Subject: Rendezvous Filling Up Fast!

By Women For Women

Rendezvous Filling Up Fast!

Meet ADVWoman Coach Mandy!

New Tour Dates!
Our big ADV bike class is almost full. Don't miss out. Register now!

ADVWoman Rendezvous 
April 23-26, 2020
3 Step Hideaway Lisbon, UT

Registration for ADVWoman Rendezvous at 3 Step Hideaway has been brisk! 

We're teaching big bike ADV Essentials class, little bike DIRT BIKE Essentials class and “classroom” sessions for fix a flat, trailer loading, and maintenance.  

Enjoy catered breakfasts and dinner, nightly campfires, and we'll play our "OMG Game!"  

ADVWoman’s priorities are Safety, Fun, and Learning. ALL ADVWOMAN COACHES ARE WOMEN. 

Rendezvous is hosted at 3 Step Hideway. ( 3 Step registration includes most meals- 3 Suppers, 3 Breakfasts, 3 nights camping, nightly campfires, showers, unlimited use of shop and facilities. Not included, but available for additional cost: Cabins, TeePee’s, gasoline, beer, and sodas.
3 Step Hideaway is “off the grid” so space is limited to a few dozen people. 

ADVWoman provides exceptional training at an affordable price. Other companies charge thousands of dollars for a weekend of training. That’s tough on a working woman’s pocketbook! 

ADVWoman Rendezvous at 3 Step Hideway Costs:

2 Days Dirt Bike or 2 Days Adventure Training: $300
3 Step Hideway meals, camping, showers, etc: $225

Four awesome days of fun, sisterhood, learning, camping, meals, showers $525

Register via email or phone 970.726.6830. 

We’ll invoice via PayPal or you can send a check. 

See You on the Trail - Pat 

Don’t let Mandy Oldham’s diminutive stature, warm smile, and fun-loving personality fool you. Inside she’s a total BadAss! Standing at just 5’1”, male race competitors tend to overlook her. Which makes it more fun to zoom up on their tail pipes hollering, “Get outta my way!”

Mandy acknowledges, “At 5'1" and not much over 100lbs the joy of motorcycles doesn't come without physical challenges, but with perseverance and determination it is possible to overcome, and one learns to make the modifications to truly enjoy and live their passions. Sharing those tips, my knowledge and excitement with others is truly gratifying!”

Mandy didn't begin riding dirt bikes until she was 30, but quickly got bit by the "race bug." She raced the National Hare and Hound Series and is a Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit Women’s Champion. She got married and retired from racing in 2012, taught her husband how to ride, and now enjoys recreational single track, ADV riding, teaching, and guiding tours.

In 2018, Mandy was invited to join ADVWoman’s team of coaches. Due in equal parts to her riding skill and to her vivacious personality, she is one of ADVWoman founder, Pat Jacques’ favorite moto-playmates. “I always have fun riding with Mandy. She’s a good rider, game to try most anything, and we laugh our heads off!” Pat continues, “Mandy really enjoys people. There are no strangers when Mandy is around.”

New! All Woman Tour: Colorado Backcountry Discovery Teaching Tour. Loop tour starts and ends in Denver, CO July 18-25, 2020. 
Minimum 4 Maximum 6 Riders
Big Bike Friendly ( challenging primary route and alternate EZ route options.)

New! All Woman Tour: Best of Utah and Colorado Teaching Tour. Loop tour starts and ends in Grand Junction, CO  Sep 5-12, 2020
Minimum 4 Maximum 6 Riders
** Small Single Cylinder Bikes Only **

(Tours require licensed, street legal motorcycles.)

Email for details.

Pat Jacques
ADVWoman, Orchard Mesa, Grand Junction, Colorado 81503, United States
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