on-camera technique, acting and improvisation, and coached speakers for TED and TED-x events. He has written for “Biography,” “Exhale with Candice Bergen,” and “Night After Night” on Comedy Central, and most recently was Consulting Producer on “Then and Now with Andy Cohen” on Bravo. The workshop will be held at NYFA's Brooklyn offices at 20 Jay Street, Ste 740. The cost is $20 for the general public; registration is required via Eventbrite.

Poets & Writers has produced an updated comprehensive guide will tell you
how to find an agent, what to expect from an agent, how to work with an agent,
and more. The Guide to Literary Agents, updated for 2018, is a collection of articles edited by the staff of Poets & Writers Magazine that will teach you everything you need to know about literary agents. This handy resource includes practical tips on landing an agent and expert advice from agents, editors, and writers across the publishing industry.
Topics covered include:
  • How to find the right agent for you and your work
  • Where agents search for new talent
  • How authors find their agents
  • Tips on how to impress and secure an agent
  • What agents look for in a manuscript
  • Best practices for sending proposals
  • How to make your work stand out
  • What agents do for authors
  • The new author-agent relationship
  • How agents work in today’s literary landscape
  • Advice from agents, editors, and writers across the industry
  • How to know when the time has come to dissolve a relationship with an agent
The Guide costs $4.00 as a downloadable electronic resource in PDF format. You can download it here.

From The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University"Art plays a significant role in American democracy. While protest art has been part of our culture for a very long time, the Internet and social media have changed the available media and the visibility of protest artists. Digital technologies make it easy to find existing works and incorporate them into your own, and art that goes viral online spreads faster than was ever possible in the analog world. Many artists find the law that governs all of this unclear in the physical world, and even murkier online. The authors of this guide are a collection of lawyers and creative folks. We have seen how the law can undermine artists, writers, and musicians when they’re caught unaware, and distract them from the work they want to do. But we’ve also observed how savvy creators use the law to enhance their work and broaden their audiences. This guide is intended to ensure that you are one of the savvy ones.
1. Copyright Part 1: what it protects (and doesn’t) and how to use copyrighted works.
2. Copyright Part 2: Fair Use — what it is, how it’s determined, and the risks its risks.
3. Copyright Part 3: getting permission to use the work of others — how to find the owner and make a license request.
4. Trademark: what it protects, and when you can use another’s trademark.
5. Rights of privacy and publicity: the legal rights implicated when protest art features real people
5. Sharing and merchandising your work: licensing your work and making money.


Creative Arts Workshop, a nonprofit visual arts school and gallery in downtown New Haven, CT seeks a full-time registrar to start immediately. The successful candidate will join a dynamic team of professionals under new leadership who are dedicated to CAW’s mission, to building a thriving and sustainable institution, and to providing high quality arts instruction, experiences and studio environments for its loyal and growing new audiences. As part of realizing the vision for CAW, the registrar will work towards measurable goals to increase enrollment, increase the number, variety and composition of its workshops and classes, and ensure greater profitability of the school. The registrar will work with the faculty, department heads and the Executive Director to achieve these goals by developing and producing a rich, vibrant, and relevant curriculum each semester that are part of a cohesive whole and competitive in the marketplace. The registrar’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to registration activities for classes and workshops, curriculum development and delivery with faculty, producing the four-times-a-year online and print catalogs, providing excellent customer service, and working toward measurable goals of increasing enrollment and revenue from tuition. Additional details on activities and responsibilities and a full position description can be found here. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the entire position description before applying.


The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum seeks an Education Assistant (Assistant) who will support its Programs and Education Department in developing and delivering innovative, enriching, and creative strategies for engagement with Pre-K through 12 students and educators; college and university students and educators; families, teens and adults. Supporting outreach to these audiences is a critical role for the Assistant, who will also have the opportunity to generate ideas and content in the programs listed below, as well as across the department. The Assistant will lead gallery tours and programs for students and teachers; will support the efforts to develop exhibition-based tools and resources for teacher and student learning; identify and communicate with teen audiences; and research and support college and university relationships and partnerships. The Assistant will support public programs for families and adults including but not limited to content generation and administration prior to, logistical tasks during, and assessment and evaluations after. The Assistant will collaborate with program staff, per diem educators, teaching artists, and guest speakers, aid in material preparation, and when necessary be the staff point-person on site. For full job description, click here. Requirements include: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, preferably in museum studies, art education, art history, studio arts or similar; and 2 years job-related experience (preferably museum teaching and administration experience). Position available immediately. Please submit writing sample and 2 professional references with application. Send a cover letter and resume to:, with the subject line “Education Assistant.” 
Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available
Aldrich Museum: Senior Development Officer; Development Database Coordinator
Connecticut Office of the Arts: Unpaid internships
Fairfield Museum: Director of Community Programs
Kennedy Center, Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative: Expressive Arts Facilitator/Therapist
Wesleyan University: Center for the Arts Associate Director for Programming and Performance
Westport Country Playhouse: Development Fellow and P/T Box Office and Concessions Associate

MEMBERS: Please post your Job Opportunities in FCBuzz Classifieds:
Mar. 3-4: Greenwich Art Society: 101st Members Annual Exhibition. Receiving
Mar. c6: Knight Prototype Fund: Art & Technology Projects Application Deadline
Mar. c7: NEA Creative Writing Fellowships in Poetry: Application Deadline
Mar. c9: Carriage Barn Arts Center: Spectrum, Submission Deadline
Mar. c9: Norwalk Arts Festival: Application Deadline
Mar. 10: Center for Contemporary Printmaking: Footprint International Submission Deadline
Mar. 12: Intl. Sculpture Center Conference: Deadline for Panel Proposals
Mar. 15: Maker Faire Westport: Application Deadline
Mar. 16: Westport Fine Arts Festival: Application Deadline Extended.
Mar. 19: Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Paris Residency Application Deadline
Mar. 19-22: Spectrum Gallery, Nature in Black and White: Receiving 
Mar. 21: Norwalk Arts Festival: Application Deadline
Mar. 21: Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival (Sept. 8-9) Application Deadline
Mar. 23: Norwalk Lit Crawl (April 3) Reading Request Deadline: Email or call 203-899-2780
Mar. 31: Art at Ives: Application Deadline

April c1: Boston Cyberarts: Art/Technology Exhibit: Submission Deadline
April c4: Bridgeport Public Schools: Arts Count Day
April 15: AT&T Film Awards: Short Films Application Deadline
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