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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County
August 2, 2019
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Photo by Dennis Bradbury

As she puts it herself "With a name seemingly drawn from a woodland forest, it's not surprising to find Holly Hawthorn's work full of natural elements." A sculptor, printmaker and ceramicist, Holly works in many mediums. Her work is playful and thought provoking, cheerful and memorable. She remembers well the moment when she found the ceramic studio in the basement of a now long obliterated old converted house on the campus of the University of Bridgeport in the 1970’s. She spent the next four years there, and says that still has the dust of that encounter under her finger nails and in her soul. The discovery of the magic and mystery of creating art sent her to The New School in New York, The Athens Center, in Greece, The University of Urbino, Italy, to Cambridge and MECA, Maine. Holly then kept a studio in Westport for many years, before moving her studio to the American Fabrics Arts Building in Bridgeport. She just recently retired after 25 years of teaching art at Weston High School, and has been recognized for her art journaling, a practice she has maintained for over 40 years. Each small painting in her journal evokes a particular memory or place; taken as a whole, the journals represent a beautiful retrospective of her extensive travels. The inspiration for her current work is derived from the vast collection of shells, stones and beach rake items she has gleaned from the shores of Maine to Ireland. She says that anyone who makes their home in the Fairfield County area is more than familiar with seashells: this is the bounty we live with. The seashell is a timeless symbol that for her evokes the playfulness of time spent at the beach and the wonder of nature. Her current porcelain sculptures reflect her love of oceans and beaches, while her prints evoke serenity, reflective of mist, fog and water themes.  Holly carefully crafts and conceals individual unique porcelain portraits within shells found from Maine to Ireland. These works are meant to conjure a smile as well as memories of walks on the beach. One's experience of beach walks can be forever changed by works like this: "Walks on the beach and forest on soft grey days provide me with inspiration to create monoprint images showing the subtle colors and fleeting moments that only become visible in the misty atmosphere--like the images created by the waves on the water edge, similar but infinitely different. The seashell is a timeless symbol that for me evokes playfulness of time spent on the beach. The illustrative works I create are titled to amuse the viewer." Holly says she especially enjoys using 'plays on words' to title them. They are 'little celebrations' of art." See Holly's websiteInstagram and Facebook pages.

