Subject: Sharp Meeting Follow Up

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to your amazing group last week. I hope you enjoyed my presentation!

Sharp will most likely be sending it out, but if you would like it sooner, please respond to this email and ask for it and I will send it along.

I have also signed you up for my newsletter that comes out a couple of times each week. The first one will come out by the time you wake up tomorrow.

If you do NOT WANT IT, please click the unsubscribe button in the emails and it will remove you from my mailing list or from the removal link below this message.

I will be writing a review of your meeting once I'm back in the States in a week or so and will publish it to my newsletter. 

There will be MANY photos from your event and I'm hoping I was able to get all of you in at least one!

Please let me know if any of you make it to Rochester NY as I would love to show you around my beautiful (currently freezing) town!

Best regards, 


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