Subject: Speaker Series - Dr. Cliffe Montagne and BioRegions Project May 27th, 5:30 pm, American Corner- Natsagdorj Library

ACMS Speaker Series

An Integrated holistic model for environmental preservation and the empowerment of nomadic cultures of Mongolia

Speakers: Dr. Clifford Montagne 
Professor Emeritus at Montana State University and Director of  BioRegions 
5:30 PM, Tuesday- May 27th, 2014, American Corner, ULAANBAATAR 
Main entrance of Natsagdorj Library.

In 1998, Cliff Montagne and his colleagues initiated a long-term relationship with the semi-nomadic people of the remote Darhad Valley. Educational exchange, research, and service projects with local people inspired the creation of BioRegions International.

This year, in partnership with Yellowstone National Park, they are travelling to Huvsgul’s Darhad Valley to work with two new Special Protected Areas to work on a variety of research projects and host the annual Darhad Blue Valley Festival. This year’s team includes two US National Park Service professionals, a conservation ecologist/GIS specialist, a predator conservation specialist Rebecca Watters, a medical doctor, a Mongolian graduate student, and a Mongolian land use planning specialist.

In this week’s presentation, Dr. Montagne and his team will be discussing the BioRegions Mongolia current initiatives to empower the nomadic cultures of Mongolia to survive in a rapidly-changing world. They will discuss how  they support holistic, locally-based projects that promote: public health, environmental preservation, education, and sustainable economic development.
About the Presenter  

 Speakers: Dr. Clifford Montagne

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. 1976, M.S. 1971, Montana State University; B.S. 1969, Dartmouth College. Soil, landscape and land-use relationships; Holistic Management; sustainable approaches to natural and human resource management; development of effective teaching/learning techniques; recognition and application of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Native Science. Director of BioRegions Programs with projects in Mongolia, Russian Altai Republic, and US.
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Thank you to the American Corner and the Natsagdorj Library for sponsoring this event.

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