Duvian Montoya grew up in Norwalk and currently lives and works with his family in Easton. He has always been inspired by his hard working Colombian parents, who exposed him to all aspects of Latin Culture, and who nourished his passion for art at an early age. Attending Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, he then worked restoring 19th-century lithographs, before traveling to Europe. There, it was Van Gogh who became Duvian's main inspiration, as he developed his own language of color and brush stroke. Back from Europe, Duvian moved to Albuquerque, where, influenced by the New Mexican landscapes, skies and culture, he continued to develop his own distinct style. Drawn back to the Northeast, his focus now combined an interest in the area's cultural history and its social issues with his personal observations on everyday life. In 2012 he was commissioned to create two large public art projects: Silhouetted Faces and Period Pieces for a subway tunnel at the South Norwalk Train Station (a 60-foot mural showing the changing fashions of the many generations who have passed through the tunnel); and Harvesting Community, a 16x37-foot mural for New Haven's new Hill Central School, celebrating the fruits of labor as a community in gardening, food, music, dance, art and family. In 2013, he was commissioned by Norwalk 2.0, as part of its FACES of Norwalk project, to paint a 6x11-foot WPA-style mural, Norwalk Migration, for the Norwalk Public Library, telling the story of his parents' migration in the 1960s from Colombia to the US. In 2017, he was commissioned by the Mary & Eliza Freeman Center in Bridgeport to create a work of art to describe Bridgeport's Little Liberia, one of the first freed black communities in America. In Pillars of Freedom, he depicted Mary and Eliza Freeman - the teachers, bankers, and organizers of the community in the 1820s. Today, his work has moved beyond the
"magical realism" of his early work and its
themes of immigration, Latin American identity in the U.S., and displacement, to focus more on technical skill and detailed imagery. With scenes culled from the more banal moments of our everyday life, this new quietness allows him to make surprising choices and subtle statements about the way we live our lives today. Duvian has been active in inspiring and organizing fellow artists. In 2006, he created The Peanut Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, showing the work of contemporary New Mexican artists; in 2009, he spearheaded the creation of the St. Philip’s Artist Guild in Norwalk; and in 2014, he was a co-founder of the Artists Collective of Westport. Duvian’s work has been displayed across the country and around the world. He is a member of the Artists Collective of Westport, and the Greenwich Art Society. See his website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. See his Artist Talk at 22 Haviland Street Gallery.
Those artists who have posted their profiles onto our new website, that launched Nov. 2, 2018 have their names in green (to see their page, go to and type their name into the search box at the top of any page). Please join them.
Elizabeth AgrestaPainter
Valerie AhnemanMusician 
Peter Alexander, Landscape 
Leslee AschCurator, Writer
Frances AshforthPainter/ 
Judith BacalDesigner
Anna Badini, Painter
Louise Baranger, Musician
Daniel Wade BarrettPainter
Patrice BarrettPainter
Jan Bassin, Writer
Nina BentleyMixed Media/ 
Sue BentonPhotographer
Susanne BentonMixed Media.
Lisa BergerVisual Artist
Paul R. BergerPhotographer
Karla Bernstein, Photographer
Thomas BerntsenPhotographer/ 
Tara BlackwellPainter
Christina BlaisQuilter
Ziggy Bober, Sculptor 
Amy BockPainter
Andrea BonfilsMixed Media Artist
Dennis Bradbury, Photographer
Carolyn Brady, Photographer
Nancy Breakstone, Photographer
Michael BrenneckePainter
Janine BrownMultidisciplinary
Lucienne BucknerSculptor
Bevi BullwinkelPainter
Miggs BurroughsGraphic Artist 
Trace Burroughs, New Media
Louise CadouxPainter/Sculptor
Bob Callahan, Painter
Vincent Calenzo, Painter
Donna Callighan, Photographer
Patricia Campbell, Dance Caller
Lynn CarlsonPainter 
Linn CassettaPrintmaker
Alan Chapell, Musician
Ann ChernowPainter/Printmaker 
Eric ChiangPainter
Frederic ChiuPianist
Yvonne ClavelouxPainter
Lauren Clayton, Painter
Gabi CoatsworthWriter
Alicia Cobb, Painter
Heidi Lewis ColemanMixed 
Linda CollettaPainter
Rosa ColònPainter, Mixed Media
Tom Comerford, Photographer
Penrhyn CookPhotographer
Rod CookPhotographer
Margaret Stapor Costa, Filmmaker
Adger Cowans,  Photographer 
Naomi Cruz, Painter
Dolly Curtis, Curator
Lisa CuscunaPainter
Dawn Dahl, Painter
Cris Dam, Painter/Muralist
Holly DangerVideo Artist
Betsy Davidson, Painter
Carlos Davila, Painter, Sculptor
Jane Davila, Fiber Artist/
   Mixed Media 
Cortney Davis, Writer
John Deakins, Sculptor
Ken Delmar, Painter
Joseph Dermody, Painter/ 
   Sculptor/Furniture Maker/Violist
Emily Derr, Illustrator/ 
Joyce DiCamillo, Musician
Barbara Kunin Dierolf, 
Eugenie Diserio, Painter Media
Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Painter, 
   Fiber Artist
Afsaneh Djabbari-Aslani, Painter
Erin Dolan, Painter
Ganga Duleep, Painter
David Dunlop, Painter
Philip Eliasoph, Writer
Jeanine Esposito, Mixed Media 
Katherine Evans, Painter 
Susan Fehlinger, Painter
Kathy FitzgeraldPainter
Louise Flax, Mixed Media
Sally Frank,Painter
David Laurence Flynn, Lighting 
Heide Follin, Painter
Christa Forrest, Painter
Rose-Marie FoxPainter
Cecilia Moy FradetPainter/ 
Herm Freeman, Painter
Rebeca Fuchs, Painter
Rebecca Fretty (Pink 
   Imperfection) Fiber Artist

