Subject: New Video + September


The Official Facetron Videos page has a new short video - Troubleshooting common issues - from rotational inconsistencies to aggravating machine noises.

More videos will be arriving throughout the Spring and into the Summer - along with ... some interesting other surprises. Stay tuned!

Your next opportunity for live, hands-on training at the Faceting Academy will be:

As of now, that event has FIVE SEATS REMAINING (of ten total).

This is a generational level upgrade to this training, featuring:

  • A newly-updated skill set list you can check out HERE

  • New machine calibration and blueprinting material.

  • New and increased number of cutting projects.

  • Refined integration of training projects.

  • Greatly updated Applied Symmetry(TM) training.

  • New rough for students, including natural sapphire.

  • A new graduate mentoring program.

  • New and upgraded rough evaluation projects.

  • International rough dealers in the room.

Just this morning, I've added a New private area on the web site where we're hosting a growing body of exclusive content for registered students and graduates.

Three reasons to act now if you're serious about faceting:

Reason #1: Before the end of May four of the ten seats in the room were already taken. There are now only five seats left.

Reason #2: After this September, the price has to go up.

Reason #3: Due to our Intermediate Training in May, there will probably be only ONE Basic-level training in 2016.

I'm looking forward to seeing you here!

People seem to like designs that employ symbolism or that activate

In honor of the approaching Solstice, I'm going to share my design "Sun and Moon". It's a take-off on "Celestial Peace", which you may have seen.

The pavilion will require a light touch and some care on the mains. You may like to under-cut them and polish-in. The crown is super-easy, and I recommend faceting, then rolling the breaks on a 325 nubond lap and leaving them frosted. The effect will be quite nice.

This design will work great in Quartz or Sunstone, and probably anything with higher RI than that, though very high RI like CZ may overpower the visual pattern.

Stay tuned for more free designs, training videos, and other news!

John Bailey,
Founder, Faceting Academy

John Bailey, 1010 Main St, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601, United States
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