Subject: High Heat Cooking with Avocado Oil - Amy Hunter Cooking Class

Friend, today we cook with high heat using AJK's avocado oil. 
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Cooking With Avocado Oil: 
High Heat Cooking

Hello Friend,

If you’re new to cooking with avocado oil, you may be wondering what makes it different than other healthy oils like coconut or olive. You may even think you need some special skills to use it to gain the most benefits.

While no skills are necessary, it does help to know a few things about avocado oil that may make it perfect as your go to all-purpose oil for frying, mixing up dressings, or even baking.

One of the benefits of extra-virgin unrefined avocado oil is that its high smoke point allows you to get a nice sear on your food without completely smoking up your kitchen. Unrefined avocado oil will smoke a little if it gets too hot, so don't go crazy with the heat. As someone that always relied on olive oil for an all purpose oil, I could rarely cook without a house full of smoke (and carcinogens).

Enter avocado oil. 

It’s still got the heart healthy fats that olive oil has, but you can brown foods beautifully without worry, such as the browned Brussels sprouts in my Balsamic Chicken and Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts recipe. Not only are the sprouts nicely browned, but they also have a nice caramelized flavor instead of the sulfuric taste many people hate. 

If you’ve never been a fan of Brussels sprouts, cooking them in a hot pan until they are browned is a great way to change your mind.

Some crunchy walnuts, tender chicken, and a little balsamic vinegar make a satisfying and healthy meal.

Balsamic Chicken and Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts 
Serves 2

Brussels sprouts get a makeover in this quick and easy sauté. If you’ve never been a fan of this cruciferous vegetable, then the technique of pan searing in fruity avocado oil until browned and almost crisp is sure to make you a convert. This recipe is just as good with shrimp or pork, so experiment until you find your favorite.


2 tablespoons extra-virgin avocado oil
1 pound fresh Brussels sprouts, cut in half
2 chicken breasts, sliced
1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup chopped, toasted walnuts
Colima Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. When hot, add the avocado oil, wait until it shimmers and add the Brussels sprouts, cut side down. Let sear until they lift easily from the pan and are well browned.

Flip the sprouts and add the chicken and thyme to the pan. Season with salt and pepper. When the chicken is browned, cover the skillet and turn the heat down to medium. After 5 minutes, remove the lid and check to see if the chicken is cooked through and the sprouts are tender.

Add the balsamic vinegar and walnuts, stir and serve.

Culinary Tip #3

If you have problems with food (especially meat and fish) sticking to your pan when you sauté or pan sear, you’re probably making a very common mistake that’s easy to fix, and it doesn’t mean using non-stick cookware for everything.

First, if you can, bring whatever it is you’re cooking to room temperature before you start. For most things, this just requires 15-20 minutes on the counter.

Next, put the pan you’re cooking in on the stove, and turn the heat on. Don’t add anything to the pan for several minutes until the pan is good and hot. Then add your fat, wait a minute until it shimmers, and finally add your food. Let it cook until it releases easily with a spatula; if it resists at all, leave it until it does. When you flip, you’ll be amazed at the nice brown sear you have, with absolutely no sticking!

Culinary Tip #4

When tasting new foods, do you give them a real chance?

A study has shown that it takes 8-9 tastes of a new food to change your taste preferences. 

Please, allow your palate to adjust to the new flavor of avocado oil. Try a few different recipes and really give it a chance.
In the next email we will talk about salad dressing. 

If you’re looking for a new way to experiment with extra-virgin avocado oil, one of the best uses for the fragrant, vibrant oil is salad dressing. Both the color and aroma give salad dressing a unique and interesting take on your favorite classic vinaigrette. 

Crunchy Cous Cous and Arugula Salad will be our featured recipe. Yum! 

Talk to you soon.

Cook with Love,

Amy Hunter
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