Liz Gabriel, Musician
Megan Garbe, Painter
Rhonda Gentry, Painter
Robin Jopp Gilmore, Mixed Media and Upcycled Jewelry
Joe GittermanSculptor
Scott GlaserPainter
Lori Glavin, Visual Artist
Joanna Gleason, Actor
Gayle Gleckler, Painter
Ellen GordonPainter; Mixed 
Ellen GouldPhotographer
Michele Gramesty, Jeweler
Joyce Grasso, Painter/Photographer
Jen Greely, Painter/ Printmaker
Carolina Guimarey, Multi-Media 
Barry Guthertz, Photographer
Dorothy Hafner, Sculptor
Mary Harold, Photographer
Mike Harris, Photographer
Holly Hawthorn, Sculptor, 
   Printmaker, Ceramacist
CeramacistKerry Gale Heftman, Painter
Adair W. Heitmann, Printmaker
Kate Henderson, Mixed Media
MaryEllen HendricksPhotographer
Gwen Hendrix, Fiber/Mixed Media
Lenore Eggleston Herbst, Dancer
Tracy HoffmanPhotographer &
Veronica Hofstetter, Painter
Sonya Huber, Writer
Yuko Ike, Painter
Jana IreijoPainter
Sholeh Janati, Painter 
Vasken Kalayjian, Painter
Karen Kalkstein, Graphic Artist 
Amy Kaplan, Painter 
Wayne Keeley, Writer, Producer
Emily KeltingPhotographer
Karen Kent, Painter
Susan Keown, Painter/Mixed Media 
Niki KetchmanSculptor/ 
Jin Hi Kim, Musician
Lesley Koenig, Painter
Moki Kokoris, Visual Artist
Richard Koleszar, Painter
Dawn Kubie, Photographer
Joanie Landau, Jewelry 
   designer/ Printmaker
Emily Hamilton Laux, 
Eric Jiaju Lee, Visual Artist/
Julie Leff, Painter
Liz LeggettPainter
Susan Leggitt, Painter
Henry Lepetit, Painter
Rachel Linnett, Painter
Julia-Rose LiptackPainter
Barbara LossPhotographer
Shelley Lowell, Painter/Sculptor/ 
Diane Lowman, Writer
Jane Lubin, Mixed Media
Lauri MacLeanChoreographer, 
Mark Macrides, Painter, 
Steve Magee, Painter
Dan Makara, Painter
Jessica Makin, Painter/ 
Jim Malloy, Painter
Connie Manna, Painter
Mary Manning, Painter/Printmaker
Elizabeth Marks, Painter
Joel Martin, "Jazzical" Musician
Nadia MartinezMultiMedia
Sooo-z Mastropietro
Fruma Markowitz, Photographer
Barbara MathisPainter
Megan Bonneau McCool,
Grace S. McEnaney, Painter
Ann McRae, Painter
Nancy McTague-Stock
Peter Mendelson, Photographer
Kristin MerrillJeweler/Sculptor
Toby Michaels, Painter
Annamari Mikkola,
   Photographer, Designer, Curator
Jay MisencikPhotographer
Duvian Montoya, Painter
Day MoorePainter
Nancy MoorePainter
Brechin MorganPainter
Lina MorielliMulti-Media
Meighan Morrison, Painter
Carol Mueller, Painter/Printmaker
Cynthia Mullins, Painter
Susan MurrayPainter
Dale Najarian, Painter
Erin Nazzaro, Painter
Karen NeemsPhotographer/
   Mixed Media
Susan NewboldPainter
Mary NewcombPainter
Jill NicholsPainter
Tim NighswanderPhotographer
Julie O'Connor, Photographer
Amy OestreicherPerforming/ 
   Visual Artist
Melissa Orme, Painter
Rose Palmiero, Painter
Eileen PanepintoMixed Media
Harvey Paris, Carver
Steve PartonPainter
Rich Patton IV, Painter
Judy PeknikPainter
Justin PerlmanSculptor
Chris PerryBook Artist
Jay Petrow, Painter
Laura Pflug, Painter
Igor Pikayzen, Violinist
Diane Pollack, Mixed Media
Karen Ponelli, Painter
Jennifer Prat, Photographer
Penny Putnam, Painter
Elizabeth Quesada, Painter
Ben QuesnelSculptor, 
Tim Reimer, Painter
Gwen North Reiss, Poet
Barbara RingerPhotographer
Mariya Rivera, Painter
Dorothy RobertshawMixed 
Lizzy Rockwell, Painter, 
   Illustrator, Author

