Subject: Speaker Series - Odbaatar Tserendorj - March 22th 5:30 PM, Natsagdorj library

ACMS Speaker Series
Preliminary Results of the National Museum of Mongolian “Airagiin Gozgor” Project Research in argalant sum, Orkhon province.

Speaker: Odbaatar Tserendorj
5:30 PM, Tuesday - March 22th, 2016, American Corner, Ulaanbaatar public library

In addition to historical documents, archaeological excavations are one of the most important sources for information on the ancient history of Mongolia. Results of excavations at the site of Airagiin Gozgor in Jargalant sum, Orkhon province will shed new light on Mongolian ancestors and clarify our understanding of Mongolia. This project excavated 9 tombs over 2 years that display evidence of unique ritual practices. These tombs are quite different than other tombs excavated in the territory of Mongolia. Preliminary results suggest that tombs date back to the end of Xiongnu Empire to subsequent nomads. 

Co-Sponsored by the American Cultural and Information Center, Ulaanbaatar
About the Presenter

  About the Speaker: Odbaatar Tserendorj

Odbaatar Tserendorj received his PhD from Mongolian State University of Education in 2013 and works at the National Museum of Mongolia as the Head of the Archaeology and Anthropology department at the Research Center. His specialization is the archeology of ancient Mongolian states, especially the royal tombs of the Uyghur’s 6th-8th century. In recent years, he has focused on investigation of the ancient Xianbei culture in Mongolia.

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