Subject: ACMS Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Vol. XI No. 2, Spring 2013         email:

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Annual Meeting Held in San Diego

Editorial Published on Future of "Mongolian Studies"

Letter from the Executive Director

Reports from Madison and Ulaanbaatar

Fellow Research Report -
Erdene Myagmar

Marc Tasse Interview with Mongol Messenger

2013 ACMS Fellowship Recipients

ACMS Spring Speaker Series

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Institutional Members and Special Contributors
Annual Meeting Held in San Diego
Long time ACMS member Bettine Birge, poster session presenter Christine Westgate, Marc Tasse, Zula Damdin, and David Dettmann at the Annual Meeting in San Diego
The ACMS held its annual membership and board of directors meetings on March 22nd, 2013 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. The meetings were held in conjunction with the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) conference. Meeting attendees included ACMS members and friends, as well as members of the Los Angeles Mongol Association, who co-sponsored the cultural program for the evening.

US Director David Dettmann led the business meeting on behalf of the president and board, and provided updates on ACMS activities, budget, and membership. Highlights included our Spring speaker series  Read more>

Editorial Published on Future of "Mongolian Studies"
ACMS Vice-President Julian Dierkes and Executive Director Charles Krusekopf co-authored an editorial encouraging tighter collaborations between the Mongolian government and the ACMS in regards to the future of “Mongolian Studies”. The editorial was published in English and Mongolian online and in print. It is reprinted here in full Read More>
Letter from the Executive Director
Charles Krusekopf
I want to start by offering an introduction and welcome to Marc Tasse, our new Resident Director in Ulaanbaatar. Marc brings new energy and vision to the organization. He is our first Canadian Resident Director, and an alum of my home institution, Royal Roads University in Victoria BC. Marc has been very active in Ulaanbaatar, meeting with representatives of numerous Mongolian institutions and international organizations to re-establish ties and seek collaborations. Marc and I will be working with the Board of Directors over the coming year to develop a new Strategic Plan for the ACMS, and your input and ideas are actively sought.  Read more>
Report from Madison
Report from Ulaanbaatar
David Dettmann
This Spring I have been continuing to work on building US-side collaborations with new partners, including US Mongolian associations. I attended the New Year party organized by the Wisconsin Mongols in Columbus, WI, where we thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality, food, music, and dance. I was thrilled to find such a community in my own backyard. I was also able to connect with the Los Angeles Area Mongols Association and the Mongolian Consulate in San Francisco as we collaborated for the ACMS Annual Meeting.  Read more>
One of my first priorities as Resident Director was meeting with the Presidents and Department Heads from eight Universities within Ulaanbaatar. All of these institutions were either planning or in the process of expanding their campuses and all expressed an interest in having the ACMS located within their premises, preferably after the expansions were complete. Two universities in particular, National University of Mongolia and the University of Humanities expressed the strongest interest to date and are currently considering how to bring the ACMS to their institutions in the near future. These discussions are still ongoing. Read more>
Field Research Report - Erdene Myagmar
This Spring Erdene Myagmar, of the National University of Mongolia, was a fellow in the ACMS Mongolian Visiting Scholar program. Her research project was titled, “Understanding Mongolian History through Collaborative Research and Public Discussion”, and she was based at the Department of Anthropology, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. Read complete report>
2013 ACMS Fellowship Recipients
In the spring grant cycle, the ACMS awarded 9 fellowships in the areas of Field Research, Language Studies and Library Services. The recipients represent a broad spectrum of areas of interest.
We would like to congratulate them all and wish them a great experience this summer in Mongolia. Awardees and their proposed projects are listed below by fellowship program.

US–Mongolia Field Research Fellowship Program 2013
The US-Mongolia Field Research Fellowships permit US citizens to spend 1-3 months conducting field research projects in Mongolia. Funding is provided by the US Department of State.
  • William Taylor, University of New Mexico. Early horse domestication, ritual inhumation, and cranial morphology on the Mongolian steppe
  • Chisato Fukuda, University of Wisconsin. Globalizing Health at the Hearth: The Clean Cookstove Intervention in Urban Mongolia
  • Andrew Colwell, Wesleyan University. Networks of Tradition: Mongolian Khöömii (“Throat-singing”) Performance in the Post-Socialist Era
  • Tanya Petach, Harvard. The Boundary: A Refined Model for Isotopic Ratios at the Cambrian/Precambrian Boundary
  • Christine Murphy, University of California. Contemporary Funeral Practices in Ulaanbaatar and Rural Mongolia
ACMS Library Fellowship 2013
The ACMS Library Fellowship supports US librarians conducting resource development and training projects through the ACMS Research Library in Ulaanbaatar. Funding is provided by the Department of State.
  • Enerel Dambiinyam, Middle Tennessee State University. Cataloging the Tibetan Manuscripts
  • Benjamin Meader, Middlebury College. Developing a GIS database and lab, with training workshops, to create a “Center of Geography” at the ACMS
ACMS Language Fellowship 2013
The ACMS Language Fellowship supports US citizens. Funding is provided by the
Department of State.
  • Allison Hahn, University of Pittsburgh.
  • Sam Bass, Indiana University.