Alyse Rosner, Painter/Mixed Media
Katherine Ross, Painter
Richard Sadlon, Musicians
Renee Santhouse, Graphic Artist 
Anthony Santomauro,  Painter
Jill SarverPainter
Ellen SchiffmanFiber Artist
Marianne R. Schmidt, Painter
Guy Sealey, Multimedia
Eric Seplowitz, Photographer
Katie SettelPhotographer
Rick ShaeferVisual Artist
Rosalind Shaffer, Ceramist
Barbara Shea, Writer
Alissa SiegalPainter
Norm Siegel, Painter
Lisa P. Silberman, Photographer
Nomi Silverman, Printmaker
Lisa Small, Painter
Vicki French Smith, Painter
Megan Smith-Harris, Writer/ 
Rene Soto, Painter
Carole Southall, Painter
Liz Squillace, Painter/Printmaker
Connie Stancell, Painter
Barbara Stewart, Painter
Pam Stoddart, Painter
Florence SuerigVisual Artist
Denise Susalka, Painter
Janice Sweetwater, Painter
Susan TabachnickSculptor
Julliette TehraniPainter
Alicia ThompsonActress/ 
Kris D. TooheyPainter
Andrea Towey, Musician
Ruth Kalla Ungerer,  Printmaker
Vincent Verrillo, Painter
Karen VogelPainter
Lee Walther, Mixed Media 
Liz Ward, Multi-Media
Ann WeinerMulti-Media, Painter
Peggy Weis, MultiMedia
Gregg WelzPaper Artist
Cynthia Whalen, Painter
Joan B. WheelerPainter
Jarvis Wilcox, Painter
Bruce Williams, Painter
Jen Williams, Painter
Jonah WilnerPainter
Tammy Winser, Mixed Media
Sherri WolfgangPainter
Nancy WoodwardPhotographer/ 
   Mixed Media
Dmitri Wright, Painter
Jeffrey Wyant, Visual Artist
Gregg ZiebellPainter
 – Latest List by Town of Organization and Creative Business Members: here
 – Latest List by Town of Artist Members: here
Carol Dixon, Heide Follin, Scott Glaser, Ellen Gordon, Joyce Grasso, Mike Harris, Duvian Montoya, Mary Newcomb, and Melissa Orme had work selected for Unity in Diversity, the Greenwich Art Society's 102nd Annual Summer Juried Exhibition showing at the Greenwich Arts Council's Bendheim Gallery. The show has a reception Fri. Aug 2, 6-8pm, and runs through Sept. 6. The juror was Hillary Reder, Curatorial Assistant at New York's Museum of Modern Art.
Andrea Bonfils is one of two artists representing Connecticut (the other is Victoria Sevigny) in 50 States/200 Artists, an exhibition of encaustic art at the Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe, NM (see catalog) through Sept. 15, 2019. She also has work in the Summer Group Show at Isabella Garrucho Fine Art (including Choose Love, oil and encaustic, 48x48). Andrea recently installed a 20-foot, ceiling mounted, floating semi-transparent wall of underwater floral photography, from her   Submerged Garden Series, at Push Fitness, in Melville, NY (at right; click for complete image).
Nancy Breakstone had her photograph Willows In The Sand (iPhone, 16x13, detail at right) juried into FotoFoto Gallery’s 5th International Phone-ography Competition, July 31-Aug. 24, in Huntington, NY. The show opens with a reception on Aug. 3, 5-7pm.  Nancy's photograph was one of just 30 photographs accepted out of more than 450 entries.
Miggs Burroughs and Ann Chernow are now writing a monthly column, the last Friday of each month, with news about the visual arts in Westport, for the Westport News. Called Art Town, it will cover a wide range of topics and will be available in the print edition and online. Miggs and Ann will be picking up from a column that used to run in the paper decades ago, but was discontinued. In their first column they list Westport's current, non-commercial venues and town-sanctioned works of art. In subsequent months they will focus on each of these and then explore commercial art organizations, current art events, and the work of individual artists. See their first column here.
Carol Nipomnich Dixon’s two entries were selected for inclusion in Unity in Diversity, the Greenwich Art Society's 102nd Annual Summer Juried Exhibition showing at the Greenwich Arts Council's Bendheim Gallery. The show has a reception Fri. Aug 2, 6-8pm, and runs through Sept. 6. There is a VIP tour with the juror Hillary Reder, a Curatorial Assistant at MoMA, scheduled for Thurs. Aug. 8, 5:30-7pm. Carol’s embroidered collage on felt Rainbow Confetti Celebrates All, 15” square framed, created last year, received the $100 Jerry’s Artarama Award. Her oil painting Diverse Colors Create the World, 24” diameter, also created last year, is her second work in the show.
