Subject: Speaker Series - Dr. Joann Hoffman, February 25th, 5:30 pm, American Corner- Natsagdorj Library

ACMS Speaker Series
Big Data and Big Sharing: A Field Study of Collaborative Health Data Sharing Practices in Mongolia
Speaker: Joann Hoffman: MPH PhD Post Doctoral Fellow, Institute for Social Innovation, Santa Barbara USA
5:30 PM, Tuesday-February 25th, 2013, American Corner, ULAANBAATAR
Main entrance of Natsagdorj Library.

In an increasingly globalizing world, threats to the planet and human inhabitants will require coordinated global responses for effective and timely action. Yet collaboration is a hard won prize. For many reasons detailed in this talk, Mongolia provides an excellent location to conduct a field study of collaborative data sharing practices specifically around health issues.Collaboration is a ubiquitous process and an accepted standard in development work. Though collaboration is often cited and frequently practiced, we actually know very little about how to emulate successful collaboration. Understanding and deconstructing the components of collaboration and it’s measurement of success and failure can be critical to learning to problem solve in the era of Big Data. 

This talk will detail the initial findings of field research to date using the case of Air Quality data in Mongolia. Also discussed will be the use of Social Network Analysis to look at how data is shared through networks. Social Network Analysis is an increasingly popular statistical tool to uncover the behavior of individuals in networks. If we can describe effective collaboration within the complex system of organizations we can perhaps overcome hurdles currently plaguinguniversal sharing and use of data. These include data ownership, security, data access, and participation. 

About the Presenter  
Joann Hoffman has been working with not for profit organizations and data in the United States since 1998. She most recently founded the tech start up Game on Data Inc to develop innovative solutions including digital media, gamification and data visualization to facilitate data sharing and use among the not for profit sector. 

She received a Post Doctoral Fellowship to conduct this research from the Fielding Graduate University’s Institute for Social Innovation and has been conducting field research on collaborative data sharing practices in Mongolia since October 2013. 
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Thank you to the American Corner and the Natsagdorj Library for sponsoring this event.

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