Subject: First College Impressions

Crystal Reyes, a Denison College freshman is "shocked and delighted by the different style of teaching in college. In high school we were told what to learn and how to learn it. Here I need to take a more active role in the learning process and to think for myself. There are so many different perspectives to think about!"
Call her..."Senator Maria Carrasco" a SUNY Albany freshman, shown here with mentor Janet Olshansky. Maria campaigned for and won her dorm's seat as representative to the SUNY Albany Senate. Janet, a Barnard College graduate, recently retired from running an educational media company she cofounded with her husband. As the mother of a college junior and a recent college grad, she has the know-how, enthusiasm, and energy to help Maria reach her college dreams!
Michelle Fatibene is an inspiring mentor and Board of Directors member. Born in Italy, Michelle is a 'first gen' who came to this country at age 12 with no English. Fast forward a few years to when Michelle graduated class valedictorian at Fox Lane High School and headed off to Brown University. Graduate school, a career in health care consulting, marriage and two successful college grads of her own came later. Her success story moves all of us at Campus Bound Scholars! Michelle is pictured above with her student, Hanami Robles, a SUNY New Paltz freshman from Port Chester. Hanami is an engineering major who told Michelle she likes all of her professors and is going to 100% of their classes. Way to succeed in a tough major, Hanami!
Eileen Beccera, a freshman at Manhattan College, tells mentor Gillian Mines: "I'm not so happy with my schedule but it's not terrible. I like all my teachers. I'm so comfortable on campus it's why I chose this school!! The food is not bad I'm trying to eat different things so I don't get sick. Oh and I found a great group of friends...I love them!" Gillian, her lucky mentor, is a first gen herself who graduated from Cornell University. She is an active local volunteer with one college student of her own and two more high schoolers soon to follow.
Andres Castillo, a 2014 Campus Bound Scholar and Princeton University sophomore, told a rapt crowd of current CBS students and mentors "Embrace your mistakes, be mindful of every decision you make from this moment forward, and along the way, be sure to leave a trail for those who come after you." Amen!
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