Subject: Reminder: Speaker Series - December 9th 5:30 PM, Natsagdorj library

ACMS Speaker Series
Challenges in Translation and their Reasons
Speaker: Chogdon Tsedev

5:30 PM, Tuesday - December 9th, 2014, American Corner, Ulaanbaatar public library

            Translating documents is a challenge that faces many Mongolian academics. In order to gain access to the vast quantity of knowledge available in the world, Mongolian need to make their research available, as well as gain access to information from outside sources. The key challenge is the quality of the translation and the understanding of not only the words but the intended meaning of the authors.
Using two different Mongolian translations of “In Secret Mongolia”, originally by Henning Haslund, Professor Chogdon Tsedev will attempt to demonstrate the importance of accurate translation. He will examine some of the syntactic, stylistic and vocabulary mistakes made in these works and draw conclusions as presented in his article published in “ foreign language teaching methodology” magazine. There will also be an analysis of English translations of Mongolian works and some of the challenges discovered.
About the Presenters

 Speaker Chogdon Tsedev :
          Associate professor (of Russian language), best worker of public education and best worker of science and an elder pedagogue Chogdon Tsedev is awarded with the North Star medal. He graduated State Institute of Pedagogues as a Russian teacher in 1961, worked as a specialist-inspector at Ministry of Public Education, as a teacher at Institute of Party, Institute of Medical Science, Darkhan University of Technology, School of Khailaar, Inner Mongolia, “Tenger” Euro-Asian Institute of Social Science and now he works as part-time teacher at Ider Institute. He translated books including “Let’s learn to read in Russian”, “In Eternal Recreational Land”, “Zolodya Ulinov” and “Great world leaders” from Russian, wrote several higher education handbooks and textbooks of Russian language (co-author), published “English-Russian-Mongolian translation guide” (2008, 2013) and translated some of “Lady Witrix Goulin’s travel in Mongolia in 1913”, and compiled and published over 10 books including “Mongolian knucklebones”, “Mongolian ger”, “Mongolian Secret History for Kids” and etc. He wrote an article in Russian “Russian language abroad” magazine (1979) and translated a memoir of Prince De from Inner Mongolian book into Cyrillic Mongolian and published it in “Science and life” magazine (2014#1). He did comparative analysis under the theme “Some mistakes in translation and their reasons” (2014).

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