Subject: Speaker Series - Unudelgerekh Batkhuu - Dec 20th, Tuesday, 5:30 PM, Natsagdorj library

ACMS Speaker Series
How NGOs can spur on environmental movements: The experience of the Mongol Ecology Center in building collaborative bridges around the world

Speaker: Unudelgerekh Batkhuu

5:30 PM, Tuesday Dec 20th 2016, American Corner, Ulaanbaatar public library

With the rising commodity prices and increasing interests of foreign investors, mining development in Mongolia took the momentum in mid 2000s. Economic development through the extractive mining industry became a reality, albeit not without unwanted negative impacts and unsustainable use of natural resources. In 2009, Mongol Ecology Center NGO was established with a vision to preserve Mongolia's most valued natural and cultural heritage by introducing the best international practice of a national system of parks and protected areas. In the age of technological advancements, global awareness and knowledge of the protected areas and other special places throughout the world is important because global knowledge is directly related to local protection. We realize the importance of cultivating partnerships between individual people, governments and between public and private sectors. Through our funders, park experts, scientists, rangers, photographers, journalists, volunteers, local community members and various partner organizations, MEC has built partnerships around the world. In this talk, we will be sharing our story of how MEC has and continues to build more awareness and global knowledge of Mongolian protected areas through our partnerships. 

Co-Sponsored by the American Cultural and Information Center, Ulaanbaatar
About the Presenter: 
Unudelgerekh Batkhuu
Unudelgerekh Batkhuu is the Founder and Director of Mongol Ecology Center. Before founding the Mongol Ecology Center (MEC) in 2009, Ono worked with various development and environmental projects in Mongolia. She was committed to taking action after witnessing impacts of mining, climate change and irresponsible decision making in the environmental sector of her native country. As a graduate in International Relations and Economic Development from the California State University, Ono recognized that economic development, through the extractive industry, became a needed reality for Mongolia. Therefore, she wondered how this development could be balanced with the preservation of the most valued natural and cultural heritage, which ensures Mongolia’s future. She quickly realized that the “best international practice” was through a national system of parks and protected areas.
Ono is also a co-founder of “Ger” Youth Center, a non-profit organization that serves Mongolian children in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an alumna of the Executive Leadership Program of the National Parks Institute, the collaboration between Yosemite National Park, University of California Merced, and the United States National Park Service national office. She is also a Certified Interpretive Guide Trainer by the National Association for Interpretation of the United States.

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