Subject: Special Deals for September Academy + Photography


I've negotiated a last-minute deal for newsletter subscribers for a discount on the best gem and jewelry photography course available!

Between now, and midnight on July 25th, get 20% off an awesome gem and jewelry photography bundle at Photigy:

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Gem photography is a VITAL SKILL for the faceter today - in order to keep your work sustainable (or make it profitable).

It doesn't matter whether you have - or intend to have - an online store or not because social media drives demand for your work - IF the photographs you're sharing look good.

No amount of great cutting can command a good price or create demand without a quality photographic presentation.

But, good photos of your good work will create a demand you can work from.

Alex is the guy to show you how to do that - quickly and affordably.

He continues to help me progress in my own gemstone photography skills, and I'm proud to call him
the official photography instructor and consultant for the Faceting Academy.

His friendly, open, easy presentation style and high-quality instruction creates tremendous value for Academy students, and we're very proud and pleased to be affiliated with him.

Grab your seat in the September event before midnight tomorrow, and as a bonus get 40% off the best gem and jewelry photography training available. If you can't make the September event, you can still get 20% off when you enroll at Photigy right now!

The course contains hours and hours of high-quality, friendly video with great and detailed, easy-to-follow instruction.

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Founder, Faceting Academy

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