Trip Dates: June 10 – 25, 2017
Amazing Mongolian Adventure  with Dr. Chris Atwood, one of the foremost Mongolia Experts, as your personal guide.
We invite you to join us on this exclusive adventure to discover Mongolia with Dr. Christopher Atwood of University of Pennsylvania, USA, who is one of the leading international experts in the study of Mongolia. 

With a focus on history, nomadic heritage, flora and fauna and geography, this is one of our most comprehensive quests for discovering Mongolia. 

 Our trip begins with a flight north to the Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia’s “mother ocean” which contains world’s 1% fresh water source. The lake is considered as the headwater to the Lake Baikal located not far in Siberia and is one of the oldest lakes in the world. 

The journey then continues overland to the 13th century Mongolian capital site of Kharakhorum in Orhon Valley, down south to the Gobi desert where our trip concludes. This ambiteous off-the-beaten-path quest will take us through some of the most diverse ecosystems of Mongolia. 

We will examine ancient burial sites, historical landmarks, Buddhist monasteries, nomadic families and paleontological localities with series of interesting lectures provided by Dr. Atwood along the way. We will also have the opportunity to fish, trek and ride horse and camels while enjoying meeting local nomads along the way.
Trip Outline
June 10 - Arrival
Arrive in Mongolia, visit Sukhbaatar Square, Zaisan Hill and the orientation dinner.

June 11 - Explore Ulaanbaatar
City tour, Gandan Monastery, the National History Museum, Zanabazar Historical Art Museum and other sights. 

June 12-14 Lake Hovsgol National Park
Fly out and spend three days a magnificient lake Hovsgol, southern border of the Siberian larch forest. Enjoy horseback riding, nature treks, water sports.

June 15 Murun & Lake Erhel
Spend the morning beard watching in lake Erhel sanctuary, explore the regional capital of Murun before flying to UB for the next leg of the trek

June 16 Hustain Nuruu National Park
Leave early in the morning to drive to Hustai National Park and see amazing wildlife, including the rate Takhi or Preswalski horses, brought back from extinction.

June 17 Kharakhorum - The Ancient Capital
Explore the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, visit the national museum and archeological sites.

June 18- Erdenezuu and Tovkhon Monasteries
Morning visit to Erdenezuu Monastery, one of the most beautiful monasteries in Mongolia. Next visit Tovkon Monastery, founded by Zanabazar and home of spectacular mountain views.

June 19 - Nomadic Family Visit
Start the morning with a visit to a nomadic horse herding family, learning about traditional lifestyles. Along the way stop at the ruins of Ongi Monastery, key stop on the ancient Silk Road.

June 20 Hongoryn Els Sand Dunes
Spend the day climbing some of the largest sand dunes in the world, visiting camel herders and riding camels in the desert.

June 21 Havtsgait Petroglyphs
Explore the ancient bronze age site with amazing petroglyphs and mountains vistas.

June 22 Flaming Cliffs & Dinosaurs
Spend the morning hiking in the yol valley, home of some amazing wildlife, including the giant vultures. Spend the afternoon dinosaur hunting along the Flaming Cliffs.

June 23 - - UB Cultural performance
Return to Ulaanbaatar for some last minute shopping. In the evening participate in a traditional music and dance performance and a farewell dinner

June 25 – Return
Farewell breakfast and departure
This program is jointly provided by the ACMS and Mongolia Quest.
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