Scott Glaser had two pieces juried into Unity in Diversity, the Greenwich Art Society's 102nd Annual Summer Juried Exhibition showing at the Greenwich Arts Council's Bendheim Gallery. The show has a reception Fri. Aug 2, 6-8pm. Scott's two pieces are: SUITS#4 (men’s suit fabric, shirt button panels and belts on canvas; detail at right, click for complete image) and Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz - Protection Against the Slings and Arrows (fabric bandages mosaic on Arches watercolor paper). The juror was Hillary Reder,  Curatorial Assistant at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. 
Dan Makara is a filmmaker as well as a visual artist. Two of his short films are going to be the next featured program in the Connecticut Film Festival's FilmFest52 series of free films at Housatonic Community College (HCC). The Art in Film program, starting at HCC, Fri. Aug. 9, 6pm, will include: Irwin: a New York Story, a docu-mentary by Dan on cartoonist Irwin Hasen, who drew Wonder Woman in the 1940s and created "Dondi" that ran in the Chicago Tribune for 30 years; and A Story in Stone, Dan's film on Bridgeport lithographer James Reed, which includes a short history of the lithography process with Eric Mourlot, whose family business printed Matisse & Picasso. A panel discussion at 7pm will include Dan, co-director and producer Frank Borres, and James Reed.
Jim Malloy has two acrylic paintings in the Kent Artist Association's annual President’s Show at the Kent Gallery through August 4Country (Still) Life (at right) and Pinot NoirJim has also been invited to join Stamford's Loft Artists Association
Duvian Montoya's They Are Watching (2019, graphite and gouache on watercolor paper, 60x48; detail at right; click for complete image) won the Irene Buynoski Award for Free-hand Drawing in Unity in Diversity, the Greenwich Art Society's 102nd Annual Summer Juried Exhibition showing at the Greenwich Arts Council's Bendheim Gallery. The show has a reception Fri. Aug 2, 6-8pm, and runs through Sept. 6. Duvian comments that "this piece was created in response to the hateful and divisive rhetoric in our politics and media today. My hope is to unite and show empathy towards others to guide our future generations to a more peaceful planet. The never ending knot, which is the background has been a symbol of unity and connectivity in numerous cultures for centuries." 
Amy Oestreicher received great news coverage for the launch of her book My Beautiful Detour at Barnes & Noble (see Westport News article). She reports that she enjoyed an artist residency at Dragon's Egg Studio July 18-20, with director Kristy Chambebrelli, in Ledyard, CT, ending with a book signing. And Amy will be premiering an original reimagined multimedia musical, Passageways, at HERE Arts Center, New York, August 6-8 at 8:30pm. The performances will be followed with a talkback and book signing, with the talkback facilitated by Marianne Gunther, president of New York Art Therapy Association.
Chris Perry had his 181 Ripples: spigot  selected for Unbound, a juried show at Artistree GallerySouth Pomfret, VT,  of artists from the northeast looking to explore "the book" as concept, object and format. The show is part of the annual BookStock in Woodstock, VT, and continues through Aug. 24. Chris has said about this series: The Ripples series started with a love of the flip-book with the difference that instead of flipping the pages to view the movie, the blank spaces were cut away so the entire “movie” could be seen when the cover of the book was open. They now tell of water, water structures and the effect of both on other things. I try to convey these ideas by selecting the number and size of the volumes, by how the filaments are employed and where and what if anything happens inside the assembled mass. Frequently there are voids created within the stack of books and these may be viewed with varying degrees of clarity with the use of a mirror reflecting the light back to the viewer. Other times the interior is so filled or the opening is too small to view what is occuring so that only by lifting blocks of pages can the interior be seen; just as not all sources or ends of water systems are always readily visible.
Barbara Ringer is one of the 20 artists singled out from a pool of nearly 400 applicants from across the U.S. (the largest number to have entered) for  b.j.spoke gallerys annual Paperworks exhibition, in Huntington, NY.  Paperworks 2019 was juried by Hillary Reder, curatorial assistant at the Museum of Modern Art's Department of Drawings and Prints,  and will be on view through Aug. 28. The show opens with a reception Sat. Aug. 3, 6-9pm.  Barbara's work is Family Album (9x24, vintage album with found and created photographs; at right). Pages from this album, as well as others, can be seen here on Barbara’s website.

