Subject: The Tsaatan - Revival of a Forgotten Culture and Language Documentary at the Mongolian National Museum

Mongolian Premiere "The Tsaatan -Revival of a Forgotten Culture and Language" Documentary and Gala

December 2nd , 2014 - Starting 5:30 PM
Location: Mongolian National History Museum

Tel: 976 7711-0486

Fearing the demise of the Tuvan (Tsaatan in Mongolia) culture, one Tsaatan woman, Oyunbadam, is seeking to reverse the trend. She obtained a grant from Santis Productions so that she could achieve her first year’s ambitions. The President of Mongolia issued a proclamation of support. The Ministries of Education and of Culture, Sports and Tourism also have rallied in support, as have the Tsaatan people themselves. This film records the first year of that effort.

The film reports on the steadfast determination of a few remaining Tuvan personalities in Mongolia to prevent their culture and language from dying altogether. Their perseverance resulted in a pilot project amidst the Tsaatan people to have a summer school program teaching the Tuva language and customs to the children of the area. The efforts were greeted enthusiastically, and were recorded on this film. They also attracted the attention of the President of Mongolia, who issued a proclamation in support of these efforts.

To Celebrate the Mongolian Premiere of this film, the ACMS is holding a Gala event at the National History museum of Mongolia on December 2nd starting at 6 pm. Included in the evening events will be a lecture on the Tuvan people, screening of the documentary with a reception following.
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