Subject: (Reminder) Mongolian Politics: VSS Panel - August 26, 2020, 11:00 PM (PST) - Zoom

ACMS Virtual Speaker Series
Title: Mongolian Politics (register here)
Date: Aug 26, 11:00 pm PT / Aug 27, 2:00pm ULAT / 6:00am GMT
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Presenters: Dr. Julian Dierkes, Dr. Judith Nordby, Sanchir Jargalsaikhan
This Virtual Speaker Series session will be on Mongolian politics, with speakers Dr. Julian Dierkes, Dr. Judith Nordby and Sanchir Jargalsaikhan (M.A.), and moderated by Dr. Marissa Smith.

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Dr. Julian Dierkes is an Associate Professor in the University of British Columbia’s School of Public Policy and Global Affairs. Trained as a sociologist and Japan expert, Julian has focused his research attention on contemporary Mongolian political and social developments. He co-hosts the Mongolia Focus blog.

Dr. Judith Nordby is former Head of Mongolian Studies, and is now Honorary Fellow in Mongolian Studies at the University of Leeds, England. She works on Mongolian history and contemporary affairs and undertakes consultancy work on the same.

Sanchir Jargalsaikhan (M.A.) is a political scientist, activist and consultant who is interested in and involved with development issues of the Global South with a particular emphasis on Mongolia and Central Asia.

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