Subject: Heads Up! Monkeypox lockdowns coming!

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From the Desk of Mark Emery
Sojourner At Large
Hey Friend!
You knew it was coming, didn't you?  They've planned it for years now.  They've been telling you it's coming for the longest time making amazing supernatural predictions or we might say 'one in a billion chances' at making a correct 'guess'.  It's part of the plan.  You know what I'm talking about, the next pandemic which we can conveniently attribute to 'Monkey Pox'.  

The next lockdown is coming and it will destroy the economy and small to mid sized business if you are not properly prepared. 

First here's the reality we all need to face up to: 

I have good news for business owners: You won't need to shut down if you prepare properly and are willing to stand on the law in peaceful noncompliance.

You probably know about PMAs (Private Member Associations) in fact you might already be organized as one. In either case there are things you need to know. 

1.  There are many boiler plate templates and starter kits floating around which are defective and useless.  I mean not only are they using statutory language (especially if prepared by an attorney) which defeats the whole purpose, but also, 

2. they don't do anything to change the nature of your state created and controlled company, and the list goes on which is fatal to the operation. 

I've compiled a training series of free emails including a PDF document you can download right away with a list of 'Things to Consider' when attempting to implement a PMA. 

If you're new to this, you're at the right place at the right time.  I've developed an entire support system for PMAs which will help business owners stand on the law in peaceful non-compliance and enforce your rights with layers of law and court precedent to stand on in your defense.  

This is our last stand folks.  If all business owners come together in lockstep on this we can 'JUST SAY NO' and they can't prosecute everyone and when they know we're fully protected by law they WON'T PROSECUTE ANYONE!  

Check out our complete resources on this topic if you wish to stay free.   If you're not a business owner surely you know several.  Share this email and let's stand together! 

Start here with the brand new web page on this topic  From there you have special PDF documents and webinars and additional training you can access to increase your knowledge and strength.

Freedom is worth fighting for.  We can win.  Let's do it! 

Don't forget the Summer Specials! 
The Lighthouse Law Club is for those who want to get serious about their level of knowledge and education.  The lifetime membership involves too many topics and benefits to list here.  Visit the website and be sure to look for the testimonials.  
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