Fri. Aug. 2: Unity in Diversity, Greenwich Art Society Annual Summer Juried Exhibition, Bendheim Gallery. Opening Reception, 6-8pm (Carol Dixon, Heide Follin, Scott Glaser, Ellen Gordon, Joyce Grasso, Mike Harris, Duvian Montoya, Mary Newcomb, and Melissa Orme)
Sat. Aug. 3: 5th International Phone-ography Competition, FotoFoto Gallery, Huntington, NY Opening Reception, 5-7pm (Nancy Breakstone).
Sat. Aug. 3: Paperworks 2019, b.j.spokes gallery, Huntington, NY. Opening Reception, 6-9pm (Barbara Ringer)
Fri. Aug. 9:  Dan Makara, Art in Film Program, Housatonic Community College, 6-10pm
SpaceFinder is FREE - to list or to search space for use by arts and cultural organizations and artists:

The Carriage Barn Arts Center has a call to all current members to exhibit one piece of in its 42nd Annual Member Show, an exhibit that celebrates the range, interests, and talents of artist members working across all subjects, styles, and media. Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the artistic activities of the New Canaan Society for the Arts, Inc. One piece in the show will be awarded the Betty Barker Award and a $250 prize. This year’s member show will run in conjunction with the Carriage Barn’s “Living With Art” event series. The series will include an artist talk, workshop, a panel discussion and more. Three exhibiting members will be selected to participate in a special event on Sept. 18 focusing on using fine art in interior design with award-winning designer Chris Roughan of Roughan Interiors. Entry fee: $20 for up to three submissions (one will be selected).
Deadline: Friday, August 16 (midnight). See complete prospectus here.  Enter here.

The American Mural Project announces that its 2019 Art of Work Gala will feature Recycled Runway—a recycled wearable art show. Participants (individuals or teams) are invited to create outfit(s) made of trash and/or recyclable materials, and present them at the Art of Work Gala, a benefit event for the American Mural Project (AMP) on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 6pm in Winsted, CT. Wearable art creations should be made from at least 75% recyclable and/or trash materials that would otherwise be previously used, considered junk, or would have ended up in the landfill if you hadn’t rescued them for art. Exceptions: shoes and sewing notions, including zippers, thread, snaps, hooks, glue, and tape. Designs must be safely worn on the human body. Please, no glitter. Click here for full instructions. Click here to download the entry form. Click here to apply online.
6X6 4 PEACE 

The Valley Arts Council (VAC) & The City of Ansonia announce Art in the Park at the Rock the Valley 2019 event in the Nolan Field Sports Complex in Ansonia, CT, on Sat. Aug 24, 2-10pm. The VAC seeks artists and photographers to set up tents and displays to show & sell their work in an "art exclusive" part of the venue. The VAC is the primary resource for artists & photographers in the region and is encouraging artists to take advantage of a special offer to join VAC for $30 and save an additional $10 off the fee for the event ($35, non-member; $25, VAC member). Spaces are approx. 15ft x 15ft and VAC can accommodate additional size setups within reason. The field is highly illuminated, but you may bring your own generator or power source. Artists must provide own chairs, set up, tents. For more information and to download an application form, click here. Deadline to apply: Aug. 19

The Ridgefield Guild of Artists announces it is seeking applications for its 42nd Annual Juried Exhibition. to take place Sept 21 to Oct 20, 2019. The show is open to all regional artists age 16 and older. Artists may submit up to 5 works.
Members: $20 for first entry and $10 for each additional piece up to 5, payable by credit card via EntryThingy. Non-members: $30 for first entry and $10 for each additional piece up to 5. Non-members wishing to join prior to submitting their entries may do so by going here  (member-ship: $55 ($30 for seniors/students). The juror for the exhibition is Fred Giampietro, owner of New Haven's Fred Giampietro Gallery (opened in 1979). For further information, and to apply via EntryThingy, click here.

The Rene Soto Gallery, Norwalk, has announced a call for entries for the exhibition Dreams, to run Oct. 12-Nov. 10, 2019. Dreams: everyone has them, whether stories while sleeping, goals and aspirations, or fantasies. Show us your interpretation. Open to artist 18 years and over living in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Original art in any two-dimensional or three-dimensional media, created in the last 3 years and not exhibited previously at Rene Soto Gallery, including: painting, fiber art, mixed-media, photography, drawing, printmaking, pastels, and 3D bas-relief artwork created to be hung on a wall is eligible. The juror is Juan Ramiro Torres, born in Lima, Peru, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, he currently works as fine artist, art teacher, graphic designer and journalist. For further details, and to apply, click here. Deadline: Sept. 5, 2019.

