Subject: Changing of the Guard: New Incoming Resident Director at the ACMS

Dear ACMS members and friends,

We are writing to introduce you to Marc Tasse, who is the new Resident Director for the ACMS office and Research Library in Ulaanbaatar. David Tinnin, our Resident Director for the past year and a half will be returning to field biology work, the exciting life that brought him to Mongolia on several projects in the past.

Below you will find a short message from Marc, offering an introduction, and a farewell from David, with his contact information. I encourage you to visit our office or contact Marc via email. He will be continuing the tradition of service the ACMS offers to visiting academics, and building new ties to Mongolian and international organizations and companies to ensure the continued operation of the ACMS.

The ACMS wants to thank David Tinnin for the excellent service and support he offered to scholars visiting Mongolia over the past year, and to wish him well with his new research projects.

If you have any questions or ideas to explore, please contact me at

Best wishes,


Charles Krusekopf
ACMS Executive Director

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Introduction from the incoming Resident Director
Marc Tasse

"It’s been just over a week since my arrival in Ulaanbaatar, it is a pleasure to find the time and introduce myself as the new Resident Director for the American Center for Mongolian Studies. I am both excited and humbled by the task at hand.  The ACMS has been an active and respected member of the local community, something I aim to maintain and foster during my time here. As the first Canadian Director for the ACMS, I hope that I can live up to the legacy left by my predecessors.

This is my third tour through Asia, the first being a three- month term in Thailand as a volunteer research assistant with some time spent as a resident in a local Buddhist monastery.  The second was a 6 year term in South Korea, working as an international trade consultant as well as getting heavily involved in the local traditional culture scene. I have also been involved in the direction of several non-profit and community organizations, both in Canada and overseas.

I have recently come out of a three-year work sabbatical, during which I completed a Masters of Global Management from Royal Roads University and a Masters in International Business Administration for the Munich University of Applied Science, I was searching for an opportunity that would combine my experience in international management, passion for learning, and intrigue in traditional Asian cultures. Being the Resident Director of the ACMS fulfills all of these requirements and more.

During the next few months I will be working on strengthening our relationships with the local academic, NGO, government and private sectors in order to facilitate the activities of our members and the research community.  By developing new relationships I hope to expand the options available and discover new areas where the ACMS can have an impact.

I look forward to hearing from all of you suggestions on how the ACMS can continue to grow and fulfill its mission of supporting the development of Mongolian Studies and academic exchanges." -Marc Tasse

You can contact Marc at
Next steps for Dr. David Tinnin
"After a delightful one and a half years spent as the Resident Director of the Ulaanbaatar office of the ACMS, I am returning to the field and laboratory to continue my biological research.  After many years in Mongolia spent rushing to get to the field, it has been a pleasure for me to get the chance to meet so many of the other researchers and students conducting fascinating work here.  Of course, it was usually while they were rushing to get to the field to conduct their own work.  From our numerous discussions, as well as from helping to track down research material, I’ve learned an incredible amount from the members who work across many disciplines. Thanks to one member looking for material, I actually got to see the Mongolian version of the acclaimed comic book Asterix the Gaul.  Who could beat that?  Thank you to all the members, good luck with your work, and take care."
-David S. Tinnin

Dr. Tinnin c
an be contacted at:
Address: W529 Nebraska Hall University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588