Subject: Healthful Happenings - July 2018

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Healthful Life Happenings  
JULY 2018

Summer is in full swing! We are half way to Labor Day already, which is crazy to think about. The good new is that July 22 is National Hammock Day, a perfect time to be intentional about slowing down and enjoying the true essence of summer. Do not miss this opportunity to kick back under a shady tree and soak it all in. Halloween will be here before we know it!    

In this issue: 
  • Blog Article Highlight - What does lifestyle have to do with hormones anyway?
  • Team Member Profile - Meet Priscilla McElveen
  • Dr. Abby Approved Recipe - Barramundi en Papillote
  • Blog Article Highlight - Watching Television and Eating
We have been working hard to bring you the most interesting news in health and weight loss, and we are excited to share with you our latest and greatest. Thank you for joining us on this journey to become healthier from the inside out! 

What does lifestyle have to do with hormones anyway?
By Dr. Dianne Stone, Board-Certified Gynecologist

In my practice, I often see women looking for help managing frustrating symptoms resulting from hormonal imbalance conditions. After enduring these symptoms for months, sometimes years, patients are, understandably, looking for something to fix the problem on the quick. They want a prescription that will take care of everything so they can get back to doing life the way they want. 
The problem is, hormones do not work in a vacuum, nothing does. A person’s health is a complex equation consisting of a whole bunch of different elements. Without addressing health as a whole, a women can rarely find a sustainable solution to hormonal imbalanceREAD MORE>>
Meet Priscilla McElveen
Healthful Life MD Certified-Trainer and Exercise Therapist

Priscilla has a decade of experience coaching and training. She earned her CPT, United States of America Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Certification, and an official recognition as a Specialist in Exercise Therapy, to help aid those with physical and mental ailments. Priscilla’s philosophy is to use functional methods and strengthening techniques to teach proper exercise form and function allowing all individuals to achieve their best physical self.

What inspired you to begin your profession as a trainer?
Throughout my life I have always been very active. I was a competitive Horseback rider, sprinter, dancer and cheerleader from adolescence through college. I love being active and I wanted to educate people about how to move and, most importantly, inspire those who are scared and show them that fitness can be fun. I started teaching bootcamps in 2008 as an intern and have been continuing my training to inspire and educate individuals in proper biomechanics.

Why are you passionate about helping people with weight loss?
We're given one life and one body. We shoulder honor it and nourish it. In 2014, I had back surgery due to a fall and the 3 months prior to my surgery, I had never felt so helpless and incapable in my life. The words "I can't" are what drive me to help people say "I can". I want anyone who has had trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle to know that it is possible and anything can be accomplished if you believe in it.

How do you stay fit and healthy?
By constantly moving and exploring. Colorado is a beautiful state and there is nothing you can't do outside. I love CrossFit, Kettlebells, hiking, biking, snow sports, etc. I always try to to keep my activities interesting and to challenge myself daily.

What are some of your personal hobbies outside of work?
I love mountain biking, snowboarding, paddle boarding, traveling and drawing/painting/photography.

What is your go to power breakfast?
Roasted Sweet Potatoes, a hand full of arugula and an over easy egg on top.

Is there anything else interesting you’d like to share about yourself?
Hardstyle Kettlebell training is my passion and I enjoy teaching classes to educated people the power of the "Bell". Last year I passed my StrongFirst Girya L-1 Instructor course and I am currently working on my L-2 certification.

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Barramundi en Papillote

I love barramundi. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has a mild flavor and lovely texture. I think of it as a sustainable, and affordable, Chilean Sea Bass (one of my favorite fishes to eat!). I have been eyeing leeks and fennel and put this recipe together. You can do in the oven too, but I decided to cook it on the grill. Delicious!  - Dr. Abby

Click here to view recipe online.
Watching Television and Eating
By Dr. Abby Bleistein, Healthful Life MD

It is completely understandable with the fast pace lifestyle of today, people are looking for ways to unwind at the end of the day. Many people chose to unwind by watching television. They come home, make dinner, kick off their shoes, turn on the TV and mindlessly eat dinner as they flip though the channels. 
While in theory this seems like a great way to check out for a bit and recharge, the habit of dining in front of the television creates a link between television watching and eating. Not only have studies shown people consume up to 25% more calories when eating while distracted, but eating in front of the television can also generate a trigger-habit loop. READ MORE>>
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