Spectrum Gallery, Centerbrook, CT,  is calling for artists working in all mediums to submit art for its outdoor Autumn Arts Festival, on the Historic Madison Town Green. The two-day event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, October 12-13, 2019 and is limited to 100 participants. Four large group tents are available for those who want to participate but do not own their own tents. In total there are 32 spots available under the large tents (some are already taken) so submit as soon as possible.  Artists, however, who do have their own tents can choose to use them. See prospectus for more details. Festival artists have the additional option to exhibit work at Spectrum Gallery, 61 Main Street in Centerbrook, during the concurrent Group Gallery Show, September 27-November 10, 2019.

The Academy of New England Ballet Company is holding auditions for its 2019/ 2020 Season on August 18th and 25th at Connecticut Dance Conservatory at 279 Ferry Boulevard, Stratford, from 11:00 am registration until 2:00pm when class ends. Master teachers will instruct the class.

The Connecticut Office of the Arts'  Artist Fellowship Program (AFP) provides competitive grants to encourage the continuing development of Connecticut artists. Fellowships provide support for artists to pursue new work and achieve specific creative and career goals. Reviewers designate applications after you submit for
Artistic Excellence grants: $5,000
Artist Fellowship grants: $3,000
Emerging Recognition grants: $1,000 
Fellowship awards are particularly competitive, and artists are encouraged to apply only when they have created a substantial body of recent work that can be presented professionally. Applicants, who must be the primary creator of original works of art, will be asked to identify their work in one broad category and up to  four general categories. To apply, submit  a one-page narrative,  a work sample and a bio/resumé. The Fellowship is NOT a project grant, and is designed to support the creation/development of new work. The primary review criteria is artistic excellence. All applications must be submitted digitally via the online portal: Application Guidelines are available here.  See a list of 2018 Artist Fellowship awardees here. Applications must be received on or before 11:59 pm, Tues. Aug 20, 2019. 

The Arts Workforce Initiative (AWI) Sponsorship seeks to support art projects organized by young urban creatives in Connecticut with up to $1,000. Organized by the CT Office of the Arts with the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, this project offers funds to creatives organizing community events and cultural experiences happening in New Haven, Hartford, New London, Waterbury, Bridgeport, and Stamford. Projects must be aligned with the CT Office of the Arts' R.E.A.D.I. framework. Interested creatives must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to receive a sponsorship:
  • Be between ages 18 - 40
  • Have a leadership role in organizing the project
  • Have a project that must occur during the next 90 days 
  • Have a project that must take place within the designated cites: Bridgeport, Hartford, New London, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury
  • Have a project that must align with the R.E.A.D.I. Framework.
Individuals can apply for funds here. For more information, click here.
Aug. 10: Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA: Crossing the Line: Refugees in Search of Sanctuary 
   Submission Deadline
Aug. 15: Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum: The Trained Eye: Art of Railways Deadline
Aug. 16-17: Ridgefield Guild of Artists: Bedlam Receiving
Aug. 16: Carriage Barn Arts Center: Annual Members Show Submission Deadline
Aug. 16: American Mural Project: Recycled Runway Submission Deadline
Aug. 17: Stamford Innovation Week: OpenPOP 2019 Submission Deadline
Aug. 19: Valley Arts Council, Art in the Park: Application Deadline
Aug. 19: Ridgefield Guild of Artists, 42nd Annual Juried Exhibition: Submission Deadline
Aug. 20: CT Office of the Artists Artists Fellowship Program: Application Deadline
Aug. 30: New Canaan Library: Open Call for Shows in the Curtis Gallery   

Sept. c5: Rene Soto gallery, Dreams Submission Deadline
Sept. 15: Pequot Library: Art Libris: Celebrating Art + Text Submission Deadline
Sept. 19: Miami University, Ohio: Young Painters/Nonrepresentational Competition: Application Deadline
Sept. 27: Spectrum Art gallery: Autumn Arts Festival: Submission Deadline 

Oct. 28: Stamford Museum & Nature Center: Holiday Market Submission Deadline

Dec. 31:  Iconic Norwalk: Submission Deadline   

Savor City: Bridgeport Artists and Musicians Needed.
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