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June 7, 2018

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Lexmark Gran Prix Dealer Event

I'm heading home from the Lexmark dealer event in Montreal later today.

The event, sponsored by ACDI and BEI, is part of a 6-city road show Lexmark has been doing for the last couple of months and it's winding down with final visits to Boston and Chicago.

Each event was centered around something fun, such as the Gran Prix here in Montreal, a day at the track in Vegas, an event at Fenway, etc.

One might think that Lexmark only put on this road show so execs could play with race cars, but there was actually some pretty cool stuff they showed.

I hate the word disruptive, it's overused, so pick something else to describe the product you're soon going to learn about. 

According to my thesaurus, you might use unsettling, troublemaking, disturbing...I don't know if those really work, but you get the idea. 

Let's just say, if I was still selling for a dealer, what I saw would be WAY up on my wish list. Full article coming Thursday, but you can see a few videos of the Montreal event below.

On another note, for those of you waiting for my IBPI review, it will be in the next issue. I know I said today, but it ain't happenin' yet, I need to get my photos uploaded.

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