Subject: Faceting Academy: Tucson Show Report


The Tucson Report is Out!

It was a great show year in Tucson (and still is at this writing).

Gem World International reported "... the market turmoil has had little to no impact on the positive consumer sentiment about the economy." In other words, people are buying!

If you want to see a bunch of faceting rough porn, along with lots of photos of the show, check it out.

If you want to know what's going on in the gem and rough gem market (from my POV) - with an in-depth analysis of how the markets are shifting and how they work relative to other markets - check it out.


It's SOO COOL to see International Faceting Academy Graduates ripping it up in Tucson.
Graduate, and returning mentor Ron Skog was in his booth at 22nd St show.
He enlisted Graduate Oke Millet and help with running everything from quantities of faceting rough to custom-made designer jewelry.
Next door to Ron and Oke, Graduate and certified Gemologist Kate Pleatman had was providing appraisals, selling custom gems and jewelry - and doing custom on-the-spot faceting and gemstone repairs.
Over at Hotel Tucson, 2014 Academy Graduate Mark Stephan was set up in the lobby again, hawking a line of gems focused on American-sourced, and unique-provenance goods. There, he sold a Peach Topaz from the Tribute pocket of the Agnes Dei Topaz Claim on Pikes Peak - to the Fleisher Museum for their Collection.

The Academy live training events have been so popular - we've got a truly international crowd in almost every event, now - with 2015 attendees from Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Chile, Canada - and all across the USA. With travel like that, people have been asking for earlier notice to let them plan logistics for travel, etc.

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The EVENTS page on the site has extensive information about what we do and how we do it - with loads of photos and a bunch of new video clips that show what to expect.

If you are ready to take the brakes off your faceting art, follow this link to check out the details and videos of what the event will be like.

We'll be excited to see you here!


Hi John. (On the Facetron) What is the proper way to use the cam loc just below the micrometer fine vertical adjustment on the top of the mast to keep the micrometer from slowly moving down with each swiggle of the gem on the lap?

I watched your videos and did not see any mention of the cam loc. By the way, I am excited about your videos ...!

Thank you, Mike


Thanks, Mike for the kind comments. I'm always happy to learn my videos are helping faceters reduce their frustrations and have more fun.

As far as using the micrometer cam lock, the factory says the cam loc is supposed to be tightened at all times during the grinding of facets.

Nobody told me this when I started, so I ignored it. And, I never got the ratcheting-down effect the lock is supposed to prevent - not in 15 years of cutting. And, I've never had a student who has suffered it. And, in testing, I have never been able to make the effect happen - no matter how I tried.

So, I teach that the feature is there. And, remind people if they experience a ratcheting effect, use the lock. Personally, I leave it completely loose all the time.

I hope this helps you (and maybe some others), and I hope you have fast and easy cutting.

If you have a question about faceting in general - or something specific about polish, polishing - or the Facetron or Ultra Tec faceting instruments - use the contact form on the site.

If you want to see your question answered here - or on the blog - or maybe even in a custom video -  just ask. There may be a reward for questions that I make into a video...

I've just put up a reminder post about the why, when, and how of resurfacing composite polishing laps.

That's the Tucson Report newsletter for 2016.

Watch for announcements about some polish ... stuff ... as soon as we can put that together.

Meantime, enjoy the new site upgrade, and the new free stuff.

All the best,
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