Subject: Your Support for ACMS Doesn't Have to Be Monetary - But Every Bit Helps!

Annual ACMS Fundraising Letter
Dear Friend of ACMS:

During this holiday season, I want to reach out to the ACMS membership as well as "Friends of Mongolia" more broadly to ask for your help in supporting ACMS and its programs. Your support is crucial in preserving and maintaining a vibrant ACMS presence in Mongolia; strengthening academic relations between the United States and Mongolia; and introducing a new generation of students and scholars to Mongolia. Donations can be made directly on our website, here. (Donations from within Mongolia can be made via here.)

We here at ACMS saw a great growth this year. Our highlights from 2021 include the Online Intensive Mongolian Language Program for nine students; the five courses of Online Field School with over 600 participants; one-on-one language lessons for 26 students; 12 virtual speaker series lectures held in English and Mongolian; 10 virtual panels held in English and Mongolian; 12 Cultural Heritage Program discussions; 4 dedicated workshops for stakeholders and beneficiaries; and 12 issues of the e-newsletter "This Month in Mongolian Studies," which have been read over 14,000 times by our 4,000-strong readers. We were also able to discuss partnership with many key institutes and organizations both in the U.S. and Mongolia throughout the year.

In the coming year, we'll be implementing the on-site Mongolia Field School 2022 program, the on-site Intensive Mongolian Summer Program, on top of our annual State Department-sponsored fellowships. Furthermore, we are developing projects that connect Mongolian Studies digital resources on top of the other projects underway.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we have seen growth in our online engagement, and our website's redesign has also allowed us to engage with our members and offer them better benefits. We hope to continue to meet the needs of the scholars in Mongolian studies with modern methodologies through our new projects as well as our key existing programs to meet the realities of the pandemic-impacted world.

Thank you for your continued interest in ACMS and Mongolia. Please take the opportunity to renew your membership with ACMS at this time. And, in this holiday season, please also consider making an end-of-year donation (here if you're in Mongolia) to ACMS to ensure that we can continue to support these and other programs during 2022.

Bolortsetseg Minjin (PhD)
Executive Director
American Center for Mongolian Studies

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