Subject: Speaker Series - Tal Lyron August 12th, 5:30 pm, ACMS Center

ACMS Speaker Series
Telescopic Nationalism: Visions of Mongolia in Time and Space 
Tal Liron
PhD candidate at the University of Chicago's department of anthropology

5:30 PM, Tuesday-August 12th, 2014, ACMS Library, ULAANBAATAR 
East entrance of Natsagdorj Library (next to two Ger's on Seoul St.)

In this presentation, Tal Liron will articulate a model for analyzing a "deep grammar" of Mongolian national narratives. Starting with Naadam and Sukhbaatar/Chinggis Square, the discussion will move through many places, events, projects, personas and symbols that are employed and deployed in the ongoing effort to define and situate the "Mongolian nation" within shifting geopolitical and cultural constraints. We'll meet Buddhas and dinosaurs, archers and presidents, calligraphers and murderers. The analysis is based on data collected through a year-long, ongoing ethnographic research project based in Ulaanbaatar.
About the Presenter  

 Speaker:Tal Liron

Tal Liron is a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago's department of anthropology. This presentation is part of his dissertation-in-progress about contemporary Mongolian cultural nationalism, ideologies of cultural heritage, and historiographic mechanisms. The project is in part funded by the Division of the Social Sciences of the University of Chicago and the American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS). 

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