Subject: "The Namescape of Ulaanbaatar" Pawel Szczap | Virtual Speaker Series

ACMS Virtual Speaker Series
Name: The Namescape of Ulaanbaatar

Date: July 22, 9am EDT | 1pm GMT | 9pm ULAT

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Ulaanbaatar is Mongolia’s biggest urban center. Here, traditional place naming and spatial orientation practices collide with contemporary top-down and bottom-up place naming processes. The talk will present an overview of Ulaanbaatar’s multilayered toponymic landscape. Using examples from historical and contemporary maps, administrative documents, and photos, the presentation will introduce the main groups of Ulaanbaatar place names along with several phenomena regulating interactions between these groups and shaping the local urban namescape. Examples of unobvious etymologies will be explained. Differences between the downtown and fringe area (ger district) place names will be discussed alongside address policies and their impact on everyday life in the city.
About the presenter:
Szczap, Paweł, is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw. He is currently preparing his dissertation in linguistics on place names in Ulaanbaatar. His research interests concentrate around the question of the urban in Mongolian culture and society and include the history and cartography of the Ulaanbaatar area, urban planning, address and administrative policies along with their impact on the urban population. He acts as an advisor to the Mongolian Visuals He is part of the European Hip-hop Studies Network and teaches a course on Mongolian hip-hop at the University of Warsaw. He frequently collaborates with the Ulaanbaatar City Museum and, while in Ulaanbaatar, regularly leads urban exploration walks around the city.

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Instagram: @pawel_szczap
Twitter: @skolar_diyanchi
Facebook: Paweł Diyanchi Szczap
Youtube: Ulaanbaatar Studies
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